55. Pro Sports and Mental Health

Today I welcome Kris Beech, who had a 15-year professional hockey career including being drafted into the NHL at 18 and is now the Founder of AIM Mind Training in Canada. Kris shares his incredible journey as a widely sought out young athlete and managing the overwhelming pressures of going pro so young. Kris talks about his love for the game, the business side of it, and how his journey to dialed in mental health and mindfulness really began (from the inspiration of his Mom!). Over the 15 years Kris was traded numerous times, went from majors to the minors and back again, all while working to keep his personal relationships moving forward and his mental state in a safe space. It was no easy journey, but it did inspire Kris to establish AIM Mind Training, where he works with youth athletes to help flex the mental muscle alongside the physical one. Any great athlete knows, it absolutely takes the physical AND the mental to reach your full athletic potential, in addition to general happiness in life. This is an awesome cast for any athlete working to get to the next level (youth or adult) and seeking that mental competitive edge. Parents, if you have a young athletic star, this is also great for you (and your kiddo), be ahead of the game!


Breakdown, breakthrough. A million-dollar contract before you’re 20? Adult pressures on a kid. Questioning a better way. Managing your love for the game in a business environment. Mental health, depression, and self-awareness, real solutions for real people. Life skills through sport. 

A Message from Kris:

Like any athlete, my love of athletics grew as a kid, and my desire to play was driven by pure enjoyment. I developed the greatest appreciation for the game of hockey, and I was fortunate that my skill, dedication and commitment to improvement allowed me to play in the NHL and have Like any athlete, my love of athletics grew as a kid, and my desire to play was driven by pure enjoyment. I developed the greatest appreciation for the game of hockey, and I was fortunate that my skill, dedication and commitment to improvement allowed me to play in the NHL and have a 15-year pro hockey career.  But my experience as a professional was far from always pure joy.

​Like any high-level athlete, there was a mix of success and adversity, and as I navigated that experience as a young adult, it became evident I was not prepared to handle the ups and downs in the mental game. I had unknowingly encouraged and solidified some thinking and behaviors that would all but eliminate my ability to enjoy the game I so deeply loved. The support I received from family and others around me helped me to realize I needed to make some changes.

After some personal research and exploration, I found training the mind in the form of meditation and mindfulness played a significant role in making those changes. Consistently training the mind enabled me to shift my thinking and make choices that uncovered my skill and ability to perform at my best and enjoy the game again. This period of my life had a significant effect on how I viewed athletics and helped me understand the importance of a proactive approach to taking care of the mental side of the game.

About AIM Mind Training

AIM Mind Training is a proactive performance and health system that creates a thriving student-athlete community.

Many things can take away from the true nature of sport and the ability to fully maximize potential, enjoyment and long-term development opportunities. 

How an individual interacts with the student-athlete experience is only part of the equation.

It’s the culture of the community our athletes are subjected too that will ultimately determine potential, enjoyment, and their ability to transition the student-athlete experience into many other aspects of life.

The result is a user that better understands who they are, what they want, the importance of community and how to approach life with a mindset suited for success, happiness and well-being.

● The system analyzes, guides and supports student-athletes, parents, and coaches.

● Provides a personalized approach to cultivating an optimal performance environment. 

● Uses cutting edge technology to determin the strengths, desires, and areas of needed improvement in each user. 

● User information is kept secure and anonymous.

● User information is used solely to enhance the effectiveness of the system for that user.

● The system assures each user is working with the coaches or counsellors that suit individual needs. 

● Creates positive shifts in mindset and leadership that allow our youth to flourish in any environment.



43. Competing On And Off The Field

“We are all in sales.”

-Jeff Olson

Competing on and off the field- who knew all those life AND business skills we were learning while competing when we were young! Today I sit down with Jeff Olson, Olympian, businessman, professional speaker, and so much more. We discuss all things marketing, branding, and monetizing your passions the right way- sports, wellness, and everything in between. We breakdown steps on how to correctly identify your goals, brand, and ideal potential partnerships. We discuss the difference between micro and macro influencers, good and services, and how not to be a broke influencer:). Create leverage- the right way. It’s all about relationships and supplying the body, mind, and soul with the right fuel. Remain curious and go after what you want. There is no better time than now to question a better way and start living the life you want to, your way. 


Olympics. Business. Sport. Sales. Curiosity saving the cat. Fueling the mind, body, and soul. Lessons from our youth paying off as adults. Good and services monetizing your brand. Questioning a better way. Navigating sponsorships and building the right team. 

