61. Elevate Your Spark

“I am so happy and grateful now that I realize that I have the time to accomplish everything I want to accomplish in my day.” 

That is the affirmation that Donna gave me mid cast to elevate my spark… and it’s working:)! I am pumped to welcome Donna Deteau to the T&T mic, she is a connect from one of my fave former Grandview High School laxers, Maddie, also a T&T guest herself (Ep. 17)- you know I love connects of connects! This is an awesome cast, packed full of things you can do right now to elevate your spark, dial in your goals, and sharpen your edge. Get the mind right and universe, body, and the people you keep around you will follow. Donna lays down some small, but powerful skills you can practice on the daily without over committing to a major routine. If you are an athlete looking to elevate your game, a business person looking to make more money and see the opportunity in front of you, or if your someone looking to better your communication and relationships with people (and yourself)- this one is for you. We discuss goal setting, life skills, mindset, and the power of affirmations. We are what we think. Take notes on this one and follow up with Donna accordingly if you want to go further- I highly recommend it! Change your mind, change your life!


Mindset and the power of thoughts. Elevating your spark, on all levels. Practical skills you can do right now to dial in your thinking. Affirmations and goals. Intentions and knowing one’s self. Community and conscious awareness. Communication and relationships. Making money and being ok with abundance. Believing that anything is possible. 

Donna Deteau

Donna was born in Texas but at the age of 8, when she and her family visited Colorado for the first time, she realized that Colorado was her “heart home.” Every day, she expresses deep gratitude to be able to live in the physical place of her heart home.

Donna spent 1/3 of her life in corporate America, 1/3 in nonprofits and 1/3 as an entrepreneur. She founded 2 other successful businesses before she became a Success Building Coach: a catering biz and a renovation biz.

She shared with me that when she was catering, she thought, “this is my purpose…to make events, parties and holidays easier and worry-free for others”. Then, when she was renovating, she thought “this is my purpose in life…to design and create living spaces for people who want a better home but don’t know how to go about creating it”.

But it was when she began coaching that she experienced true passion, jumping out of bed every single day so excited for the day to begin. She told me “I am so grateful that coaching others found me because now I’m in service to others every day of my life. My clients get the tools to understand who they really are — their true, authentic selves. And they get the tools to get exactly what they want, whether that be earn enough to retire early, purchase and live in their dream home, create a relationship and/or family, travel the world 6 months out of the year, or simply earn a 7-figure income.”

“Coaching”, she says, “is the life that I was born to do.”

Check out my video business card!

Donna Deteau

Elevate Your Spark!



59. Next Level Income

“When you understand that your self-worth is not determined by your net-worth, then you’ll have financial freedom.” 

–Suze Orman

This is the 3rd podcast of PodMax Live, round 2! Continuing on the “money” theme and conversation around investing, integrity, and even bringing that athlete competitive mentality to business. Chris shares his journey and process and even touches on CrossFit… some of you will either love it or fast forward ha. Either way this cast is chalk full of great info, particularly if you are parents and you are working to get into the conversation of money, wealth, and saving for your kiddos. Chris breaks it down how he works with his kids around money, how often they go to the bank, and their “inner family” savings conversations. Chris has his MBA, is a fellow podcaster, and is the author of, you guessed it, Next Level Income. Next Level Income focuses on how to make, keep, and grow your money using the “holy grail of real estate” to achieve financial independence. Get that long term, generational wealth paper! Cheers, enjoy:)


Competing as an athlete and as a business person. Saving, investing, real estate, long term generational wealth. Kids and money. Financial education. Financial tools, resources, books, and podcasts. Finding your authentic self, operating with integrity, and creating passive income so you can enjoy the journey in alignment… aka that much more. Questioning a better way, graceful disruption. 

Christopher Larsen

Christopher Larsen is the founder and Managing Partner of Next-Level Income, through which he helps investors become financially independent through education and investment opportunities. Chris has been investing in and managing real estate for over 20 years. While completing his degree in Biomechanical Engineering and M.B.A. in Finance at Virginia Tech, he bought his first single-family rental at age 21. During his subsequent career in the medical device industry, Chris expanded into development, private-lending, buying distressed debt as well as commercial office, and ultimately syndicating multifamily properties. He began syndicating deals in 2016 and has been actively involved in over $150M of real estate acquisitions. In addition to real estate, Chris has invested in equities, oil & gas, and small business lending, as well as being active in Venture South, one of the nation’s Top 10 Angel Investing groups. Chris lives with his wife and two boys in Asheville, NC where he loves spending time with them in the outdoors and enjoying the food and culture that the region has to offer.

