About Us

Kristen M. Olson
Founder (HOST)

Knowing there is always better way, we just have to look for it 🙂

Experienced and innovative marketing professional with 18+ years experience in brand development and management and particular expertise with integrated marketing strategies, strategic territory management and relationship building. Broad based background encompasses heavy experience within highly competitive athletic apparel, CPG, and event markets. 

PRO TIP: Dream, Believe, Achieve.

Philosophies: T&T 

• Team is everything AND independence is a top core value.
• Botox the wrinkles AND highlight the scars. 
• Living on the trending setting tip AND on the couch with my dog. 
• Constant adaptation AND being still.
• Thankful for the past AND present for the future.
• Leadership is the greatest responsibility AND so if following your heart.  
• Opportunity cost is real AND so is saying yes to the moment. 
• Spend time as you feel AND invoice for it as needed. 


• George Mason University, D1 Lacrosse, 3X Capt.

• 5X CrossFit Game Athlete, 2nd Place Affiliate Cup Finish 2011

• Multitude of lacrosse and CrossFit competitions (fuller list here)


KO Alliance, LLC
Spreading the Gospel of Fitness
KO Alliance can strategically align, partner, and market fitting brands into the fitness space, creating mutually beneficial relationships for athletes, gyms, and companies at large. Together, we’ll spread the gospel of fitness.
Please inquire for the specific service you are interested in for details and prices. Info@koalliance.com
FORMATION (Power Tribe):
A united female crew recognizing, acknowledging, and embracing our power- collectively inspiring positive action, support, and influence for all.
We created this team to unify the movers, the shakers, and dreamers all together to support one another. It doesn’t matter what field you are in or what your agenda is. It only matters that you have a positive mission and are seeking to make the world a better place via your purpose, whatever that may be.
We started with one question, “Is there a better way?”
We all believe, “Yes.”
And so, our journey together began.
Women from across the country (ultimately, the world) will be united by sharing their mission and exploring ways in which we can support each other, even if it is as simple as a social media ‘like’, or a fitting introduction to helping one another fund initiatives, support charities, or major collaboration. At a minimum, we’ll be informed on what other fellow, power players are up to. If you are in this group you know you have the power to not only change the game, but build it. Imagine, if there was a whole team of you, at your fingertips- ready to support you? Power.
And yes, Formation, like Beyoncé. One main goal, we get so big she sues or gives her blessing. Either acceptable:). #lifegoals