Jeff Olson, RLT

FAITH: Yep. FAMILY: Married with 3 daughters (Denver, CO). WORK: Co-founder of several businesses. CAREER: SPORTS. MONEY. TECH. HEALTH. STARTUPS… I was transport for testosterone in my twenties and thirties. Overtraining ended my professional athletic career. Ambition drove me to Wall Street. Desire, to win fast, sucked me into technology. I made money, lost money, and built character. I was humbled in great ways. My father’s health became a transformative career journey. Life, liberty, and your pursuits need a vehicle that is built to last and the treasure hunt is to find yours. I count my blessing daily and work to pay it forward. #OwnIt  #BetterTogether #BeABlessing  Professional athletics taught me about ownership, fear, and joy. Coaching taught me about connection, influence, and character.  Financial career taught me about money, meaning, and abundance.  Tech career taught me about thinking different, breakthroughs, and being effective. Our Agency teaches me people are fascinating, better together, and want to thrive.  Partnering with people gifts me with patience & perspective, culture & contribution, success & fulfillment.



32. The Whole Human Approach

Who knew we’d go from deadlifts for time to dead ass serious convo around how we evolve in our time? Focusing on how we slow down instead of speeding up?… What happened to us!? Evolution… and botox. Worry not. Some things will always remain on brand #corevalues. On this cast I sit down with long time fitness fam and Colorado OG Crossfitters, Courtney and Brandon Miracle. We have known each other for over 10 years and have seen CrossFit grow and expand to what it is today- from the farm up. Courtney and Brandon own CrossFit Surge, one of the longest running and most successful CrossFit gyms in Colorado. They have seen the cf fitness phenomenon as competitors, business owners, and business partners. AND they are still married!! I joke, but maintaining a biz, a competitive athlete’s schedule, kiddos, pups, and all in-between are no easy feats. The real cardio in life is juggling the balance and prioritizing. Responsibilities over ego. 

Like Courtney and Brandon, fitness and sports have been the entrance doors for me questioning a better way. How can I sleep better, eat better, train better… which eventually opened doors to the mental game and further, deeper questioning. How do I actually feel? Is my body telling me something? Maybe it’s not supplements I need, maybe it’s mediation and vision board? And what does that mean? It took me about 5-7 years to really dig into not only knowing myself as an athlete, but as a whole human. From core values, to allergies, to intuition. How can you be your best self when you don’t know what you are fully dealing with? You wouldn’t go compete without the proper training prep and gear, why would the game of life be any different? I have been so lucky to have had so many different people aid and guide in my personal and athletic journeys, but I really had to piece different things together to make it all fit- one group for training, one for recovery, one for nutrition, one for mental and brain wellness, etc. SO, when I saw Courtney and Brandon launching The Shift Project, a whole human approach to human optimization- I knew we had to cast!! They have streamlined a whole process for you to become your best self, from anywhere! It’s for athletes, parents, entrepreneurs- any and every one looking to live their best life as fully as possible. Tune into hear the details and how their real-life experience, evolution, and commitment to the greater good has brought them to where they are today. It was an absolute pleasure to catch up (and cheer on) my meathead, spiritually enlightened friends as they make the world a better place one human at a time. I am so glad they are coaches, business owners, and role models for a successful relationship… but, mostly that they are parents shaping the next generation that will evolve and lead even faster than we did:)!!


Human optimization. The whole human approach, The Shift Project. From PR’s in the gym to PR’s in life. Learning the hard way and speaking from experience. Ethos, credibility, ego, and humility. Competing in sports, CrossFit, and life. Balance and checking in with yourself. Universe speaks, breakdown and breakthrough. Passion and persistence to do good for the world, starting with ourselves. Questing a better way. Varsity humans. 

Courtney and Brandon Miracle

Courtney and Brandon are coaches at heart and serial entrepreneurs. Founders and owners of CrossFit Surge, The Happiness Endeavor and co-owners of Rom-Aid. Their entrepreneurial journey started over 15 years ago, but got a lot more real when they opened CrossFit Surge 10 years ago. Over the last 10 years they have learned that there is so much more to helping people become happy and healthy, and the workouts are often the easy part. They created the Total Shift Project to help their clients understand that the life, happiness and health they want is just a few simple SHIFTS away. They believe in a whole life, whole human approach. Connection of mind, body, soul and business that starts from the inside out. They have 2 amazing daughters who are 4 and 6. Their daughters are truly the reason they have become so passionate about helping the world SHIFT. Their mission is to teach them that they can be strong, passionate and accomplish anything they want in this world, and do it without stress, struggle or overwhelm!










