78. Life Is A Game Of Reps: Personal Responsibility

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

-Dolly Parton 

We often get wrapped up in the grand gesture… the end game, the goal, the title, the result. Really, it’s about all the in-between: the reps, the work, the extra work, all the unrecognized additional effort that really gets you to that end game that matters most. Today it is just you and I and I discuss the importance of personal responsibility, especially in 2021- learn to rely on yourself!! I talk about measurables vs. non-measurables, acknowledged effort and all the goal stars you should have been awarded. I talk about accountability, integrity, character aka who you are when no one else is watching. The only thing we have at the end of the day is our usefulness, are we in service to others and ourselves? Are taking advantage of opportunity to be better so we are prepared for THE opportunity when it comes? This is a great time to check in and recalibrate regardless if you are dialed in or not. We are the only ones that know our true- truths, who we actually are, and what we actually stand for… pay, resume, awards aside, you either lay down at night knowing you’re doing your best or you’re not. Let the checks and balances happened and get back behind your own wheel to steer towards your best self. Cheers:)


Personal responsibility. Personal accountability. No gold stars. Heart, hustle, leadership, and all the non-measurables are the pay off. Reps, work, and all the non-glamorous plays that get you to the long-term, end game/goal. Continuous self-awareness, breakdowns and breakthroughs. Failure and all the winning lessons that it provides. Changing your perspective on the journey. Seeing all opportunity every day to get and stay ready for THE opportunity. 

Kristen M. Olson


Experienced and innovative marketing professional with 18+ years’ experience in brand development and management and particular expertise with integrated marketing strategies, strategic territory management and relationship building. Broad based background encompasses strong work ethic and commitment to organizational objectives within highly competitive athletic apparel market. Tactical planner and team builder with ability to attract key players and develop lasting business relationships. Recognized for decisive leadership and proven ability to execute sound decisions while directing product development and launches.

Founder, KO Alliance, LLC,  @koalliance

Founder, Colorado Rising Stars Lacrosse, LLC, @crslax

Founder, Turmeric & Tequila™ (Podcast), @turmerictequila

Athletic Experience:

George Mason University, D1 Lacrosse 2x Capt.

CrossFit level 1 Certified

CrosFit Accomplishments:

2009, Rocky Mountain Regionals, 2nd

2009, CrossFit Games, Team, 9th

2010, North Central Regionals, 18th 

2010, CrossFit Games, Team, 10th

2011 South West Regionals, 4th

2011, CrossFit Games, Team,  2nd

2012, South West Regionals, 11th
2012, CrossFit Games, Team, 11th

2013 Southwest Regional, Team 2nd

2014 CrossFit Open, 7th

2014 Southwest Regional, 24th

2015 Colorado Open 2nd

2015 Do More Charity Challenge, Team, 3rd

2016 Colorado Open 2nd

2016 Do More Charity Challenge, Team, 3rd

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