53. Open Mic: FOURPOINTS Bar

On the front page of FOURPOINTS Bar’s website is the is the statement (stance) from the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance (complete statement below). Please take the time to read it in full as it highlights who FOURPOINTS Bar are as people, as a company, and the conversation we have on this week’s T&T episode. You know how passionate I am about disrupting the dollar- where it’s being spent, why, and how, particularly in major corporate settings. We cover big food (major food orgs, KRAFT etc) and their power in the consumer’s market AND in the legislation of our country. The FOURPOINTS team is not only working hard to bring a superior bar with several competitive edges to the already overcrowded CPG “bar” market (prune based fyi and it’s awesome), they are also taking things to Washington DC to play with the big dogs and work for positive social (and consumption) change from all sides. They work with several charitable organizations giving back a percentage of annual sales each year (as a start up!) and align with other fitting industry strategic partners that share in the same core values and passion for Graceful Disruption™:). I’ll leave it there- this is a good one with so many great examples on why it’s so important for businesses to take a stance on social values. That has not been status quo until now. Consumers: fire up your engines and start purchasing accordingly. 

AND the have an Indie GOGO currently launched- support the cause today:  https://igg.me/at/fourpoints-bar/x/23180680#/

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

– Henry Ford

FOURPOINTS Bar was created out of our passion for the outdoors, recreation, and clean eating, and was inspired by our family’s fight with diabetes. In 2007, after experiencing an untimely energy crash descending a 14,000 ft. peak in the Colorado Mountains during a lightning storm, we realized it was time for something different.Utilizing our sports nutrition, culinary, and wilderness athlete backgrounds, we began to experiment with different foods & recipes in an effort to craft an on-the-go and nutritionally complete bar that would better support our active lifestyles and a healthier blood sugar. The result – a slow-burn energy bar uniquely powered by prunes, with a low-glycemic load for sustained energy, without the sugar spikes and crashes. A bar isn’t just a bar to us. We aren’t limited by a desire to just getting outside. We also share a deep love of those wild & beautiful places and a calling to protect & preserve where we play. We are a 1% For the Planet business member and partner with other conservation non-profits to protect public lands. The FOURPOINTS:  Real Food, Macronutrient Rich, Slow-Burn Energy, Ridiculously good

Follow our adventures @fourpointsbar and use #whereveryouplay

-Kevin & Patrick Webber

Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance:

The events of the past few weeks have brought our country’s systemic racism — particularly against Black Americans — back into the headlines. Tragically, these recent stories of violence barely scratch the surface of the injustices and discrimination that black people and people of color face every day in this country. 

Environmental justice is an integral part of Conservation Colorado’s mission, and racial justice is an inseparable aspect of that work. Outdoor recreation holds a problematic history in that for many, especially people of color, the outdoors and wild places have remained inaccessible. As the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance fights for a world with protected lands, clean air and water, we know those efforts won’t be fully realized unless every person has equitable access to the outdoors, to democratic processes, and we put an end to systematic oppression against black people and people of color. 

Now almost 300 businesses strong, the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance has impacted dozens of pro-conservation policy efforts over the years. We realize that with our collective influence comes great responsibility. It is our job to ensure that all voices are represented among our membership and within our leadership, that the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance is an accessible program to all businesses, especially those who represent communities of color, and that we are only supporting policies that benefit all Coloradans, not just some. 

We recognize and stand in solidarity with the leadership of the frontline organizations and individuals working to end racism and violence against people of color. We want a world in which access to the outdoors is a great equalizer; a place where all people can come together, be at home, and feel safe. As the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance Steering Committee, we commit to advocating for the protections of lands, water, climate for ALL Coloradans. 

The Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance Steering Committee 

Patrick Webber – Fourpoints Bar

Chase LaCroix – Durango Outdoor Exchange
Emily Ledergerber – Alpacka Rafts
Forrest Merithew – Merithew Law
John Nicholas – Bonfire Collective
Kathryn Bedell – Roan Creek Ranch and Agriculture Commission
Kate Palmer – JP Morgan
Peter Downing – Suffer Better
Philip Huffeldt – Wool Hat Creative
Stu Swineford – Relish Studio
Ashleigh Diaz – 4Corners Riversports.

