196. From Shadows to Stardom: A Spotlight Survival Guide with Caitlin Spears LIVE


“The cosmic spotlight isn’t pointed at you; it radiates from within you.”

-Marianne Williamson

Let’s face it, with social media and technology we are ALL under the spotlight in some capacity. Some more than others, but the mental health and awareness strategies navigating any spotlight can be used by us all. I am excited to welcome Caitlin Spears to the T&T mic to share her journey from a small-town girl to mainstream modeling to apainful rejection from the hit show ‘America’s Next Top Model’- only to find love with a famous boy band front man! Caitlin shares her journey from the shadows to stardom with a spotlight survival guide managing her mental health, career,  fame, and attention. Caitlin shares how challenges early on led her to her true calling becoming a coach and entrepreneur, intentionally modeling not only apparel, but behaviors and guidance she wishes she had while entering the modeling industry. Caitlin is on a mission with her customized, individual approach to coaching and leadership that clears the smoke, mirrors, and limited beliefs that we all need to navigate on the daily. Cheers to being a more mindful and aware conscious consumer/human being, living our truths.

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Navigating the spotlight: social media, marketing, technology, and beyond. The modeling industry. The entertainment industry. Mental health awareness. Self-care. Mission driven humans. Breakdown and breakthrough. Resilience. Limiting beliefs and self-beliefs. Happiness and mental health strategies. Dating a famous person. Insecurity and security. Trusting the process to find your passion. 

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Time Stamps:

 0:30- Intro to the conversation

1:29- Caitlin Bio/Background

2:54- Feeling like I should have been born somewhere else

3:33- They asked me to be a model

4:44- Social media kicks off

6:24- Hard work and independence

8:14- Living overseas

8:26- Breaking for Mental Health

9:09- Feeling the need to have it all planned out

9:40- I am going to Bali

10:45- Mental Health in a small town- non-existent

 14:00- The human experience, it’s hard

16:20- Always read the contract 

18:58- Messages from the universe

21:59- Focus on what we can control

26:00- Is social media holding you back?

29:54- Customized coaching, positive mindset and loving yourself

35:28- Welcoming clients of all ages

39:45- Price point psychology

40:34- Dating a super star boy bander

41:45- Dating in the spotlight, balancing it all out

45:08- Not all that glitters is gold

46:00- Managing the haters

46:58- I know I am a good person

50:35- having your own identity

53:57- Do it for the right reasons

54:37- Free Gift for all!

56:15- Are you related to Britney

196. From Shadows to Stardom: A Spotlight Survival Guide with Caitlin Spears LIVE

Caitlin Spears:

Caitlin Spears is a certified health and nutrition coach, fitness coach, and founder of Complete by Caitlin. At 18 she experienced a painful rejection from the hit show ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ which affected her relationship with her body and food. She went on to have a successful modeling career and became a certified health and nutrition coach. Caitlin’s mission is to empower individuals to feel strong, healthy, and confident, focusing on both physical well-being and profound self-realization. She holds certifications from the IIN Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Precision Nutrition, and ACE Fitness, and her methods have helped numerous individuals achieve their health goals.

Caitlin has also been a featured panel speaker for organizations like Wilhelmina Models, IIN/Boss Method, and New Miami Girls on subjects including health, entrepreneurship, and her experience in the modeling industry. Growing up on a farm in Oklahoma, Caitlin credits her dedication and strong work ethic to her early life — values she carries into her business today. Her approach to coaching is rooted in authenticity and a genuine desire to make positive changes in people’s lives, positioning her as a respected leader in the health and wellness industry. Caitlin currently resides in Miami, Florida.

. .

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195. Unleash Your Personal Greatness with Hoss Tabrizi

“Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.”