29. Conscious Career Change

When the universe quits encouraging you to follow your heart and finally makes you… this cast is about a conscious career change that highlights one person’s journey to his most purposeful space:)

On this cast I sit down with long time lax and fitness fam brother, Dave Loudenslager. We have known each other for over ten years, both played lacrosse and then both got swooped into CrossFit and weightlifting. We have certainly seen each other “grow up(ish)” over the years, so this was a very cool conversation to highlight the personal and professional evolution (or lack thereof, HA). Dave is a long-time educator, coach, and mindful human being. His journey is the perfect example of consciously blending passion and professional worlds to fuel his new business venture, The Athlete Mindset. I won’t say too much from there, but it’s a fun one. If you are looking to truly do a job that highlights all your natural gifts and acquired skill sets, but are not sure how or when to make that leap, this is a great cast for you!

After looking into promotion gates (requirements for students to advance grades) Dave found that it is not a federal mandated program but up to the individual states to set their own policies. Find your states promotion gate policy HERE .


Fitness/sports makes friends. Truly living the turmeric and tequila lifestyle. Aka enjoying life and leading fellow humans. The education system. When you get into a job to help people, but lack the agency to do so. Finding and creating a better way. School and what they do and don’t teach us. The evolution of the student and the curriculum. What do our kids need now? Sports and mindfulness. Merging the physical with the mental. Fun.

Dave Loudenslager

Dave Loudenslager is a coach, teacher and former college lacrosse player that is committed to helping young adults realize and achieve their potential. As a teacher Dave helped launch APS Avenues, an alternative education option for students in Aurora Colorado that focuses on teaching social emotional skills along with challenging academic curriculum. With over twelve years’ experience as a coach he has worked with competitive athletes in lacrosse, Olympic weightlifting and Crossfit and is driven by a passion to help others. 

Athlete Mindset is a performance mindset company determined to help athletes find purpose in sport while providing them the skills needed to discover their untapped potential and achieve success on and off the field.

We teach athletes how to develop the skills of self-reliance, honest self-evaluation and reflection. And that in order to have a successful and sustainable career athletes must find a healthy balance between sports and life. It’s our mission to teach them the tools to thrive in both.

The Athlete Mindset



11. Life Skills via Sports

HEART FULL! This cast takes us down memory lane…running in sweat pants , holding a Natty Light, late to class and/or practice. Priceless memories, experiences, and relationships that have paved our foundation for “adulthood”. 

Yes, this one is about colligate athletics! To be or not to be a student athlete? KO shares convo, laughs, and tequila (cuz we grown-ish now) with collegiate classmates and fellow D1 student athletes of George Mason University: Meg (Dentler) Thomas (lacrosse) and JP Clark (swimming). AND we were lucky enough to have Kristin Clark (actual student), JP’s wife, in the house sharing the student experience sands athletics. Kristin is a James Madison alum, reading enthusiasts, former sorority member, and overall ground voice to this cast. Thank you in advance to Kristin for chopping through the GMU weeds the 3 of us provided on this one- the counter balance is perfect:)!!

They discuss the experience of the student athlete from the friendships to the schedule, managing the social with a 48hr rule… and everything in between. Committing to be a student athlete is no small commitment, but all agree on this one; it’s worth a try if you think it’s for you. The college experience is only 4… 5, or 6 years (we’re doctors, like Dr. Dre), but the relationships, self-discovery, and all-around life skills you gain through sports allows you to graduate a leg up, with a network, and few great storied in tow… that should and should not be shared down the road- in our opinion. We are honest about our experience, so if you are a soon to be HS grad or a parent with a kiddo questioning college sports- this is a good one for you! Pack a helmet… for the cast and life, 18 is crazy either way.


Life skills through sports, teamwork, college sports = full time job, life long friends, cheap booze, commitment, Chanello’s Pizza, running groups, pleading the 5th, professors who see you before you see yourself, find your value and voice, arts and crafts: making your own graduate cords, not going to NY, fun, practice, building a bond. 

Special SHOUT OUT: This came up in a GMU IG group the other day… when pulling back to reflect, I couldn’t believe we got to spend every day together- laughing, training, studying, and just growing up. So cool. SO appreciate all my GMU friends, fellow student athletes, and even my professors (that may or may not say it back haha)… such a wonderful period in life, so grateful I got to share those times with all of you. Cheers to acting the same, but now having jobs that can fund the party. xo

Quick Bios:

Meg Thomas: I am an ex-laxer from George Mason University. I went to school to play lacrosse, and for some reason they gave me an art degree. 

I extended my college days by being a Div 1 coach for about 11 years.  Although it was fun,  I decided it was time to grow up in 2016 and got married and a “real” big girl job as a graphic designer. 

