121. The Inside Lane: Mindset

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”


Another international conversation today! I am excited to welcome Ken Attard to the T&T Mic, joining us from the Republic of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea! We discuss all things mindset today and taking the inside lane to figure the outside… out. In other words, we are talking about the internal dialogue, beliefs, ideas, and the experiences that we have that have shaped our mindset. This includes limiting beliefs and disrupting our own thought patterns. Everything is energy and getting your mind clear on what you want, actually believe, and what you can actually achieve. It’s not just about profitability- it’s about enjoying the WHOLE journey. Ken is a coach, speaker, entrepreneur, consultant, and Founder of Mindset Malta. Ken is mission driven to help entrepreneurs (or anyone really) feeling frustrated, stagnant, or questioning what’s next? Ken can teach you how to breakthrough to yourself by shifting your mindset to grow your business, whatever may be needed, regardless of the circumstances and uncertainty surrounding you. He has developed the unique Arc Method, a proprietary proven simple process, helping you to shift your thinking, so that you too can adapt and pivot your business, enabling you to have more time and energy and ultimately increasing your profitability…. guaranteed. This is an awesome conversation for anyone questioning a better way, that has tried it all, and can’t figure out why it’s not working… the answer is likely in the inside lane (within:).


Questioning a better way. Mindset. International conversation connected by core values. Mission driven, high achieving humans. Belief systems, family, environment, growth. Nurture and nature. Energy and perspective. Enjoying the journey. Personal and professional evolution. Living in alignment. Coaching and leveling up, a continuous process.


Podcast Below:

121. The Inside Lane: Mindset with Ken Attard

Ken Attard is the founder of Mindset Malta and The Inside Lane.

After successfully working with various clients over the span of 15 years, Ken now specializes as a Mindset Consultant specifically helping Frustrated Entrepreneurs to Adapt and Pivot using his proprietary Arc Method allowing them to have more time freedom, guaranteed.

Helping you shift your Mindset to create the results that you desire is without a doubt one of his biggest passions in life. 

Ken brings to the stage his personal experiences not only as a Mindset Consultant, but also as an Entrepreneur, Father and human being like the rest of this planet. He has a firm belief that life is not meant to be difficult or a continuous struggle, but is meant to be fun and flowing, full of new experiences that are fruitful, abundant and inspiring. His fun and easy-going manner comes through in the way he conveys his message which allows you to feel at ease, be empowered and ultimately get the results you want.

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