-Jim Rohn

I am more than excited to have this conversation- it has been over 20 years in the making! Today I welcome best-selling author, coach, wealth advisor and most importantly George Mason University Alumni, Hoss Tabrizi, to the T&T mic! Hoss interviewed me several times during college while we were both attending GMU for his athletic show. Today the roles have changed as I get the honor to interview him and lean into his expertise in coaching (49 seasons!), speaking, and helping people unleash their personal greatness! Hoss is such an amazing person with a wealth of experience and passion for positive impact. We both know it’s so much bigger than the game, it’s about fostering life skills for to be productive humans long after the last whistle is blown. Hoss breaks down guidance on coaching kids, managing parents, maintaining your own happiness, and approaching life with intentionality. Enjoy these wise words and motivation for all ages and get inspired to level up wherever you are in life- today is the day!

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Leveling up and unleashing your personal greatness. Coaching youth sports, managing parents and streaming processes. Living an intentional life. Building good players and great humans. Building the next generation. Impact. Faith. Making the world a better place. Self-improvement. Personal development. Success Mindset.

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 Hoss Tabrizi, Financial Advisor – Mc Lean, VA 22102

Time Stamps:

1:04 Hoss Tabrizi’s Bio

1:38 The importance of Happiness, a new conversation

2:12 Before that, self-care

6:21 Life Skill Through Sports

6:47 Young Hoss

10:45 All the skills you need to coach

15:15 Balancing the burnout

18:20 Over communicate to avoid conflict

24:23 Soccer skills for basketball for life

26:04 KO explains how being a D1 athlete has impacted her life

28:29 KO leaves college to start a biz

28:54 Hoss shares how athletics impacted his life- reps!

31:58 The adversity is the greatness

34:35 Being all in, nurture and nature

35:35 Advice for girl Dads: How do you build alpha women

36:45 Core values, purpose and real confidence

40:31 Hoss and the Boss (his wife)

42:58 Boys sports vs girls sports

46:07 The cost of instant gratification

52:28 These are the chips that I have, how can I make them work for me 

55:52 Building the trust

58:34 Mom says, “what is next?”

59:07 TedX, Mom calls it out

1:02:04 Two broken arms

1:04:22 Rising three kids is hard

1:07:40 Knowing your weaknesses 

1:09:55 Maybe you’re a CrossFitter

1:13:36 What is success to you?

196. Unleash Your Personal Greatness with Hoss Tabrizi

. . .


Hoss Tabrizi is an impact focused motivational speaker, wealth advisor, and athletics coach. 
He is an Amazon Bestselling author, with a fourth release, Unleash Your Greatnesses, out fall of 2023. His radio show, The Breeze, airs on 93.7 FM The Ticket every Sunday at 1:00 PM, EST encapsulating over 25 years of sports announcing on national television, and radio. This includes career highlights announcing for the Washington Nationals, DC United, The NCAA, and for all sports for the University of Maryland and George Mason University. 

Hoss was born and raised Muslim in the greater Washington DC metropolitan area. After graduating from McLean High School, he pursued a degree in Mathematics from George Mason University and worked in education. In 2015, Hoss launched his financial planning business where he skillfully works to enhance his clients’ lives personally, professionally, and financially so they can achieve the lifestyle and dreams they never thought possible. As a devoted husband, father of three, and loyal son, he is committed to a future and world where others discover the best within themselves and live out their true potential. 

All the while, and over 24 years, Hoss has been an athletic leader in the community coaching hundreds of young athletes of all ages. He currently coaches three soccer teams and one AAU basketball team per season. 
Whether it’s coaching people to discover their inner greatness and confidence, instilling the winning mindset, demonstrating that adversity can be overcome, encouraging others to lead with love, or creating clarity to find out how great one truly is…Hoss Tabrizi’s personal, lifelong mission is to help people find and become the best versions of themselves. 

Hoss Tabrizi



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194. Amplifying Underrepresented Voices: Bethany Hawkins Takes The Mic

“I raise up my voice — not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard.”

 –Malala Yousafzai

Welcome back to T&T, where we are oh-so passionate about fellow podcasting family especially the ones Amplifying Unheard Voices like Bethany Hawkins is! On today’s episode, we have a remarkable guest who has dedicated her life to ensuring that historically underrepresented voices are heard. Bethany Hawkins, the CEO and Founder of Crackers In Soup, joins us to share her inspiring journey from a corporate career spanning over 18 years to becoming a podcasting powerhouse. Her story is a testament to the incredible impact one person can make when they decide to empower others through podcasting. This is a powerful convo that shows you making pivot just might be the most important step you ever take and to be ready, because the perfect journey is filled with imperfection. Even the pro’s “have days”, so handle all challenges with grace like Bethany does, because every step (even the missteps) are a critical part of the journey.

