198. Elevate Your Life: The Quest for Peak Performance and Longevity

“To sustain longevity, you have to evolve.”

-Aries Spears

I am excited to welcome my longtime friend, mentor, and personal practitioner, Dr. Sean Burkhardt, to the T&T mic! As a former D1 athlete and mutil-appearance CrossFit Games athlete (mostly past the age of 30), I made it a point to find the best in the biz to help optimize my own sports performance to stay competitive as long as possible. If you have competed at a high level, you know you need every advantage you can get and building your team of practitioners is critical. Sean was referred to me years ago from another competitive CrossFit-er and he has been my go-to ever since. Now it’s more about peak performance in life than it is about being a competitive athlete- which is far more important. The health and wellness industry are multibillion-dollar industries for a reason- health and fitness sell- especially quick fixes! So, you know you have to work to find the good, honest, skilled, ones that you can trust. Dr. Sean has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to help people- especially the hard chargers. Check out his bio below to see all the accolades- beyond impressive. What’s more impressive is that he is on the trend setting tip for the new age techniques and technologies for all thing’s human optimization- from sports performance to brain health to chronic illness. He is the one you go to when everyone else can’t figure it out… and if you’re ahead of the game, you have him in your back pocket right now so you are not only living, but thriving. Check out more here and be sure to drop into Dr. Sean’s beautiful Boulder clinic to see all the optimization possibilities at hand- just for you.

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Human optimization. Heath, wellness, and playing the long game. Alive vs. thrive. Custom approach to longevity coaching. Trust, respect, and servicing something bigger than you. Varity humans sticking together, it takes a village. Questioning a better way and challenging authority. Competitive athletes, special forces, and people who want to feel good as they age. Brain health, mental health, physical health, and how it all works together. 

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Time Stamps:

2:00- Sean’s intro and background

3:45-Making time for education

6:40- Young Sean

8:44- Understanding the why

12:11- Intangibles are key, understanding the patient  

13:38- Boulder F.I.T and brain health

14:11- The brain is the only organ you can’t transplant

16:04- The physical AND mental health

20:13 Brain health baseline testing

22:15- Thriving vs. Surviving

25:57- A snap shot into your brain health

27:56- Neurological training

30:09- Ranger, the documentary

32:11- We can do both- military training, getting in and out

36:49- Recognizing when you don’t need to push

 37:23- Breaking down why the brain is so important

41:28- Medication, there is a time and a place… BUT

43:00- The 5 things you can do right now to level up your brain!

47:52- What is success to you?

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Dr. Sean Burkhardt:
Dr. Sean Burkhardt holds Board Certifications in Sports Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Functional Neurology, with a special focus on brain health, injury rehabilitation, and concussion management. He is also a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and a triple-certified NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach. Dr. Burkhardt has simplified the path to achieving optimal health for you. His commitment to post-graduate education has been dedicated to expanding his expertise in clinical neuroscience, concussion management, neurochemistry, nutrition, strength and conditioning, functional medicine, and neurological rehabilitation. This extensive knowledge equips him to conduct precise assessments, diagnoses, and integrative approaches, recognizing the multifaceted systems that impact these conditions. His comprehensive approach ensures thorough rehabilitation and the attainment of your health and performance goals. @Neurostrongcolorado

Boulder F.I.T.:

Bridging the gap between BIOMECHANICS and NEUROSCIENCE to Optimize human performance.

Bringing high-level performers, the latest evidence-based research in neuroscience, strength and conditioning, injury rehabilitation, neuro-biomechanics, and nutrition to help you heal quickly and achieve peak physical and cognitive performance. 



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