119. Knowing Your Self Worth & Putting A Price On It

“Know your worth. People always act like they’re doing more for you than you’re doing for them.”

– Kanye West

I am so excited to welcome Lindsay Simonds to the T&T mic! Lindsay is a fellow Colorado native and all things non-profit pro! Lindsay founded LSC (Lindsay Simonds Consulting) in 2017 and is a senior, nonprofit, fundraising and management professional with a decade of experience partnering with organizations for transformational change. Having raised over $1 billion philanthropic dollars Lindsay’s mission and the message are just beginning. Today we discuss Lindsay’s journey navigating the nonprofit world where investing and spending are often misunderstood. Shouldn’t we do it all for free if for charity? No. We explain why AND how this awareness of self-worth translates into all you do, in every arena (personally and professionally). Dialing into your self-worth, measured by money or time, can be a tricky process. It’s takes time, awareness, trail, and error to really dial into your own valuation point. Then there are the conversations around price point phycology and your own narrative around money. We are here to unpack it all with you! If you are an emerging or experienced entrepreneur (or thinking about taking the leap), this conversation is for you! Developing self-worth and putting a price on it is not easy, but very necessary. Enjoy this convo and put some respect on the checks you will continue to write to yourself… #youreworthit 🙂


Giving and making money in the nonprofit space. Self-awareness, self-worth, growth. Money management and identifying our own narrative around money. How to ask for money and how to know what you deserve. Comparing the non-profit and for-profit work spaces. Monetizing the scares, battles, time, and energy. Taking the leap from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial one. Priorities and priority shifts. Maturity, security, and taking risks.

Podcast Below:

Lindsay Simonds:

Lindsay Simonds founded LSC (Lindsay Simonds Consulting) in 2017 after her role as Vice President at CCS, a leading global fundraising consulting and management firm providing services including feasibility studies, capital campaigns, prospect research, public relations and case developments.

She is a senior, nonprofit, fundraising and management professional with a decade of experience partnering with organizations for transformational change. Having raised over $1 billion philanthropic, she is an integral lead in expanding and deepening donor relationships, philanthropic strategies, and development operations. With a rich career and diverse portfolio of experiences and expertise, she is a solutions-based thinker and conscious communicator. With an eye for major gifts strategy, structures of influence, community engagement, project management, compelling storytelling, and brand evangelism, Lindsay brings her clients a comprehensive fundraising knowledge.

A graduate of the University of Denver, Lindsay majored in International Studies at the Joseph Korbel School of International Studies with an emphasis on gender issues, conflict resolution and economics. She minored in Spanish and is conversationally fluent. She has a deep love for culture and people – she has traveled to over 23 countries (and counting!).  She currently lives in San Francisco where she is an active volunteer and board member at both the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy at John F. Kennedy University and Imagine Bus Project. In her free time, she teaches yoga and practices Reiki, and is the founding chairwoman for Laughing Lotus yoga studio’s Love Saves the Day – a nonprofit dedicated to increasing access to yoga for all. A member of the National Professional Women’s Alliance, she also leads a small women’s group in San Francisco.


About LSC:

  • Lindsay Simonds Consulting is a nonprofit fundraising and management firm with over two decades of experience partnering with organizations for transformational change. Having raised over $1 billion philanthropic dollars, LSC an integral lead in expanding and deepening donor investments and major gifts campaigns. With a rich career and diverse portfolio of experiences and expertise, LSC is a solutions-based firm calling on metrics-driven analysis, conscious communication and natural creativity. With an eye for structures of influence, donor engagement, project management, compelling storytelling, brand evangelism and productivity, LSC brings all clients a comprehensive fundraising expertise.

Areas of Specialty:

  • Cultivating, securing and stewarding leadership and major gifts ranging from $10K to $250M
  • Designing and directing major fundraising campaigns
  • Coaching, training and managing fundraising officers
  • Fundraising training and workshop facilitation
  • Orchestrating fundraising audits and assessments
  • Conducting feasibility studies and relationship-mapping / 360 plans
  • Developing and managing boards and volunteers
  • Shaping institutional advancement programs
  • Guiding corporate partnership initiatives
  • Building event sponsorships and auctions donations
  • Planning and managing employee-giving
  • Benchmarking and crafting retail / cause-marketing campaigns

LOCATION: San Francisco / Bay Area,
Greater Los Angeles, Denver

CONTACT: info@

PODCAST: Creating Community for Good

We are all in this together.

Welcome to Creating Community for Good, a podcast dedicated to philanthropy: the love of humankind. Here we will band together across disciplines within the ecosystem of the nonprofit sector to illuminate perspectives, decode motivations, and leverage strategies in the business of generosity. On this show, your host, Lindsay Simonds, invites you to a friendly conversation about contributing to good. With this, we will ultimately increase empathy, create stronger bonds and make more impact on mission-driven work. Whether you are a nonprofit executive, a legacy donor, a major gifts fundraiser, a crowdsource hacker, program director, impact investor, corporate partner or beneficiary, this space is for all of us to inform, inspire and evolve.

Season 1 is complete! Season 2 is in production now. Stay tuned for future episodes to come in the fall. Be sure to check out the summer blog and live chats on clubhouse Wednesdays at 9am Mountain Time every other week. More info on Linkedin and IG. Follow me at @creatingcommunityforgood. 

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