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Amplifying Underrepresented Voices. The power of podcasting. Representation and holding or clearing space. Taking the mic. Crackers in soup. The imperfect journey. Our children and their safety. The corporate world. Make a pivot and/or taking the leap. Following your heart. Podcasting and the hustle. Women of color leading.

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Time Stamps:

2:00- I am an observer and I knew I wanted to help

3:00- My journey in law

3:30- Burnout and gets intro to podcasting

8:04- The ills of the world, we handle that

8:40- Protective of our daughter because of the things we saw in the world

11:02- You want to come home, call me

16:50- Inappropriate comments, HR is a no-show

17:35- Explaining how a marginalized group feels to non-marginalized people

18:24- the mental load builds up

21:04- The mic is on:)

23:26- Taking the leap!

25:47- Helping people through podcasting

31:54- humanizing the brand

32:29- What kept you so grounded?

32:45- My Mom, the super hero

35:20- self-awareness, owning your shit

38:21- you have to be cemented to your ground as an entrepreneur

42:05- the team is on the yacht with me when big success hit

46:00- Crackers In Soup

50:45- The cream of the crop rises

54:39- Companies should look at the importance of podcasting

55:00- Put a line in your budget for podcasting marketing

1:00:44- Embracing the journey- all of it:)

194. Amplifying Underrepresented Voices: Bethany Hawkins Takes The Mic

. . .

Bethany Hawkins:

Bethany Hawkins is the CEO and Founder of Crackers In Soup.  Being a black woman who worked in corporate for over 18 years, she knows what it is like to not be heard.  So…she decided to create a company that ensures all historically underrepresented voices are heard.

Since its inception, Crackers In Soup has worked on over 80 podcasts from creating cover art to helping women create their podcast vision through launches, podcast management, consultations, etc. She has worked on podcasts that are award nominated, won awards (including her own), podcasts that have 3 million listeners and one podcast she worked on was featured in a Princeton course. 

Sharing her expertise on summits, such as Podfest, Afros & Audio, Podcast Editor Academy to name a few, she has been coined a “Thought Leader” but still blushes and claps in excitement when someone invites her to speak! Believing that sharing knowledge is the only way to help us create generational wealth, Bethany is now sharing what she has learned in her decades of business experience and her podcasting knowledge in a mentorship and coaching program for podcast service providers.

Instagram – @bcrackersinsoup

LinkedIn – @crackersinsoup

Twitter – @crackers_in                                                                                             

Tik Tok – @crackers_in_soup

. . .

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193. Red Rocks Vodka: The Story, The Strength, and The Spirit

“A good half of the art of living is resilience.”
― Alain de Botton

Step into the world of artisanal spirits with ‘Red Rocks Vodka: The Story, The Strength, and The Spirit.’ Join me and Founder, Ashley Blankenship, on a flavorful journey as we explore the Red Rocks Vodka journey, it’s meticulous craftsmanship, and the captivating spirit of the human, Ashley, behind the brand . Red Rocks Vodka is minority, woman owned, AND local- from its origin in the heart of the Rockies to the dedication and passion that goes into every bottle, this libation is filled with flavor and purpose. Get ready to sip, savor, and be inspired to take on life’s challenges, further recognize your own resilience- and remember to have fun while doing it!  Let’s raise our glasses to the exceptional story, strength, and spirit of Red Rocks Vodka.

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Red Rocks Vodka. Strength, spirit, resilience, life. Entrepreneurship. Taking a change. Self-discovery and internal belief. The power of showing up and letting go. The music business. Breakdowns and breakthroughs. Work hard, play hard, believe hard. Woman owned, minority owned, local small business. Colorado. 

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Time Stamps:

1:47- Intro, Ashley’s Background

5:00- Mental Health changes the path

7:15- We jumped in!

