60. Open Mic: Wholly Kicks

“Where there is no hope, it is incumbent on us to invent it.”  –Albert Camus I’m so xcited about this T&T Open Mic session because we are finally discussing a topic I have been waiting to unpack for a while, those experiencing homelessness. In times like these, we have more people than ever experiencing homelessnessContinue reading “60. Open Mic: Wholly Kicks”

53. Open Mic: FOURPOINTS Bar

On the front page of FOURPOINTS Bar’s website is the is the statement (stance) from the Colorado Outdoor Business Alliance (complete statement below). Please take the time to read it in full as it highlights who FOURPOINTS Bar are as people, as a company, and the conversation we have on this week’s T&T episode. You know how passionate IContinue reading “53. Open Mic: FOURPOINTS Bar”

51. Open Mic: Sarah Hipps

Open Mic #4!! Today we welcome Sarah Hipps back to T&T to discuss race, the world right now, and the power in showing up. Sarah is an incredible fitness and mental wellness advocate and knows how much a certain environment can impact one’s health- physically and mentally. Sarah shares her journey as a person ofContinue reading “51. Open Mic: Sarah Hipps”

50. Open Mic: Chloe Barnes

Open Mic #3! This time Chloe Barnes joins us- she is a great friend, entrepreneur, speaker, biz leader, and so many more things, but most importantly MISSION DRIVEN. Don’t be surprised if you here her name again soon. Chloe has an incredible story/upbringing and even more notable work ethic. I was pumped to sit downContinue reading “50. Open Mic: Chloe Barnes”

48. Open Mic: Ashley Knight

I am excited to welcome back “somewhat resident T&T guest/co-host”:), and great friend, Ashley Knight! Ashley keeps it real and that’s one of the many reasons we love and appreciate her. We dive right in with current and hot topics around where the world is at today, specifically around race. Ashley is graciously open aroundContinue reading “48. Open Mic: Ashley Knight”