Next Level Income (the book):

Get Chris’s Book, Next Level Income for FREE

Chris Larsen wrote his book, Next-Level Income, to illustrate how the goal of investing shouldn’t be just about money. This book is not only about investing in real estate; it is about the search for financial freedom and the freedom that it can provide in your life. In the book, Chris shares some of his life experiences and why he now invests in real estate. His mission in writing the book was to help others achieve financial independence.

Chris bought his first rental property at age 21 and has spent the last 20 years owning, managing and investing in many types of real estate. He also has spent more than 15 years in the medical device industry working with doctors and surgeons. Today he enjoys working with individuals to help them Make money, Keep more money and ultimately grow their money through what he calls “The Holy Grail” of real estate.

In the pages of this book, Chris shares his experiences of how he achieved financial freedom. You will learn how Chris can help you create a life of financial freedom so that you can live life on your own terms, and focus on your passions in life.



58. Young Entrepreneurship

Young aspiring entrepreneurs, this cast is for you! This is the second cast of Podmax Live round 2 and we are focusing on money, investing, and business- from the young person’s perspective. I welcome Trevor Oldham on to the T&T mic to share his business journey 23 years in the making… yes, he is just 23 and has started several businesses, is thriving in his current one, Podcasting You, and is now a published author! Trevor shares his successes and failures, from product reselling, to knock offs (by accident!), to deep importance of customer service. It is so inspiring to see a young person chase their dreams early AND do it with integrity at the forefront of the mission. It’s not all about money, it’s about people and the way you treat them. There are some great biz tips and tricks in here and if you’re just looking to try something out small and a new entrepreneur, you just might be able to repeat some of Trevor’s initial steps- grab a note pad. We cover the startup, influencer marketing, and everything in-between! Great work, Trevor, can’t wait to see what is next for you! Cheers!!


Entrepreneurship at a young age, high school, college, post college. Business failures and successes. How to get a business started. The importance of people and customer service. Influencer marketing, reselling, and lessons learned hard. From making $7/hour to starting a business and making much, much more… questioning a better way. 

Trevor Oldham, Founder of Podcasting You

As the founder of Podcasting You, I understand that it can be difficult to reach your audience in a noisy world.

That’s why I started Podcasting You in 2017 from my dorm room after seeing the first-hand results from being a podcast guest and being able to speak directly to my ideal audience on a 1-on-1 format.

I knew that there were successful individuals whom the world needed to know about and hear from, but haven’t had the chance to share their story.

Through being an expert podcast guest, we give our clients the opportunity to directly speak to their ideal audience and share their story and expertise which leads to increase leads, attracting new customers, and growing their brand. If you are looking to have us Podcast You, please apply here

Podcasting You is a done for you podcast booking agency that enables six and seven-figure individuals to speak to their ideal audience to increase leads, attract new customers, and grow their brand.

52. One Small Bite

You are what you eat! Today I welcome Registered Dietitian, David Orozco, (MS, RDN, LD).  We met at Podfest (a podcast conference), mid another cast and David happened to walk by (check out T&T Ep. 34to hear it live:), we chatted briefly and now reconnected! Universe speaks- we didn’t have time to dig into many details initially, but on this cast,  you will hear- we have a lot in common. David and I discuss nutrition, lifestyle, the disproportionate access to nutrition in different areas for different races and economic status. In addition, we cover bariatric surgery and the lack of the mental wellness conversation alongside the nutritional conversation. We highlight that living well and eating well are really lifestyle choices and not a diet. David gives 5 things that he thinks every human should do- and I agree!! Listen in and check out the cast that I did with him on, One Small Bite, his podcast! Supporting the pod-fam, only way to go:).  Cheers!


Nutrition and race. Nutrition and gender. Nutrition in America. Nutrition and business. Marketing. Questioning a better way. No diets. Making one small change, one small bite at a time. Food is beautiful. Honoring your fuel. Changing your relationship with food. 