10:15- Moving to Colorado

12:00- Starting the business

14:00- Partnerships and support

15:40- Leaning into intuition

17:19- Déjà vu

20:24- Kids and social media, honest conversation

24:43- Breaking out of the box

25:32- Finding and defining yourself 

27:20- Wearing all the hats

29:16- What am I doing? 

28:26- I just want to help people

28:43- Humanizing the brand

31:29- Don’t sleep on the fun

31:46- Where can you get Red Rocks Vodka

34:18- The distribution game

36:42- Support your local brand, support your local content creator!

42:05- Upcoming events

44:18- What is success to you?

193. Red Rocks Vodka: The Story, The Strength, and The Spirit

. . .

Ashley Blankenship:

Ashley is the owner of Red Rocks Spirits and currently wears many hats. She’s a former recording artist turned stay-at-home mom turned doula turned business woman. Her family is the most important thing in her life and cheerleading other women is her passion.

Red Rocks Spirits is a Colorado spirits company currently offering Red Rocks Vodka in the Denver Metro. Our focus is providing high quality local spirits at an affordable price. We believe Colorado is special. Cocktails should be simple. Friends and family come first.​

We’re proud to say we’re minority-woman owned. We love to have a good time and want to share the joy of responsibly imbibing a deliciously crafted cocktail with friends both old and new.



. . .

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192. Rebel with a Cause: The Process Leads To The Purpose

“Through suffering comes wisdom. Through surrender comes faith. Through resilience, comes hope. Keep going.”

– Rita Said

I am so excited about this conversation as I am welcoming longtime fitness family to the T&T mic, Gabriel (Gabs) Sandoval! Gabriel entered into the CrossFit world about the same time as I did, so we have seen the entire sport and culture grown and evolve from the ground up. Much like CrossFit, Gabriel shares his story as a rebel with a cause and how he trusted the process as it ultimately led him to his purpose. There are few things in life that are true, but one is for sure- almost nothing is as it seems. Gabriel played sports and was athletic in his past, but he had many twists and turns far from the gym before he was leading people on their fitness, health, and wellness journey. His story is one of process, loss, resilience, and major pivots- knowing that he wouldn’t be where he is now without each piece of the breakdown and breakthrough. If you are looking for an inspiring story wondering how it will all shake out for you, tune into this convo. It’s reminder for everyone to keep the faith, keep showing up, and to lean back into what you initially loved. It will work out.

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Breakdowns and breakthroughs. Becoming a fitness pro after an anti-fitness life. Loss, faith, resilience, and the clarity that comes. Being the youngest. Be at the right place at the right time. Taking on challenges and leading by example. Not having it all figured out. 

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CrossFitrelated hip and groin injuries: a case series

Time Stamps:

1:55- Young Gabriel

5:58- Enter the party scene in high school

7:40- You are who you hang out with

10:31- Intellectual gifted, but don’t love school

13:45- I want to become a pro snowboarder

14:55- Actually not, logic sets in

16:01- I want to go back to school

16:32- A deep story, where my life forked in the road

17:02- Dealing Drugs

17:52- We always want more

18:27- Cocaine air

19:18- Stepping on the local toes

20:21- Tragedy happens

22:15- Saved by prom, my girlfriend saved my life

22:30- Healing in nature

29:20- Bartending, make that cash

31:23- CrossFit over medical school

35:32- I started training again

36:16- Lean and semi mean

38:29- Intro to CrossFit

38:44- I’m a rebel 

39:08- Semi wise words…

45:46- I wasn’t as fit as I thought

50:12- CrossFit, I was in

54:01- I didn’t plan to be a gym owner

58:16- Community is the success

1:00:00- What is CrossFit going to look like 10yrs for now

1:00:01- MOB, the facility

1:03:23- Authentically bleeding the cause

1:05:56- Don’t be a boss, be a leader

1:09:50- Come in for a free workout

192.Rebel with a Cause: The Process Leads To The Purpose

. . .

Gabriel (Gabs) Sandoval

Owner/Head Coach @ CrossFit MOB

From a young age I always enjoyed being active. I started wrestling when I was six years old and continue to do so for about 10 years. Once I got to middle school and high school I started to play football and basketball and I also got into skateboarding and snowboarding.