52. One Small Bite

You are what you eat! Today I welcome Registered Dietitian, David Orozco, (MS, RDN, LD).  We met at Podfest (a podcast conference), mid another cast and David happened to walk by (check out T&T Ep. 34to hear it live:), we chatted briefly and now reconnected! Universe speaks- we didn’t have time to dig into many details initially, but on this cast,  you will hear- we have a lot in common. David and I discuss nutrition, lifestyle, the disproportionate access to nutrition in different areas for different races and economic status. In addition, we cover bariatric surgery and the lack of the mental wellness conversation alongside the nutritional conversation. We highlight that living well and eating well are really lifestyle choices and not a diet. David gives 5 things that he thinks every human should do- and I agree!! Listen in and check out the cast that I did with him on, One Small Bite, his podcast! Supporting the pod-fam, only way to go:).  Cheers!


Nutrition and race. Nutrition and gender. Nutrition in America. Nutrition and business. Marketing. Questioning a better way. No diets. Making one small change, one small bite at a time. Food is beautiful. Honoring your fuel. Changing your relationship with food. 

One Small Bite (Podcast):

David is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master’s in Nutrition and Health Science from Georgia State University. He is certified in Intuitive Eating Counselor, Exercise Physiology, and Quit Smart® smoking cessation, and is fluent in Spanish. David is the owner of TD Wellness, LLC, and believes in food as medicine, balance in life, and in building positive relationships. His passion in nutrition and well-being is rooted in the harmony of mind, body, and the spirit, and, with a little hard work, his clients can achieve a place of harmony. David also loves to cook, travel, and relax with his family, and he teaches indoor cycling, loves to hike, bike, and he holds the rank of Sandan (third degree black belt) in the Japanese martial art of Aikido.

In this podcast, we optimize health One Small Bite at a time. With nutritionist David Orozco as your guide, we’ll chop harmful diet myths and build wisdom based on sound nutritional science. From hot topics like fasting and high-fat diets to listener question on issues like mindful eating and chronic illness – we cover proven methods to fuel your body and nourish your soul. One Small Bite is where men come to shoot the breeze about their health and rumble with vulnerabilities in order to transform their lives. Subscribe today and take the first bite!



TD Wellness

We Help You Create a Positive Relationship to Eating

At TD Wellness, we believe nutrition goes way beyond the leafy greens that are relentlessly hyped in the media. We also understand that the chocolate chip fudge swirl ice cream calling to you at midnight sometimes means you might actually need a little instead of fighting it.

We are dedicated to working with people to set realistic and achievable goals. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or an eating disorder, are trying to change your child’s picky eating habits, are finding exercise keeps falling off your daily ‘to do list,’ or are simply needing to manage your high blood pressure, we are here to support you on your life’s journey to finding balance and a positive relationship to eating and your health.

Our Programs Fit Your Needs

We offer our client a host of services and programs. Our services and programs are tailored in partnership with you to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you are taking off on a new life, trying to take off pounds, or taking care of a medical condition, we will work with you to build a program fit for you.

42. Food Is Medicine

You are what you eat ! AND we are home consuming right now… food, media, oxygen… at least the air is cleaner during this time! What is the real impact of the food we are putting into our bodies? Are there larger questions we should be asking? What about our kids and youth nutrition? So. Many. Things!

Join me, Dr. Teddy Brose, and former nurse, Karla Jones, as we discuss food as medicine and how we navigate these conversations with medical staff, kids, and ourselves. They share their journeys to a healthier lifestyle and how simple changes (while tough at first) can change the trajectory of your health journey and the loved ones you look out for. We talk about responsibly and why taking charge of your own health and knowledge around what you’re consuming is so important. We discuss how to lead the way for kids to make better nutritional choices, even while at school or at a friend’s house and how to provide space for further conversation so they really understand why. We talk about little changes you can make now to eat cleaner and change the trajectory of your health. The wellness, health, and fitness spaces are all business- arm yourself with knowledge!


Questioning a better way. Why don’t doctors and nurses know more about nutrition? They are not nutritionists:) Kids and food. Kids and sugar. Plant based vs. the standard American diet. Changing one small thing vs. everything. Wellness, fitness, and business. What to do now? 

Dr. Teddy Brose is a physician in Appomattox, Virginia. She specializes in Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine and works closely with her patients in the application of evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine for the prevention, treatment and reversal of chronic diseases. She further facilitates the Complete Health Improvement Program in her community, a three month comprehensive lifestyle medicine program which aims to educate and arm its participants with the tools necessary for success in their journey to health and wellness. She further teaches numerous free class’s in her community and does a monthly Walk with a Doc program where she discusses various health related topics while taking a walk with community members. 