One Small Bite (Podcast):

David is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master’s in Nutrition and Health Science from Georgia State University. He is certified in Intuitive Eating Counselor, Exercise Physiology, and Quit Smart® smoking cessation, and is fluent in Spanish. David is the owner of TD Wellness, LLC, and believes in food as medicine, balance in life, and in building positive relationships. His passion in nutrition and well-being is rooted in the harmony of mind, body, and the spirit, and, with a little hard work, his clients can achieve a place of harmony. David also loves to cook, travel, and relax with his family, and he teaches indoor cycling, loves to hike, bike, and he holds the rank of Sandan (third degree black belt) in the Japanese martial art of Aikido.

In this podcast, we optimize health One Small Bite at a time. With nutritionist David Orozco as your guide, we’ll chop harmful diet myths and build wisdom based on sound nutritional science. From hot topics like fasting and high-fat diets to listener question on issues like mindful eating and chronic illness – we cover proven methods to fuel your body and nourish your soul. One Small Bite is where men come to shoot the breeze about their health and rumble with vulnerabilities in order to transform their lives. Subscribe today and take the first bite!



TD Wellness

We Help You Create a Positive Relationship to Eating

At TD Wellness, we believe nutrition goes way beyond the leafy greens that are relentlessly hyped in the media. We also understand that the chocolate chip fudge swirl ice cream calling to you at midnight sometimes means you might actually need a little instead of fighting it.

We are dedicated to working with people to set realistic and achievable goals. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or an eating disorder, are trying to change your child’s picky eating habits, are finding exercise keeps falling off your daily ‘to do list,’ or are simply needing to manage your high blood pressure, we are here to support you on your life’s journey to finding balance and a positive relationship to eating and your health.

Our Programs Fit Your Needs

We offer our client a host of services and programs. Our services and programs are tailored in partnership with you to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you are taking off on a new life, trying to take off pounds, or taking care of a medical condition, we will work with you to build a program fit for you.

49. Small Town, Big Ambition

Another awesome cast from PodMax Live! This time I welcome computer wiz and super successful entrepreneur, Timothy Dick. Timothy shares his incredible story from high school biz hopeful (making a solid income from his parents’ house) to moving out graduation day following a deeper calling to move some chips on a larger level. The beginning- working with several large companies from the ground up to buying and selling his own… only to find himself back in his home town helping the community that raised him the best ways he can. #GOALS. Timothy has an incredible story of early success when the “internet was just starting” and how he evolves as the world around him does. This is an awesome listen for anyone chasing the dream, even if the dream doesn’t exist yet:). You can dream big and follow your heart from anywhere. Cheers, fellow dreamers!! AND, we had limited time for this convo (conference life), so stay tuned for a follow up cast… as you listen you’ll hear how much MORE we could of covered!

“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.”

– Edwin Land


Ambition, mission, evolution. Big dreams, small town roots, philanthropy done right. Following the heart and leading with integrity. The internet “business”, websites, hosts, .com’s. Business and impact.

Timothy Dick is a serial entrepreneur that runs multiple 7 figures businesses and has been featured on the Inc 5000 list for 3 different companies.    He is the founder of VOIPO which provides telephone and messaging services to consumers and businesses throughout North America and ProfitLayer which is a boutique consulting firm with a digital agency arm that is focused on managing large companies on all major ad platforms with a major focus on ROI, attribution, big data and finding the right combination of marketing channels to layer together to achieve the best results.

Tim has a vast background in SaaS and was one of the first executives at HostGator in its early days.   HostGator grew to host millions of websites with hundreds of employees before Tim transitioned focus on VOIPO.   He is also an active angel investor and consults for multiple investment firms on M&A, startups, and strategy.   He was born and raised in rural West Virginia and the son of a coal miner and was a first-generation entrepreneur.   He is passionate about small business, resourcefulness, marketing, and personal development.