After high school, I moved to the mountains so I could snowboard more. I did that for about a year and then decided I wanted to go back to college so I moved back to Denver. During my time in college is when I really got into physical exercise and around that same time as what I found CrossFit. That was about 13 years ago. I immediately fell in love with Crossfit and started coaching Crossfit as much as I could. 

I graduated college in 2014 with my degrees in biology and chemistry. After that I worked in the medical field for a short period of time and then I got the opportunity to become a gym manager at a CrossFit gym so I did that. About a year and a half later I got an opportunity become a partial owner. In about five years ago, I got an opportunity to become the majority owner of Crossfit MOB, which I did.

We now have one of the bigger CrossFit gyms in the state of Colorado and I can see I truly love what I do. Health and fitness are my passion and leading people in that direction is why I get up and do what I do every day.




Gabriel Serafin Sandoval


. . .

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39. Purpose + Service= Win

“Every day is a choice.”

-Kevin Ogar AND Amy Van Dyken 

If you are on the right path, the right people show up or circle right back into your life… thus I am PUMPED to sit down with Kevin Ogar and Amy Van Dyken to discuss all things tragedy, triumph, attitude, outlook, faith, family, resilience, and repetition… oh and, yeah, and we talk a little smack to one another as well, Turmeric & Tequila baby:)

Kevin and Amy are two of the greatest athletes of our time, not because of their medals, games appearances, winnings, or athletic accolades, but because of their recognized higher purpose – to live in continued service. They both have incredible charities, The Reveille Project and The Amy Van Dyken Foundation (Amy’s Army). Both charities are giving back by questioning a better way, building and supporting communities they saw needed it most. All bios below, check them out and dig in- it will inspire you to do more (no pressure:). 

I joined forces with Kevin, Amy, and both of their charities to support Red Bull’s nonprofit, Wings For Life, funding research for spinal cord injuries. The annual Wings For Life World Run has come to DENVER and we are excited to put it on the map out here. The in-person event is of course canceled, but you can login digitally on the app May 3rd and run with everyone else in the world at the same time- it’s pretty cool. Every dollar that comes in, goes to the cause… every dollar. All details below as well. Register and join us May 3rd, run for someone who can’t and join a community that is making a difference (while at home!!). 


Purpose, service, attitude, questioning a better way. Charity and giving back. Overcoming and looking forward. Mind over matter, faith, family, and community. Animals > Humans. Personal grooming and/or lack thereof.

Kevin Ogar

Kevin is the Owner and Head Coach of CrossFit WatchTower. He is a Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer, has been coaching since early 2008, and is a member of the CrossFit Level 1 Seminar Staff. He is a 4-time Regional Competitor finishing as high as 6th in 2012. When he’s not at his gym, Kevin spends time with his dogs Boondock and Diamond.

The Reveille Project

The Reveille Project [TRP] is designed for veterans, by veterans. We believe in a holistic lifestyle to help restore veterans lives post active duty. [TRP] provides access to tools that aid in veteran’s ability to integrate socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually back into civilian life. Creating a foundation through fitness, nutrition, community and spiritual faith, [TRP] encourages a healthy prospective for a purpose driven life.

Amy Van Dyken

Amy Van Dyken-Rouen is a 6-time Olympic champion. She won 4 medals in 1996 in Atlanta and two more in Sydney, Australia in 2000. Van Dyken-Rouen has the distinction of being one of the few Olympians whose medals are all gold. In 2007 she was the only American swimmer to be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame’s Class of 2007. She was also inducted to the Olympic Hall of Fame in July 2008. Amy is a public speaker and CrossFit enthusiasts!

The Amy Van Dyken Foundation

Amy’s Army is a network of people including donors, employees, and friends of The Amy Van Dyken Foundation. Together, we are a powerful ally to those with spinal cord injuries 

Mission statement: We strive to improve the lives of people with spinal cord injuries.