Karla Jones is a mom of 3 young kids and wife to a college baseball coach. She is a master’s prepared nurse turned mama on a mission from Central VA. She loves running, a good book, building things with her hands, and sharing her simple tips for a healthier lifestyle. After learning the relationship between nutrition and disease, something she wasn’t educated on in nursing school, she’s been on a mission to pay forward this important information. She’s partnered with a company whose mission is to inspire health living around the world. Most people strive to live a healthier lifestyle, but find where to start a challenge. Karla is able to help people ignite their journey with one simple change. This incredible partnership has allowed her to live her best life and inspire others to do the same. She is all about making impact for good in helping families thrive! This is what has lead her to become a #mamasetfree.

37. Vitamin F, Fulfillment

“You have to believe the world is waiting for what you’re bringing”

 -Jennifer Peters

How do you fill the gap between who you are and what you what you do (personally and professionally)? How important is it that you feel fulfilled in what you do?  

It’s easy to day dream AND it’s hard to actually chase those dreams… AND believe that they can come true, even when others tell you otherwise. 

Resilience, commitment, belief, and teamwork are all key ingredients in the recipe for success as an entrepreneur- this cast is proof:).  Tune in and take notes as I sit down with fellow entrepreneur and longtime friend, Jennifer Peters. Jennifer is the Founder of Just Be Kitchen in the heart of Denver, Colorado. It’s a local fave and the ONLY 100% scratch kitchen free of gluten, grain, and refined sugars. Jennifer founded JBK to fill the gap between who she is and what she does. She is a longtime athlete, food enthusiasts, and knew there was a better way to do “healthy food” for everyone, even people with a lot of food restrictions. She shares her personal and biz journey, highlighting her ability to be flexible, embrace opportunity to innovate and progress (even when unexpected), and her unwavering belief that “if you build it, they will come”, is her truth and the space where she feels fulfilled in her mission. 

If you haven’t heard of JBK- you will! They were recently featured on Diner, Drive ins, and Dives, and have had a host of local and national coverage. Jennifer and JBK are making waves, we can’t wait to see what is next as they make the world a better place one Fulfilled Burrito at a time. 


Being a restaurant owner in the midst of CV19. Dream, believe, achieve. Trail blazing, changing minds, disrupting stats quo. Eating healthier, treating yourself kindly, avoiding the doc. Knowing that your tribe is waiting for you to show up. Graceful disruption. Questioning a better way. Sticking to your why. Bleeding the brand and the mission.  

Jennifer Peters, Just Be Kitchen Founder

With a mission to serve mindful mouthfuls from a conscious kitchen with kindness on a plate, Just BE Kitchen is more than just a place to grab some grub. In addition to food made with love and care from scratch, Just BE Kitchen is a place of connection & to feel cared and nourished. ​As Denver’s only 100% scratch kitchen free of gluten, grain & refined sugar, Just BE Kitchen prides itself in servicing diners who have a lot of restrictions. However, its menu doesn’t scream “health food.” Instead, Just BE Kitchen’s menu is a fun play on traditional comfort foods, yet done in a wholesome & healthy way so that people with allergies or who choose to eat a whole-based diet do not have a feeling of lack or sacrifice. 

“We want everyone to feel nourished and cared for when they are here. We want our guests to be able to have a ‘mindful moment’ at Just BE Kitchen, and feel connected to their minds and bodies. Overall wellness is essential to living a meaningful life, and for us, food is how we contribute to our guest’s wellness, because food is at the heart of total well-being.”—Jennifer Peters, Owner. 

28. Clean Beauty

If you are in health and wellness, you know at this point it’s not just about diet and exercise. It’s about a full, well rounded approach to how you live and how you consume. Fitness, nutrition, sleep, mindfulness… and now toxins! Who knew there was more to worry about? Until recently, we let the majority of our purchasing behaviors be steered by our family and friend (our immediate environment aka influencers) or straight up marketing. Until recently, we didn’t even know what to question or how…. Our make-up, detergent, air fresheners? Again, it’s overwhelming to know how much you need to know to live as clean as you can.  AND the more you dig in and do the research you really see how much you don’t know. Hello outsourcing. Find someone who lives and works in the space and consult them accordingly. That person is Karen for me. She is a long time, great friend that I met while training at FRCF #fitfam. She has all the makings of a great advisor/coach… certifications, degrees, AND she lives it. She talks about training, tips, tricks, sources on where to find the right stuff, questions to ask… and if you don’t need the ENTRIE clean life 411, she can just tell you what to do and what not to do:). I have come to her many times over the years for nutrition, recovery, supplement advice and now beauty products! I had no idea how many toxins were in the things we were consuming every day and how much is absorbed in our skin. AND a lot of companies know this… WTF. So just like the nutrition and fitness space, transparency is not the highest priority. Karen and I chat all things clean beauty, questions to ask, why she loves and supports Beautycounter (google them if you don’t know already) and how they are taking things to the next level fighting for further beauty regulations federally. I highly recommend everyone watch the NetFlix Doc, Stink, it sums up why you should be wondering what we are putting on our bodies, cleaning our houses with, and what products that are not consumer packaged goods are treated with. Its mind blowing. Cheers to clean living, one convo and product at a time!