44. Entering and Exiting Pharmaceuticals

 We are further diving into nutrition/wellness AND business here! I sit down with 3 awesome ladies who were all long-time athletes turned pharmaceutical reps turned entrepreneurs. They share their journeys into the pharma world, their experience in it, why they got out, and how the whole process inspired them to do what they do now- help people! If you see the glam life of a pharma rep and wonder if it’s true (the clothes, the cars, the money), it is, to a degree. What is not as easily seen is the daily grind, which ends up being not that glamorous and that’s not to mention the process of questioning what you are actually selling. These 3 ladies keep it real discussing prevention vs. prescription, food vs. medicine, and questioning a better way in general. At this point MOST of us know there is no quick fix, it’s a lifelong, daily decision to live well. We, the people, are in charge of our health, we are the ones responsible. That being said, there is SO much to know, incredible marketing companies with endless budgets (for better and worse) and doctors that only have so much power, find your “healthy advisor team” (doctors, nutritionists, coaches, athletes, enthusiasts, etc.) and keep them close. This is an ongoing conversation. 🙂


Prevention vs. prescriptions, questioning a better way. Generational lifestyles. Food as fuel. Responsibility and seeking the truth. Pharma reps and their real experience, drug dealers? 

Jen Stiffler is a Southern California native, D1 scholarship athlete, coach’s wife, Mom to three, CHD warrior advocate. A recovering pharmaceutical rep of 10+ years turned whole food advocate. Founder and CEO of FREEasaMOTHER, where she loves helping Mama’s not just survive but thrive in Motherhood and business.  Jen loves helping women create a life of abundance and joy through health and wealth. She enjoys working out, live music, supporting her husband’s team, making memories with her three kids and coaching people to love, live and serve bigger.  She’ll share her transformative story from skeptic to all in and how she broke her golden handcuffs in order to be a fully present mother. Also, her journey through two children born with undiagnosed heart defects and how it led her to fix her heart and create a life that prioritized her families hopes and dreams not her employers. @Iamfreeasamother

Stephanie Gits is a mom of two beautiful girls Ages 12 and 10 and married to her husband Clayton Gits. Stephanie partnered with the Juice Plus company and reached the top level of the company within 3 years of starting.  She is a 100 Club Presidential National Marketing director.  She was nominated as 12 Club member of the year at the 2016 Elton Awards, she won 24 Club member of the year at the 2017 Elton Awards, and she was nominated for 39 club of the year at the 2018 Elton’s.  She has completely embraced the mission to inspire healthy living and is passionate about helping others reach THEIR goals.  She loves helping people recognize and achieve one’s fullest potential so that they can be the BEST version of themselves! @helpingmammasbehappy

Jennifer Saval is a 39 Club Executive Marketing Director. She was awarded 12 Club Rookie of the Year Elton Award winner in 2017 (her very first Elton’s). She was nominated for the Elton for 12 Club of the Year in 2018. And in 2019 she won the 24 Club of the Year Elton. She earned National Marketing Director in just over two years and is raising up incredible leaders, including her first National Marketing Director. Jennifer is retired from a successful career in corporate America and for the last 10 years has been a stay-at-home mom with her husband, Ben and two boys, Sutton and Luke.  She was Captain of her collegiate field hockey team, top tier in her pharmaceutical sales force and a successful Realtor but none of it compares to the passion and purpose she experiences helping others live healthier, stronger lives. Jennifer’s Juice Plus+ business has created an a five-figure a month income stream that gives her family choices and the option to say “yes” to live life fuller and bigger. She is dreaming again and enjoying helping others fulfill their dreams too. @projectdreamomma 

43. Competing On And Off The Field

“We are all in sales.”

-Jeff Olson

Competing on and off the field- who knew all those life AND business skills we were learning while competing when we were young! Today I sit down with Jeff Olson, Olympian, businessman, professional speaker, and so much more. We discuss all things marketing, branding, and monetizing your passions the right way- sports, wellness, and everything in between. We breakdown steps on how to correctly identify your goals, brand, and ideal potential partnerships. We discuss the difference between micro and macro influencers, good and services, and how not to be a broke influencer:). Create leverage- the right way. It’s all about relationships and supplying the body, mind, and soul with the right fuel. Remain curious and go after what you want. There is no better time than now to question a better way and start living the life you want to, your way. 


Olympics. Business. Sport. Sales. Curiosity saving the cat. Fueling the mind, body, and soul. Lessons from our youth paying off as adults. Good and services monetizing your brand. Questioning a better way. Navigating sponsorships and building the right team. 