Wings For Life World Race

The Wings for Life World Run is a global race where people from all over the planet begin running at the same time, on the same day. Where they stop is up to them. This year we are bringing this race to Denver and with nothing more than your smart phone and a desire to move you can help Wings for Life find a cure for spinal cord paralysis. On May 3rd we will gather digitally (via the WLF App) and the race will start at 5am MST, eventually a virtual “Catcher Car” will leave the start line from where you started! When the Catcher Car passes you, your race is over, and the distance you achieved appears on the Global Results List. Everything you’re doing is for a good cause because 100% of your entry fees and donations goes directly to research toward a cure for spinal cord injury.

Who: Anyone!
What: Race benefitting Wings For Life  

Cost: $23/per racer ($23 goes to charity)
Where: Digitally (Register in WLF App- Run outside, on treadmill, wherever!)
When: 5.3.2020, 5am
Why: It is our mission to bring the Colorado fitness community together on behalf of a great cause!


19. Core Values

CORE VALUES… your subconscious core beliefs, your very own unique filter for your world and experience. Why you think the way you do, why certain things matter to you and why certain things don’t. Listen in to this cast to unpack that even more as it’s the base point to finding our true happiness. Happiness, also subjective:). 

I spoke about my core values on “The Why” cast, aka the last cast, so this is great timing to bring out the OG of Core Values, at least in my world, The Jenn Kaye. Jenn is a communication master, amongst so many other things (full bio below), and here she shares her journey of a breakdown at 15 and break through not long after (remarkable so young!). A pivotal point for her long-term life game and incredibly important career (positive human impact worldwide). Her vulnerability in this conversation reaches all ages, genders, and races, as we all face deep challenges in life and recognize (at some point) that the only thing we DO have is CHOICE. 

Choice to question a better way, to heal, to dream, to do. When filling the void destructively no longer works, when you realize the external behavior is from the internal self-dialogue. When you understand everyone wants to belong and feel accepted AND the importance of community. You choose a better way, realizing that the things you thought made you different, actually make you very human, like everyone else. Your purpose is to be happy AND each of us have a different path in that pursuit. The key piece in the journey’s map is communication: with other humans, with digital media, with animals, AND most importantly with ourselves.

This is a bit of our journey in further understanding ourselves. 


Core Values. External validation and internal conversation. Acceptance and belonging. Happiness and what that means? Purpose. How scary and hard it is to look at yourself and unpack beliefs and experiences. Making a change. Getting to know yourself. 

Jenn Kaye

Jenn Kaye is a transformational thought leader specializing in strategic communication and a never-ending seeker of what moves people to action.  As a Master Communicator, Language Expert, and Executive Coach, Jenn helps leaders, creatives and difference-makers get the results they want by identifying their authentic voice and customizing their message for optimum impact. A fierce advocate for the authentic expression of the human experience, she works diligently to support humans in making choices that are in alignment with who they truly are and developing the courage to disrupt their own status quo. She is the founder of The Choice Point Method, a systemized approach to leadership development, starting from the inside-out. 


Well, we are 17 casts in, so now seems like a good time to dive into THE WHY!?! 🙂 Why am I doing a podcast?… I keep this one pretty quick. Just me sharing my main goal, “To inspire positive, radical social evolution”, with you. How do I do that? Create a platform (this cast) for all varsity humans to share their journey, speak their truth, and enlighten the rest of the world with how they questioned a better way – ideally inspiring us to do the same… if we so choose. 

Growing up the way I did (my background), surrounded by the people I was surrounded by (my humans- family, friends, teammates), and my eclectic personal and professional experience (competing in sports and biz) has brought me to this point. Not all things in life are super transparent, personal or business, we are often led by the sale vs the truth. This cast is about highlighting all the humans and businesses that are doing things the right way, lead with their heart AND their head. Questioning a better way, shaking up status quo and in turn, providing space for positive, radical, social evolution. Great humans, doing great things… I am coming for you and aiming to get as many of you as possible to share your story. GRACEFUL DISRUPTION. Stay tuned. Cheers. XO


KO Background, the journey thus far, the goal, the why, and the why not!? The how, we are not sure yet, but we believe in the larger order- so WE OUT HERE. Graceful Disruption.