Clean beauty. Holding companies accountable. Questioning a better way. Ramifications of these toxins? Karen’s fitness and wellness journey. Good options. What you can do to help make a difference. Balance and beauty. Out spoken women and pups:)

Karen Rylander

Karen is a certified nutrition consultant passionate about helping clients uncover their innate, primal health buried under all of our modern toxins. 

She’s a native Texan, but has called Colorado home the past 20 years. She’s been working as a certified nutrition consultant since 2011 when she graduated from Bauman College. She also has a Food and Wine certification from CookStreet and a B.A. in Anthropology from University of Colorado. In 2017, Karen joined forces with Beautycounter, a skincare company on a mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. She lives in Denver, CO with her husband who is a chiropractor and their dog, Ginger.




IG @karenscleanliving

25. Influencers Under The Influence?

To drink or not to drink? In a social world (literally and digitally), alcohol is EVERYWHERE! You probably don’t even notice all things alcohol is involved with until you stop drinking- for the night, the year, or forever. You drink to celebrate, to mourn, to relax… there is even alcohol at church. When we know all the negative effects of alcohol, why do we not only drink it, but drink it alongside all the emotions of life? It’s a depressant! Is it culture or marketing or just plain social norms? As you know, I am a tequila fan and I love a libation or two:) and rarely say no to a good time. In addition, I am a lover of fitness and wellness- generally aiming to feel as good, healthy, and clear as I can. Hence, Turmeric and Tequila (the brand is authentic folks, the juxtaposition is real:). Many mornings after long party nights, waking up with a hangover and filing through receipts in my purse, I am not pumped about the costs around alcohol (energy, money, calories etc… #noregrets). Finding balance in work and play is a juggling act we all face one way or another and continuous self-check in points on all things that can get excessive, including fitness, wellness, and work, are necessary. 

On this cast, myself and longtime BFF, fellow entrepreneur, and fitness lover, Jessica Crow, rap about the impact of alcohol and discuss where the line is in balancing alcohol in our lives. We also touch on people who have given up alcohol or meat or anything that is “out of the norm” and how to support their decision to do so. Is the social influence so strong that it’s just easier to go with the flow? It can be, but hopefully this convo sheds a little light for those who are seeking balance with booze and/or have people in their lives that are non-drinkers. Proudly, Jessica and I are masters of fun AND love our health, family, and fitness… so on NEW YEAR’S EVE, we discuss the importance of balance. Cheers!


Influencers under the Influence, The impact of alcohol. Memory lane back to kindergarten! Drinkers and non-drinkers. The social norms of drinking. Balance in all things. Excess. Your surroundings. Your normal. The things we tell ourselves. Partying, it’s fun. Be responsible. 

Jessica Crow

Jessica Crow is an entrepreneur, a wife, mom of two young boys, a former foster parent, current yoga teacher, a lifelong student, and creator of the M3™ wellness framework (movement, meditation, mindset).  Her mission is to “power transformation by empowering people” through expanded awareness and understanding, whether it’s in the workplace or at the individual level. 

Jessica is the founder of Apogy, an online training company for people who want to up-level their professional skill set and immediately add value in the workplace. Jessica started Apogy in 2019 after spending 15 years climbing the corporate ladder.  She attributes her career success in part to ongoing training and professional development, which gave her the necessary skills and confidence to perform as she took on new opportunities.  Jessica believes that access (time / money) to information should never be a limitation to advancement, and wants to make it easier for more people to acquire the skills they seek by providing high-quality, battle-tested training people can actually afford. 

Apogy also offers wellness awareness (M3™) and “conscious leadership” training to help people bridge the gap between human “doing” and human “being. As a former workaholic and “stress addict”, Jessica leverages M3 to maintain health, alleviate stress, and strengthen her connection to self / others.