56. Conscious Living & Continuous Learning

Conscious living and continuous learning… the process never really ends! Today I welcome Dr. Lindsey Elmore to T&T and we touch on just about everything as Lindsey has a plethora of knowledge and a deeply diverse set of life experiences. Business, nutrition, marketing, injury, yoga, personal growth, and of course breakdowns and breakthroughs! Lindsey shares her journey with equal parts vulnerability and confidence, knowing that one doesn’t grow without the other. She shares that an early life eating disorder fed the need for attention and a later in life knee injury (torn ACL, just like me… and my pup Kleo:) fostered clarity in that need for attention and what it really meant to me sick/injured. The ACL injury also opened her up to a whole new world natural remedies, treatments, essential oils- all while being a pharmacist. Lindsey was feeling the juxtaposition of the Turmeric & Tequila life early on… I identified strongly (excerpt for the “being a doctor” part, ha). Lindsey is a published author and fellow podcaster, speaking in over 30 countries and leading her marketing business as strong and continuously learning entrepreneur. This is a great cast for anyone learning to embrace their imperfections, “failures”, and for all of us that are still learning on so many levels. Learn from Lindsey’s journey and please be inspired to share yours as you never know who it could help! 

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.”

– Charles R. Swindoll


That Turmeric & Tequila life: being all things and embracing our competitive edges (aka differences). Casting a vision/ Graceful Disruption™. Self-awareness, improvement, and acceptance. Marketing and branding. Nutrition, dairy, and inflammation. Business and great quotes. Breakdowns, breakthroughs. Evolution and helping streamline someone else’s process. 

Dr. Lindsey Elmore

Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a pharmacist, natural wellness expert, vegan cook, yogi, podcast host, and business strategy coach. Originally from Birmingham, AL, Dr. Elmore obtained an undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of California San Francisco. She completed her first-year post-doctoral residency in pharmacy practice at Princeton Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, AL and her second-year specialty residency in ambulatory care at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC.  She is a Board-Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist and licensed to practice in three states.  

Through her own personal challenges, Dr. Elmore discovered Chinese medicine, herbal medicines, supplement, vitamins and mineral, chiropractic care, and yoga and meditation and this started her on a natural wellness journey. Her whole world turned upside down when she discovered essential oils. She has spent years applying the knowledge of a pharmacist to the practice of essential oil usage. She founded the YL Education Club to teach others about the power of essential oils in their daily life, as well as how to avoid side effects and drug interactions when using them. 

Dr. Elmore is a speaker, author, and world-renowned wellness expert.  She translates complicated science into understandable stories, and travels the world educating audiences about natural wellness.  Dr. Elmore has spoken to audiences on five continents and more than 35 countries.  Her educational materials have been translated into more than 25 languages. Dr. Elmore reaches millions on social media. Her Facebook content reaches more than 85 countries, and more than 15 million minutes of education have been watched on Facebook alone. 

She is the author of Essentials: 75 Answers to Common Questions about Essential Oils and Supplements, and the Clean Slate Cleanse Cookbook and Workbook series. She is published in a wide variety of pharmacy and medical journals, and has been quoted in Healthline, Bustle, Elite Daily, Reader’s Digest, Yahoo News, Parade, MSN, Brit + Co, Business Insider and more. She has been featured on news segments on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CW, and the Daily Buzz. 

Dr. Elmore is the founder of Rasayana Yoga, a Certified 250-hour vinyasa, yin, and Aroma Yoga® Instructor, an Aroma Freedom practitioner, and the creator of the Clean Slate Cleanse, a gluten free, vegan food course.  She is the founder of Brand Strategies Lab, a business strategy company for both entrepreneurs and companies where she helps create greater clarity in messaging and attracts more of the right customers. Her podcast, The Lindsey Elmore Show, combines all of her diverse learning into one overarching concept of health. She interviews doctors, spiritual gurus, entrepreneurs and game changers. 




Her gluten-free, vegan foodstagram can be found @cleanslatecleanse on Instagram and @thecleanslatecleanse on Facebook, and www.cleanslatecleanse.com online. 

Her business coaching can be found at @brandstrategieslab on Instagram and www.lindseyelmore.com/bsl. She also has an adorable calico kitten @notthepuppy on Instagram.

35. Taking The Leap

Following your dreams are hard (#cardio), and often times those dreams change. As we grow, evolve, and gain experience (usually the hard way), we get clear on what we want AND more specific on what we actually need. Navigating the process from the initial idea of wanting to change/chase the dream to actually taking that first step in the chase is the HARDEST part.

