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Kristen Olson – Founder, Host, Creator, Athlete, Dog Mom



Kristen M. Olson

Founder, HOST, Human, Athlete, Business Creative

Life-long athlete, 20+ years in marketing and branding in the fitness/lifestyle industry…specializing in aligning key voices and creative strategy. Knowing there is always better way, we just have to look for it:)

Philosophies: T&T 

*Team is everything AND independence is a top core value.  

*Botox the wrinkles AND highlight the scares. 

*Living on the trending setting tip AND on the couch with my dog. 

*Constant adaptation AND being still.

*Thankful for the past AND present for the future.

*Leadership is the greatest responsibility AND so if following your heart.  

*Opportunity cost is real AND so is saying yes to the moment. 

*Spend time as you feel AND invoice for it as needed. 


To inspire positive, radical social evolution.

This a podcast about leadership- for leaders, by leaders. Mission driven humans from different backgrounds and trades share their trailblazing journeys of gracefully disrupting status quo and how they followed their hearts to question a better way with passion, core values, innovation, and leadership that led to positive change for them and the world around them. Leadership is about personal responsibility- change yourself, change the world. If you are seeking inspiration for positive change and care about the greater good, join us in embracing our whole selves (the turmeric & the tequila:) and humanizing our leadership and expectation because it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being real. This is the “HOW TO” to authentically lead by following your heart. 


To inspire positive radicle social evolution.

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 Reality is nothing more than applied meaning

This is our OG Philosophy. In a digital world, our current world, many of our realities are defined by what we consume digitally. Social media influence is not going anywhere and people are consuming it younger and younger each year- thus the digital impact starts sooner. Rather than fight what is, we are here to disrupt the noise with a platform to highlight powerful voices, leaders, alongside powerful missions, communities, and companies. We can’t stop the social machine, so we are working to highlight great human leaders questioning a better way and showcase how they do it. Some known, some unknown, all inspired by innovation and evolution to make the world just a little bit of a better place for all.

PRO TIP: Dream, Believe, Achieve


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