Jeff Olson, RLT

FAITH: Yep. FAMILY: Married with 3 daughters (Denver, CO). WORK: Co-founder of several businesses. CAREER: SPORTS. MONEY. TECH. HEALTH. STARTUPS… I was transport for testosterone in my twenties and thirties. Overtraining ended my professional athletic career. Ambition drove me to Wall Street. Desire, to win fast, sucked me into technology. I made money, lost money, and built character. I was humbled in great ways. My father’s health became a transformative career journey. Life, liberty, and your pursuits need a vehicle that is built to last and the treasure hunt is to find yours. I count my blessing daily and work to pay it forward. #OwnIt  #BetterTogether #BeABlessing  Professional athletics taught me about ownership, fear, and joy. Coaching taught me about connection, influence, and character.  Financial career taught me about money, meaning, and abundance.  Tech career taught me about thinking different, breakthroughs, and being effective. Our Agency teaches me people are fascinating, better together, and want to thrive.  Partnering with people gifts me with patience & perspective, culture & contribution, success & fulfillment.



42. Food Is Medicine

You are what you eat ! AND we are home consuming right now… food, media, oxygen… at least the air is cleaner during this time! What is the real impact of the food we are putting into our bodies? Are there larger questions we should be asking? What about our kids and youth nutrition? So. Many. Things!

Join me, Dr. Teddy Brose, and former nurse, Karla Jones, as we discuss food as medicine and how we navigate these conversations with medical staff, kids, and ourselves. They share their journeys to a healthier lifestyle and how simple changes (while tough at first) can change the trajectory of your health journey and the loved ones you look out for. We talk about responsibly and why taking charge of your own health and knowledge around what you’re consuming is so important. We discuss how to lead the way for kids to make better nutritional choices, even while at school or at a friend’s house and how to provide space for further conversation so they really understand why. We talk about little changes you can make now to eat cleaner and change the trajectory of your health. The wellness, health, and fitness spaces are all business- arm yourself with knowledge!


Questioning a better way. Why don’t doctors and nurses know more about nutrition? They are not nutritionists:) Kids and food. Kids and sugar. Plant based vs. the standard American diet. Changing one small thing vs. everything. Wellness, fitness, and business. What to do now? 

Dr. Teddy Brose is a physician in Appomattox, Virginia. She specializes in Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine and works closely with her patients in the application of evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine for the prevention, treatment and reversal of chronic diseases. She further facilitates the Complete Health Improvement Program in her community, a three month comprehensive lifestyle medicine program which aims to educate and arm its participants with the tools necessary for success in their journey to health and wellness. She further teaches numerous free class’s in her community and does a monthly Walk with a Doc program where she discusses various health related topics while taking a walk with community members. 

Karla Jones is a mom of 3 young kids and wife to a college baseball coach. She is a master’s prepared nurse turned mama on a mission from Central VA. She loves running, a good book, building things with her hands, and sharing her simple tips for a healthier lifestyle. After learning the relationship between nutrition and disease, something she wasn’t educated on in nursing school, she’s been on a mission to pay forward this important information. She’s partnered with a company whose mission is to inspire health living around the world. Most people strive to live a healthier lifestyle, but find where to start a challenge. Karla is able to help people ignite their journey with one simple change. This incredible partnership has allowed her to live her best life and inspire others to do the same. She is all about making impact for good in helping families thrive! This is what has lead her to become a #mamasetfree.

40. Start a Podcast!

“It’s not all about the number of downloads you have, you find a lot of benefits in smaller, more loyal following.”

-Veronica & Steve, Pod Sounds School Founders 

Are we having fun yet? Ya know this!! If you have been thinking about starting a podcast or wondered what it takes to make the leap, this one is for you. This is an awesome and informative cast with Veronica and Steve from the Pod Sounds School. The Pod Sounds School is a podcasting agency that focuses on helping you produce high quality audio and creative content to expand your business and grow your revenue through podcasting. AKA they are PROS in all things digital/social platforms: podcasts, You Tube, social media, audio, visual- everything. We dive deep into their “why” and how they initially got into podcasting. It’s not what you would expect, it’s even better. They share their journeys from the corporate world departure to the podcast world entrance and everything in between. We get into a tips, tricks, and suggestion, but mostly focus on the key pieces: the passion, the voice, and why each of us really do have a story to share. They even give me guidance mid cast, so you know I didn’t edit any of that out… the beginning is flawed folks (dogs barking/using their voice and all), but that’s that colors the journey! Embrace my learning experience and streamline your own potential podcast process! Check out all their platforms for more information and free master classes on how to get started. Veronica and Steve are two genuine humans following their hearts and making the world a better place with all the (digital and non-digital) gifts they have to offer- download accordingly!  


