02. Big Dreams and The Little Things

Sara McInerney, KO, and Chloe Barnes come together for a much anticipated convo/cast together as 3 female biz hustlers: full time jobs+ side hustle+ school… how do you find balance while chasing the dream? 

Highlights include physical AND mental health, prioritizing, labels AND identity, the importance of the pause AND celebrating whenever you can (and celebrating other people). This cast was straight up SOUL FUEL. If you need a warm, digital hug and “a nod to know that it’s ok, things are in motion, enjoy the journey that’s in process”, listen to this cast. AND special appearance by THE Rosa Jadd:)


Sara McInerney

Manager, Finish Line Youth Foundation and Founder, Passion over Paycheck, M.B.A.

Sara McInerney is an outdoor and travel fitness enthusiast, adrenaline junkie, writer, speaker, corporate nonprofit guru and ever-evolving badass woman. She lives and works in Indianapolis with her fiancé.
Through her career she has participated and planned KaBOOM! playground builds, built a career readiness program called One Step Ahead for Finish Line’s Boys & Girls Clubs of America partnership, led volunteer engagement with Special Olympics and planned many other employee engagement opportunities. 

Her career is built on following her passion over her paycheck and turning an internship into a full-time job early on. Throughout her five years of “adulting”, she’s learned life is about continuously facing fears in order to live an unapologetically authentic life. 

Chloe Barnes

Deputy Chief of Staff, Oscar Health, athlete consulting, M.B.A.

Chloe Barnes is a Chicago grown and New York known former Division I Women’s Basketball player turned entrepreneur, community builder, writer, speaker and advocate whose world crashed when she was forced to retire from basketball prematurely due to injury. 

Determined to prevent other athletes from feeling the confusion that she felt after it was time to leave the game behind; Barnes ran her own consulting agency, Elle Grace Consulting, LLC for three years before she moved to NYC and co-founded The Prolific Company, an social impact organization that is designed to bring forth innovative professional empowerment solutions to young professionals transitioning from sport around the world. 

Barnes’ entrepreneurial work has lead her to be named one of Chicago Urban League’s nextSTARTUP participants, one of the country’s “Top Sports Professionals” by Front Office Sports, and one of the youngest professionals to hold national leadership positions at organizations like the National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals and Women Leaders in College Sports. 

When she isn’t working, Barnes is active in her community and serves as a fearless advocate for the rights and opportunities of athletes, women and girls around the world.

Rosa Jadd

KS107.5 On Air Talent 

Nothing is off limits when Rosa steps into the studio! The outgoing girl who grew up avidly listening to KS1075 has now found herself in the shoes of her idols.

Born in Saudi Arabia and living in Denver since 2000, this over-the-top, don’t-think-before-you-speak girl always dreamed of entertaining people. Knowing the city inside and out, Rosa defines what it means to rep the Mile High city.

While finishing up her senior year of high school, she landed an internship with a prestigious sports radio station. Within the first week, she found herself on the same floor and in the mix with 1075. In 2013, at just 17 years old, she became an on-air KS1075 personality doing weekend shifts, while being a full-time college student. Fast-forwarding 3 years later, Rosa graduated early from the University of Colorado, Denver, while simultaneously working her way up the ranks at the station.

Ready to put the city on a wave weekdays 10am – 3pm, Rosa will use her youth and spunk to bring Denver a fresh, energetic radio vibe!

01. Influencers Today, What’s Real?

KO and fitness studs, Katie Corio, and Amber Dodzweit Riposta, both Oxygen Mag cover models, share their journeys in the health and fitness world thus far. We touch on how more people follow fitness influencers than any other category and the social media impact on our youth. Highlights include: battling digital editing, skinny marg recipe, taco bell, and what is next for them!


Katie Corio: 

I am a NASN Certified Expert-Level Personal Trainer and Licensed Sports Nutritionist, with a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology. I compete in the Bikini division of Women’s Bodybuilding and work as a fitness model for Live Fit Apparel! Connecting with people through my social media platforms and having the opportunity to meet them in person while traveling to various expos has proven to be the most rewarding job, and I am truly grateful!

Amber Dodweit Riposta:

Raised in a missionary family in the Congo Africa. Amber Dodzweit Riposta is an All -American track and field athlete, national champion professional tackle football player, 13x fitness cover model, and women’s circuit training expert. She created BUILT FOR HER (an online women’s athletic training club) in 2014 to teach women how to find freedom and a deeper sense of purpose through athletic training and empowerment. Currently residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Married to Holistic Nutritionist Andrew Riposta – Amber hosts women’s events and creates athletic training content for women from all over the World.

00. The Pilot

The Mic works!

Welcome to Turmeric & Tequila! The mic works!

Kicking off the first cast of questioning a better way. This one is RAW and ROUGH, def a first go. Bare with me as I am mid flight, yes on a plane- hitting main topics of why the KO Alliance ambassador/influencer approach is different and what spurred the whole idea of Turmeric & Tequila in the first place… AND natural deodorant, Disney princesses, and rap video goals. All the major groups. Enjoy. 


Kristen Olson (KO):

Founder of T&T

Experienced and innovative marketing professional with 18+ years experience in brand development and management and particular expertise with integrated marketing strategies, strategic territory management and relationship building. Broad based background encompasses heavy experience within highly competitive athletic apparel, CPG, and event markets. KO owns KO Alliance, LLC and CRS LAX, LLC. Specializing in branding and aligning key voices (aka influencers before they were a thing:) and all things lacrosse).