On this cast I sit down with varsity human and all-around go-getter, Janine Shae. Janine is a fitness enthusiast, hailing from the financial world, where she stayed only long enough to realize it wasn’t for her. She dodged the golden handcuffs and she took the leap to chase her young entrepreneurial dreams. She shares her journey from the corporate world to buying a hotel in a hard part of town to the startup world and back again, in search of investors- all while under 35! She is now launching her second biz from pure heart space AND her clear visibility of a gap in the fitness market. Introducing Flex Gym Share. Let’s just say it’s like the Lyft of gym memberships… sharing your gym membership with fellow fitness enthusiasts- benefitting the athlete, gym, and everyone else involved along the way. Check this cast out to hear the full 411… it’s packed full of wise words and noteworthy lessons, particularly if you are an entrepreneur. Like Janine, her team is impressive. If you haven’t heard of Flex gym Share yet, you will (her team members are from Facebook, Uber, etc). Take notes on this one!


Questioning a better way. Entrepreneurs. Trial and error. Full circle learnings, building the foundation. Prioritizing what you really want in life- kids, time, spouses. Taking the leap to a better day and way!

Janine Shae:

Janine is a former investment banker turned serial entrepreneur. For years she’s found strength and sanctuary in the gym. Her motto is, “Through discipline comes joy,” which she finds especially true with a workout regimen. Janine saw a huge opportunity to help more people find joy through fitness by eliminating the factors that compromise discipline. She founded Flex with the goal to remove cost as a barrier for millions to live healthier lives, and to provide easier access to fitness facilities wherever you go. Janine is a champion for gyms and equally dedicated to helping operators build more profitable and engaged communities. 



33. Choosing Not To Have Kids

No surprise, big choices in life are HARD! Many of those “big life decisions” are made conscious or unconsciously with the influence of what we “should” do… Likely something like this: you grow up, graduate high school, go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, retire and that’s that. This is the American Dream we all thought we wanted, would have, and would be happy with. It goes something like that until it doesn’t haha… most of us know that the more your plan it, the more that plan changes. I was not that kid or planner, I mainly just wanted to graduate high school, play lacrosse and look forward to having my freedom to do what I wanted. It wasn’t even an entrepreneurial dream, just freedom seeking. Not even sure where that comes from, but independence is in my top 2 core values, so things make sense:) #onbrand 

Deepak Chopra said is well, “we are all under the hypnosis of social conditioning” in his latest book, Meta Human (meta meaning beyond). Meaning, our realities (and expectations) are what they have been conditioned to be. Until you question a better way! This podcast conversation really ties back to most of the podcasts I have- the base line theme of really getting to know yourself and what YOU want, not what society wants for you (or wants you to want). The American Dream is wonderful if that’s what you authentically want!

Myself and two good friends, Nadia and Sarah, talk about our life experience thus far and why we have made the choices we have. I am still a bit on the fence as far as kiddos, but Sarah and Nadia are firm in their decisions to have not have children and they discuss why, their conversations with family about it, and evolving stigma doing something outside of the norm. It’s a breath of fresh air to see and hear two passionate women, strong in their convictions and missions to the world to be so clear on a big decision- a decision that is usually not the popular one. Regardless of the decision topic, we could all take some notes from these two on getting to know ourselves, what we want, and standing strong in those choices!


Taking time to get to know yourself. Having and not having children. Choosing the unpopular choice. Following your heart. Mission and impact. Dogs, nieces, nephews, and plants:). Having money, time, and energy for other things. People who were meant to be parents and people who love their kids, but wouldn’t choose to have children again. Reality without jedgement. Make yourself happy, make the world a better place. 

Nadia Hrovat 

Nadia is a Colorado native currently residing in Aurora. She has always had a desire to help people achieve their goals, and this passion quickly led to her becoming a top personal trainer at Greenwood Athletic Club and has established her as an industry leader for 20 years.

Her need for helping clients achieve their health goals easily translated into helping them find their perfect home. According to Nadia, “Your health and your home are two of the greatest investments a person can make and should be treated as such.” She has a can-do attitude and aims to make the entire real estate process as seamless as possible, whether it’s a home purchase or a home sale. She is well respected, has an unparalleled standard of work ethic and drive, and is dedicated to making sure everything is done to ensure her clients’ success and satisfaction.

