120. T&T Open Mic: Brooke Goudy

“My hope is that they see just as many women that look like them when they venture out into the great outdoors by bike, or by foot, up a mountain, or down a trail.”

-Brooke Goudy

I am so excited for this conversation today – it’s a T&T Open Mic AND a connect of connect, my favorites! I am welcoming all around bad ass, Brooke Goudy, to the T&T mic! Brooke is an avid outdoorswoman, mountain biker,  Co-leader of Black Girls Do Bike Denver and a mountain bike coach at Boulder High School. Brooke is deeply passionate about diversifying outdoor sports and intentional about making her seat at the table- alongside creating space for others! Brooke shares her journey and how she fell in love with biking, coaching a mostly white high school team, and the power of conversation and call outs. You know I am passionate about life skills through sports, so I was excited to learn more about her experience of brining life lessons through biking. We know representation matters and Brooke is on the forefront of great change in outdoors sports AND the world. We discuss a range of topics from micro aggressions, tough convos and consultations, and building a brand with a mission, team, and microbrews. Thank you for the time and energy Brooke- your passion is contagious and I can’t wait to see where it continues to take you! And special thanks to Alyson and Becca for the gracious intro:)


Diversity. Inclusion. Seat at the table and not at the table. Representation. Mountain biking, bike packing, and other things I should know a Colorado native. Business, contracts, consultations, and closing deals. Building a better world for our kids and seeing the new world through their eyes. Wonder and energy, balancing it all out.

Podcast Below:

Brooke Goudy:
Brooke is a co-leader of Black Girls Do Bike Denver and a high school mountain bike coach at Boulder HS. As an ambassador for VIDA, she co-leads an Impact committee that works to eliminate barriers to make mountain biking more inclusive, equitable, and diverse. She recently joined with Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance to establish BIPOC- bike rides, which she helps lead. ⁠

This summer, she rode the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, from the Canadian border to the Mexican border, a course with more than 2,600 miles and over 190,000 feet of elevation gain. She is an ambassador for @YetiCycles, @PearlIzumiOfficial, @Deuter , @chamoisbuttr, @wildernesstrailbikes (WTB), and @strava.

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