Transparency is trending (Steve’s words:). Connection! We need it. Questioning a better way, via a pod cast. Starting a cast and finding your why. Steps to break into the biz and ways to keep evolving. Starting ugly! Taking the leap and making a career change aka following your heart. Revealing your authentic brand and then sprinkling some glitter on it. Embrace the insecurities and see the transformation happen. Life skills are happening, less adulting folks, please. 🙂 

The Pod Sound School

Studio Steve and Veronica created the Pod Sound School to help podcasters produce high quality podcasts in an entertaining and easy to digest way. We want podcasters to publish their best work into the world so they can grow their audience and expand their brand. 

We have so much love for the podcast community and for this project. We hope that love translates in everything we do. 

We offer one-on-one training and support in all aspects of the podcasting process, offer services to enhance your audio production, and create free content each week on our social channels and blog. So make sure to follow us and subscribe to our newsletter so we can keep in touch. We look forward to beginning this journey with you! 

Let’s get it done and start creating, podskis!





37. Vitamin F, Fulfillment

“You have to believe the world is waiting for what you’re bringing”

 -Jennifer Peters

How do you fill the gap between who you are and what you what you do (personally and professionally)? How important is it that you feel fulfilled in what you do?  

It’s easy to day dream AND it’s hard to actually chase those dreams… AND believe that they can come true, even when others tell you otherwise. 

Resilience, commitment, belief, and teamwork are all key ingredients in the recipe for success as an entrepreneur- this cast is proof:).  Tune in and take notes as I sit down with fellow entrepreneur and longtime friend, Jennifer Peters. Jennifer is the Founder of Just Be Kitchen in the heart of Denver, Colorado. It’s a local fave and the ONLY 100% scratch kitchen free of gluten, grain, and refined sugars. Jennifer founded JBK to fill the gap between who she is and what she does. She is a longtime athlete, food enthusiasts, and knew there was a better way to do “healthy food” for everyone, even people with a lot of food restrictions. She shares her personal and biz journey, highlighting her ability to be flexible, embrace opportunity to innovate and progress (even when unexpected), and her unwavering belief that “if you build it, they will come”, is her truth and the space where she feels fulfilled in her mission. 

If you haven’t heard of JBK- you will! They were recently featured on Diner, Drive ins, and Dives, and have had a host of local and national coverage. Jennifer and JBK are making waves, we can’t wait to see what is next as they make the world a better place one Fulfilled Burrito at a time. 


Being a restaurant owner in the midst of CV19. Dream, believe, achieve. Trail blazing, changing minds, disrupting stats quo. Eating healthier, treating yourself kindly, avoiding the doc. Knowing that your tribe is waiting for you to show up. Graceful disruption. Questioning a better way. Sticking to your why. Bleeding the brand and the mission.  

Jennifer Peters, Just Be Kitchen Founder

With a mission to serve mindful mouthfuls from a conscious kitchen with kindness on a plate, Just BE Kitchen is more than just a place to grab some grub. In addition to food made with love and care from scratch, Just BE Kitchen is a place of connection & to feel cared and nourished. ​As Denver’s only 100% scratch kitchen free of gluten, grain & refined sugar, Just BE Kitchen prides itself in servicing diners who have a lot of restrictions. However, its menu doesn’t scream “health food.” Instead, Just BE Kitchen’s menu is a fun play on traditional comfort foods, yet done in a wholesome & healthy way so that people with allergies or who choose to eat a whole-based diet do not have a feeling of lack or sacrifice. 

“We want everyone to feel nourished and cared for when they are here. We want our guests to be able to have a ‘mindful moment’ at Just BE Kitchen, and feel connected to their minds and bodies. Overall wellness is essential to living a meaningful life, and for us, food is how we contribute to our guest’s wellness, because food is at the heart of total well-being.”—Jennifer Peters, Owner.