I now live in Rockville, MD with my husband, Brendan, who still works in college athletics. In 2018, I decided I needed to switch gears again and I joined a political mail consulting firm (yes all that political junk mail) where I am the director of production. I coordinate everything on the art side of our printed and digital pieces.


JP and Kristin  Clark: 

From Fairfax VA, Kristin and JP  moved to Richmond VA 7 years ago, been married 11 years

I’ve been in Wine Sales 14 years 

Was a founding member of the George mason Swim and Dive team 99-03

Sat next to and graduated with Queen K after many communication classes together. 

We own a cutie/pain in the ass Boston terrier named Penny Lane

Music aficionado and go to many many of shows. 



08. Mental Wealth (Health)

Mental Wealth (Health)! KO sits down with NeurOptimize Founders, Rachel Ragsdale and Carli Streich, and Laura Mahony, professional photographer, mom, and currently getting her Masters in mental health counseling. Mental health is becoming quite the conversation these days, finally! So, we called in the pros to chat on it all. Discussing mental health overall, what is, what stigmas are around it, what options there are to address it. We touch on the different angles as well: concussion in sports, learning abilities, behavior, brain waves and make up. Understanding your brain will help you understand yourself- exponentially. 


Options around medications, sports performance, human optimization, young people and mental health, impact on the whole family, identity based on strengths, function vs. fixing, a great start to a much larger and very important continuing conversation!

Rachel Ragsdale, LPC, BCN

Rachel, Founder and Owner of NeurOptimize, studied Psychology at Baylor University where she earned her undergraduate degree. She went on to earn her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary. Rachel oversees all clinical operations and team specialists across all locations, while serving as a licensed professional counselor and board-certified neurofeedback specialist and handling all qEEG analysis, treatment planning, and protocol creation. Rachel’s own life was transformed by neurofeedback more than 10 years ago. She has unique insight and personally values each and every client’s own journey thanks to her own experience with neurofeedback. In her free time, Rachel is an avid golfer and adrenaline junky. She loves spending time with her dog and her two-year-old son, Jordan. Rachel would tell you that NeurOptimize is her other baby and she cares for it as such.

Carli Streich, LPC, BCN

Carli, Founder and Owner of NeurOptimize, graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of New Mexico with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. She went on to earn her Master’s in Clinical Counseling from Colorado Christian University. In addition to overseeing all clinical operations and clinical team of neurofeedback specialists, Carli is a licensed professional counselor and board-certified neurofeedback specialist, handling treatment planning, protocol creation, and qEEG analysis. Carli believe that communication and clear expectations are key contributors to the exceptional client experience she strives to provide at NeurOptimize. She believes that life, especially the challenging parts of it, are not meant to be done alone and she works to offer that support to each and every client who walks through the door. In her free time, Carli loves to hike, do yoga, and spend time outdoors with her family and her puppies.

Laur Mahony

Laura is an intuitive that combines different modalities to connect with spirit and to provide guidance and healing. Laura is also a portrait and commercial photographer. Laura uses natural light, studio lights, strobes, small flashes, ginormous lights, itty bitty lights, existing light, no light, and just about any kind of light she can get her hands on. Her style is playful, warm, and comfy, and she focuses on movement and relationships in her photos. Her photographs range from ethereal to dynamic and always portray the genuine and personal. Laura works with schools, political campaigns, famous people, not so famous people, businesses, professionals, people in Colorado, people outside of Colorado, and anyone who wants exceptional photographs. She feels privileged to capture each amazing slice of life. All sessions are held on location, whether natural light or other. All sessions are fun and playful, whether portrait or commercial.  Laura can be reached at www.thejapaneselantern.com or laura@thejapaneselantern.com.

06. Bleeding The Brand

KO and LONG-time lax homie, Katie G., sit down to discuss bleeding the brand- for yourself, your team, and your business. From the sports field to the boardroom: same mentality, different outfit:) We cover the importance of trial and error, the people around you, and getting to know yourself before anything else. We also highlight embracing your personal idiosyncrasies and the things that authentically give you your competitive edge- and letting those drive the impact, wins, and sales. AND the importance of the relationships in business, thank you sports!


Varsity vs. JV, Maslow’s hierarchy, sharing energy and passion, building your team post college, the power of connection, Madonna, getting uncomfortable, beer, and verbal vs. body language.

