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KO Alliance Featured by @Subkit, 2023

Honored to announce that @koalliance has been featured by @subkit – an international network based on collaboration in small business and entrepreneurship🧡!

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We are always appreciative for any light shined on our mission driven business and humans- we keep our core values at the forefront of every business (and personal) move- this is key to future business success (and authentic fulfillment in general💯).

Collaborating with the right humans and companies- EVERYTHING. 

Collectively, working with mission driven humans, brands, companies, and initiatives- we can move this word in the right direction- equally, sustainably, and diversified! 

Join us!

Oxygen Magazine

Turmeric & Tequila™ in Oxygen Magazine

Turmeric & Tequila in @oxygenmagazine 💙🙏🏽💪🏽…Still one of my most favorite podcasting moments thus far! On episode #9 I had the opportunity to record with Oxygen Magazine’s Editor in Chief , @laraoxyeditor !
We discussed the power of marketing, media, and influencers as a whole. A couple years later, not much in the mainstream media (traditional platforms and social channels) have changed, hence I love this conversation so much. We are reminded that we have to take hold of our own personal responsibility and be hyper aware of what we consume on all levels- media, nutrition, training, company, and community. 
DEEPLY appreciate the varsity humans like Lara that are out there on the front lines doing things the right way, regardless of how truly difficult that might be. Continuous thanks you’s, Lara💙💯🙏🏽🥂⭐️!!
All other media outlets- let’s #levelup 😁💃🏼…
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T&T at Podfest:

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Join me at the 2021 Podfest Origins where I am a case study speaker!

That’s right, I am official case study speaker at The Podfest Origins 2021. I will be speaking on Brand Ambassadors specifically for your podcast.

I have been in marketing and branding for over 25 years and have an expertise in strategic partnerships. I am deeply passionate about influencer and brand ambassador programs, truly believing they are the most cost and time effective (and impactful) way to market if done correctly.

This is not the quick wham-bam pay per post, we are about building long term, mutually beneficial relationships for influencers/ambassador AND the company/podcast.

I have worked with huge companies and start ups alike- you can do an influencer/brand ambassador program at any level.

Most podcasters do not have a ton of budget to market. I demonstrate a quick and easy way to get our own influencer/brand ambassador program started today!

FULL Video presentation and deck below!




  • Kristen Olson (Speaker) Founder, KO Alliance, LLC, (Podcast) Turmeric & Tequila 

Here are the slides to the presentation!

Full Video Presentation Here!