54. Coming To America, BIZ & BFF’S

This is a FUN one and a great listen for anyone that is starting a new business in a new place or revamping/reinventing their current one. I welcome Pavel and Victor to T&T, this was the 3rd interview from PodMax Live #1. They share their journey on coming to America, becoming best friends (forever), loving Europe (even though they are from Russia:), and how they took one successful business model and applied it several others-accommodating different markets, cultures, and evolving product needs. From home improvements to upgrading the audio in your studio, you need to check these guys out now that we are all home WAY MORE. I actually just ordered 16 of their panels for my home studio. They discuss why panels are important (for all my fellow casters) and how they have the ability to customize just about anything to brand your home or business space. These guys do a great job of staying on the trend setting tip while relying on solid core values to carry them to the next adventure or opportunity. These are the business and humans that we need to support- the back bone of America!! We say it all the time on T&T, be conscious on how you spend your dollar it matters! 

Well done Victor and Pavel, I can’t wait to install my panels and continue to see how your companies and all-around impact grow, cheers!


Entrepreneurs in America. Questioning a better way. Russia to Europe to America. Making friends and making money. Evolving as the journey does. Listening to the consumer. Keeping your heart space grounded so your business space follows. Being a good person, above all else.

Pavel Chaploutskiy: 

A New Jersey resident, loving father, and husband, Pavel Chaploustkiy, expresses his entrepreneurial drive through real estate, contracting, and e-commerce. Experienced builder and construction consultant, Pavel is a critical player in partnerships that rely on his management abilities and knowledge. He values and honors relationships and big goals in business and life. When he’s not creating value or meditating, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking outdoors, helping others, fishing, and kitesurfing.

Victor Rakovich:

Victor’s experience in contracting and e-commerce allows him to live in an ecovillage at the base of Cayuga Lake, New York. Through innovative partnerships with suppliers, contractors, and artists, Victor brings his marketing and business development skills to their fullest potential.

In business, Victor acts through his avatar – Artpreneur Tantrique. Tantrique is an art-director of an inspirational wall art collection. Together with Pavel, they manage an acoustic panel business and a wall & ceiling covering brand. 

As a father of four, Victor loves the exotic adventures of family life, enjoys Yoga, and research into the depths of consciousness.

Awake Graphics:

At AWAKE we design and print high resolution art on specialty wide span fabrics to create modern backlit installations and acoustic celling and wall treatments. We work at the intersection of art and architecture to provide both commercial and residential with practical, functional, and beautiful ceiling, lighting, and acoustic solutions. Our interior designs are only limited by the imagination. 



09. Smoke, Mirrors, and (UN)Filtered Health Careers

LOVE THIS CAST! KO sits down with Lara McGlashan, Brand Director and Editor-in-Chief of Oxygen Magazine, to rap about print media now, its future, and the all-around impact of showcasing fitness influencers/athletes on culture and society today . They get into all the burning questions around Lara’s journey in the print (and fitness ) world, social media, the power of marketing, fitness influencers and the impact on consumers (young women in particular), and so much more. Lara is a special being with unique responsibility and power, she is quite literally one of the few filtering out the “not so real” so Oxygen Magazine can highlight the real, unfiltered. Very few marketing and/or magazines can claim that truth. Including unedited magazine covers, hand picking talent (not based on social following), and living the lifestyle herself… she is a long-time fitness competitor and current competitive CrossFitter! We discuss knowing your value and being direct… print world, write this down, do the right thing, share the truth. It’s good for the world and the bottom line, we promise:) AND because Lara already does. 


No office required. In fact, they are not allowed:) Evolution of the print world. Advertisers and standing moral ground. diversifying the mag from fitness to lifestyle, social following vs. ROI. Impact vs. celebrity. The “magic middle” and finding the budding star. Creating the platform. And again, knowing your value and being direct in what you want. 

Lara McGlashan

Lara McGlashan is the Brand Director and Editor-in-Chief of Oxygen Magazine. She has been in the health and fitness industry for more than 20 years and has worked for the majority of the large publications and brands in some capacity, from writing to editing to technical advising and photo editing. She is a lifetime athlete and has participated and competed in all manner of sports including skiing, mountain biking, Spartan races and beach volleyball, and is currently a master’s CrossFit competitor and full-time mom. She lives in Connecticut with her son, Alex. 

Oxygen Magazine @oxygenmagazine 

IG @laraoxyeditor

FB larafitnesseditor