Katie Gerhard

Katie is a Colorado Native who was a tiny yet tenacious multi-sport athlete growing up. As the youngest of 5, her competitive nature and do-or-die mentality helped her earn a Division I lacrosse scholarship where, like KO, she played at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. She later transferred to Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT where she earned her undergrad. Katie studied marketing and minored in both business administration as well as sports management with the hope of one day becoming the brand director for Under Armour. Today, Katie is a sales executive for MillerCoors—a Fortune 500 company and a respected powerhouse within the beer industry. This kid is known for her loyalty and can often be seen supporting the brands she sells via wearable’s and/or consumption. Katie’s still active, recently getting back into CrossFit, and comes back to Colorado every few months to not only breathe in Rocky Mountain fresh air but also crush some authentic Coors Lights. Cheers!

04. Resilience, Dedication, and Trail Blazing, with one leg, two, or 4!

Current Highland Games super star, Spencer Tyler, and future Highland Games (and potential Olympian:) super star, Sebastiana Lopez (and her pup, Bravo), sit down with KO to cover all things resilience, dedication, and trailblazing. They are both currently breaking barriers with a “non-mainstream” sport on the field AND breaking barriers  in the sports medicine and recovery medical fields (aka off the field:). They each have an inspiring story to share on competing:  professionally, with one’s self, and with a crowded sports industry… from stereotypes, to funding, to training – we cover it all! 


Competing after college and after serious injury, personal identity evolution, growing with the sport you love, training/raising future competitive studs (parenting and coaching), and how an animal (a pet:) can change your life so much for the better!


Spencer Tyler 

Former collegiate All-American in shot put and discus. Five events world record holder in the Highland games. North American, national, and US Champion in Highland games. All around kinda neat guy………… kinda. <–  His words haha. My words, great dude, even better beer drinker and competitive athlete:)

Sebastiana & Bravo Lopez

Sebastiana had a motorcycle accident while on active duty (Air force) in 2015. She was in an  induced coma for about a month, flatlining  lined 3 times. She lost her right leg above the knee and hand function in both hands. She then spent 2 years at Walter Reed rehabbing. It took her about a year to start to walk and  2 years to walk consistently. It took about the same amount of time to learn how to dress, feed herself,  write, speak(stroke), and drive . She competed in her first sporting events 1yr post accident in the 2016 Warrior and Invictus games. Medaling at both. Her Goal at the time of leaving the hospital was to be able to live completely alone. With tons of help from people surrounding her, she surpassed that! 

Accomplishments (thus far):

2019 USA Para panamerican games medalist 

Discus-world Record  


Shot put -bronze 

Arnold’s Strongest disabled woman 2019/2018

Invictus games 2018

Rowing: 2golds

Powerlifting :gold

Shot put: gold

Discus: gold

Rugby: bronze

01. Influencers Today, What’s Real?

KO and fitness studs, Katie Corio, and Amber Dodzweit Riposta, both Oxygen Mag cover models, share their journeys in the health and fitness world thus far. We touch on how more people follow fitness influencers than any other category and the social media impact on our youth. Highlights include: battling digital editing, skinny marg recipe, taco bell, and what is next for them!


Katie Corio: 

I am a NASN Certified Expert-Level Personal Trainer and Licensed Sports Nutritionist, with a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology. I compete in the Bikini division of Women’s Bodybuilding and work as a fitness model for Live Fit Apparel! Connecting with people through my social media platforms and having the opportunity to meet them in person while traveling to various expos has proven to be the most rewarding job, and I am truly grateful!

Amber Dodweit Riposta:

Raised in a missionary family in the Congo Africa. Amber Dodzweit Riposta is an All -American track and field athlete, national champion professional tackle football player, 13x fitness cover model, and women’s circuit training expert. She created BUILT FOR HER (an online women’s athletic training club) in 2014 to teach women how to find freedom and a deeper sense of purpose through athletic training and empowerment. Currently residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Married to Holistic Nutritionist Andrew Riposta – Amber hosts women’s events and creates athletic training content for women from all over the World.

00. The Pilot

The Mic works!

Welcome to Turmeric & Tequila! The mic works!

Kicking off the first cast of questioning a better way. This one is RAW and ROUGH, def a first go. Bare with me as I am mid flight, yes on a plane- hitting main topics of why the KO Alliance ambassador/influencer approach is different and what spurred the whole idea of Turmeric & Tequila in the first place… AND natural deodorant, Disney princesses, and rap video goals. All the major groups. Enjoy. 


Kristen Olson (KO):

Founder of T&T

Experienced and innovative marketing professional with 18+ years experience in brand development and management and particular expertise with integrated marketing strategies, strategic territory management and relationship building. Broad based background encompasses heavy experience within highly competitive athletic apparel, CPG, and event markets. KO owns KO Alliance, LLC and CRS LAX, LLC. Specializing in branding and aligning key voices (aka influencers before they were a thing:) and all things lacrosse).