199. Making The World More Accessible with Roll Mobility

“Accessibility allows us to tap into everyone’s potential.”

― Debra Ruh

While diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are gaining momentum across the nation, it seems individuals with accessibility issues have often been left out of the conversation. Enter Roll Mobility, an innovative app that aims to bridge the information gap for people with disabilities by providing accurate and up-to-date accessibility information! I am so excited to welcome Roll Mobility Founder, Joe Foster, and team member, Rachel Zoeller to the T&T mic! Joe and Rachel share their why on establishing and building this oh-so-need app and their own personal journey’s that led them to this entrepreneurial, passion driven venture. With accessibility, community, and mental health guiding the Roll Mobility ship- Joe and Rachel know that they are sailing toward positive change for this world. The more accessible things are the more humans can connect, be seen, be heard, and be understood- and we all need more of that. Let’s make the world more accessible with roll mobility.

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Accessibility. Community. Mental Health. Able bodied awareness and self-education. Business owners and builders, what you can do no to help. Diversity, inclusion, and bar crawls. Life changing in a minute- attitude over everything. Adversity and acceptance. Faith and the journey as whole

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Time Stamps:

1:15- How it all started 

3:27- Gaining a super power, empathy

5:55- Conscious conversation, at home or online

9:43- Joe and Rachel meet 

10:28- Learning to live disabled

11:22- Rachel’s background

13:15- You don’t know what you don’t know

15:02- Meeting T&T at a Denver Pub Crawl

17:23- Being able to suggest the places that make you feel human

18:00- Building community- for everyone

21:00- It can get dark and scary really fast- positive mindset is a practice

24:38- Memes- the universal memes

28:29- How hard it is to travel disabled

30:50- What you can do now to improve the travel industry

36:57- What coming up with the app- the improvements! 

40:41- How to make your business space more accessible- easily

47:40- Being in survival mode, this too shall pass

51:53- Combating isolation and getting people out

57:56- Where to find Roll Mobility

58:15- What is success to you?

199. Making The World More Accessible with Roll Mobility

Introducing Roll Mobility
Where able-bodied people see options, people with mobility issues often see questions. Roll is here to provide answers. Roll Mobility is an app providing reliable accessibility information, specially designed for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues. The Roll platform equips users with information on restaurants, public spaces, businesses, trails, and parking areas. Say goodbye to doubts about whether a destination is truly accessible. Search for a location, and if reviewed an icon will represent its accessibility rating. The top of the icon indicates overall accessibility, and the bottom indicates bathroom accessibility. A green rating means that the location is accessible for a power chair user. Yellow indicates the location is mostly accessible but some barriers or obstacles might exist. Red indicates the location is not wheelchair accessible. Roll Mobility is a community-driven accessibility tool. Unlike other search engines, we understand that accurate data requires a united effort from the community. 

Together, we’re paving the way for a more inclusive future.
Learn more and download the app at www.rollmobility.com

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Rachel Zoeller, PT, DPT (they/she) is a dedicated individual who has navigated a unique career path. Originally working as a pediatric physical therapist, their journey took an unexpected turn when they sustained an incomplete spinal cord injury, prompting retirement from clinical practice. Undeterred, Rachel found a new calling in the tech world, where they now thrive as the communications lead for Roll Mobility, a groundbreaking start-up that has revolutionized the way people with mobility issues interact with their environment through their innovative accessibility rating app. Off the clock- you can find Rachel hitting the trails on their adaptive off-road trike, promoting disability visibility through lifestyle and adaptive sport, or reading a book.

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