Kristen M. Olson, Founder (HOST)

Human, Athlete, Creative (Biz)

Life long athlete, 18+ years in marketing and branding in the fitness/lifestyle industry…specializing in aligning key voices and creative strategy. Knowing there is always better way, we just have to look for it:)

Philosophies: T&T 

*Team is everything AND independence is a top core value.  

*Botox the wrinkles AND highlight the scares. 

*Living on the trending setting tip AND on the couch with my dog. 

*Constant adaptation AND being still.

*Thankful for the past AND present for the future.

*Leadership is the greatest responsibility AND so if following your heart.  

*Opportunity cost is real AND so is saying yes to the moment. 

*Spend time as you feel AND invoice for it as needed. 


Dream, Believe, Achieve.

17. Women in Trades

Building an empire… to give it all away?! Precisely, with a job outside of your gender role please. We don’t want if it’s too easy #tupac :). The larger order circled one of my fave varsity (literally), Grandview Highschool laxers that I coached about 10 years ago (I know- soul botox!!), back into my world on this one, Maddy Fauth. Maddy is an entrepreneur/ business owner and she brought her good friend and fellow entrepreneur/business owner, Linzy Cassell, with her. We’ll dive into each of their businesses and their journeys into the trades/ service world, but first let’s be clear on what the trades (and services) jobs are:

Trades/Services Jobs include (but are not limited to):

  • Roofing, coating
  • Heating, cooling, home services
  • Elevator Installer/Repairer
  • Geological and Petroleum Technician
  • Web Developer
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
  • Electrician

You know, what you see the boys do… for the most part. Until now. Maddy and Linzy are two incredible women breaking barriers, not only as entrepreneurs/business owners in general, but in a male dominated space. So that packs a whole other line of experiences with it- not to worry both of these women carry a load of confidence in their work abilities and businesses AND more importantly, in themselves. We chat about why college wasn’t the right choice for them and how they took time early on to learn about what they really want (or listened when they felt out of alignment/universe laid the smack down)… taking that break year after high school just might be a good idea after all, and might save you a few $100k. Outside of money, which empires are in the making, so that’ not the prob, we talk about the value of time and energy… and giving back. We all want to be productive human beings, but what is real impact? Why is it important? Why giving is absolutely receiving in the best, most priceless way. Giving funds, furnaces, and a little something of girls to shoot for as they pick their “dream career”.  My journey into questioning a better way was later in the game than these two, but it’s funny how the world works… Maddy’s Mom was actually one of the first people to bring up “The Law of Attraction” (when the movie came out back in the day:), vibration, and intentional thoughts. Pretty sure she actually gave me all the cd’s to listen to haha, ahh the 2000’s…/I likely still have them. So It is no surprise to me her kiddo is right in line with that thought process and out there on trades front lines with her Dad being a true influencer IRL. AND she is pulling people into her post HS lax, but still varsity world, like Linzy! No doubt all of their parents are proud, as they should be. 

This is a great cast if you are a kid about to graduate high school, mid college and not sure if it’s for you, college grad and need cash/inspiration, a parent with a kiddo, or anyone questioning a better way in general. Lean in. 


women in trades/services. BNI, Business Networking International. Gender roles, and not having college debt. Following you heart or having the awareness of what your parents did (cuz you’ll likely have similar interest, surprise). Life skills through sports. Alignment and being out of alignment, vibration. Mom and dad. Pro women’s sports. Self-awareness. Reciprocity, give back, and paying it forward. The strong women before us. Entrepreneurs. Being the brand aka yourself. 

My genuine endorsement is given here, if you need service that their businesses provide- call them. They are the real, honest deal. 

Maddy Fauth 

Maddy is co-owner of Great Guys heating and cooling. From health care to cannabis to HVAC, making an impact is the goal. Daughter of two entrepreneurs, building an empire to call hers was destined to happen. Using skills gained from her lacrosse and semi-professional football experience she has built a team that is breaking barriers in the HVAC industry and for women in trades.  Great Guys is family owned and operated and prides itself on giving back to the community and those in need.