In 2018 and 2019 Nadia was on one of the top ranked teams in the state of Colorado. Additionally, in 2020 was awarded Denver’s Rising Star Agent. 


Sarah A. Hipps

Hello! I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Behavioral Change Specialist who facilitates clients to be their best selves. I received a Division 1 volleyball scholarship to George Mason University and after moving to Denver, CO, it became my mission to not only pursue my goals, but to use everything I’ve learned and lived through to help others see their best selves through. 

My focus is about the entire you.  The mental, emotional, and physical health all need to be present for you to truly feel fulfilled.  Speaking about mental health, growth, and fulfillment are my passions and I love helping people seek those by being a more dedicated person to their health.

Sarah’s Coming Events:

  • TBA (SOON) Self-defense session with Vital Proteins at Apex Combat Center
  • March 21st, Adidas Denver Fit Squad session on March 21st
  • April, restorative session at Modern Acupuncture Belmar.

Check out Sarah’s IG and site for event details! @sahipps and www.sahipps.com

32. The Whole Human Approach

Who knew we’d go from deadlifts for time to dead ass serious convo around how we evolve in our time? Focusing on how we slow down instead of speeding up?… What happened to us!? Evolution… and botox. Worry not. Some things will always remain on brand #corevalues. On this cast I sit down with long time fitness fam and Colorado OG Crossfitters, Courtney and Brandon Miracle. We have known each other for over 10 years and have seen CrossFit grow and expand to what it is today- from the farm up. Courtney and Brandon own CrossFit Surge, one of the longest running and most successful CrossFit gyms in Colorado. They have seen the cf fitness phenomenon as competitors, business owners, and business partners. AND they are still married!! I joke, but maintaining a biz, a competitive athlete’s schedule, kiddos, pups, and all in-between are no easy feats. The real cardio in life is juggling the balance and prioritizing. Responsibilities over ego. 

Like Courtney and Brandon, fitness and sports have been the entrance doors for me questioning a better way. How can I sleep better, eat better, train better… which eventually opened doors to the mental game and further, deeper questioning. How do I actually feel? Is my body telling me something? Maybe it’s not supplements I need, maybe it’s mediation and vision board? And what does that mean? It took me about 5-7 years to really dig into not only knowing myself as an athlete, but as a whole human. From core values, to allergies, to intuition. How can you be your best self when you don’t know what you are fully dealing with? You wouldn’t go compete without the proper training prep and gear, why would the game of life be any different? I have been so lucky to have had so many different people aid and guide in my personal and athletic journeys, but I really had to piece different things together to make it all fit- one group for training, one for recovery, one for nutrition, one for mental and brain wellness, etc. SO, when I saw Courtney and Brandon launching The Shift Project, a whole human approach to human optimization- I knew we had to cast!! They have streamlined a whole process for you to become your best self, from anywhere! It’s for athletes, parents, entrepreneurs- any and every one looking to live their best life as fully as possible. Tune into hear the details and how their real-life experience, evolution, and commitment to the greater good has brought them to where they are today. It was an absolute pleasure to catch up (and cheer on) my meathead, spiritually enlightened friends as they make the world a better place one human at a time. I am so glad they are coaches, business owners, and role models for a successful relationship… but, mostly that they are parents shaping the next generation that will evolve and lead even faster than we did:)!!


Human optimization. The whole human approach, The Shift Project. From PR’s in the gym to PR’s in life. Learning the hard way and speaking from experience. Ethos, credibility, ego, and humility. Competing in sports, CrossFit, and life. Balance and checking in with yourself. Universe speaks, breakdown and breakthrough. Passion and persistence to do good for the world, starting with ourselves. Questing a better way. Varsity humans. 

Courtney and Brandon Miracle

Courtney and Brandon are coaches at heart and serial entrepreneurs. Founders and owners of CrossFit Surge, The Happiness Endeavor and co-owners of Rom-Aid. Their entrepreneurial journey started over 15 years ago, but got a lot more real when they opened CrossFit Surge 10 years ago. Over the last 10 years they have learned that there is so much more to helping people become happy and healthy, and the workouts are often the easy part. They created the Total Shift Project to help their clients understand that the life, happiness and health they want is just a few simple SHIFTS away. They believe in a whole life, whole human approach. Connection of mind, body, soul and business that starts from the inside out. They have 2 amazing daughters who are 4 and 6. Their daughters are truly the reason they have become so passionate about helping the world SHIFT. Their mission is to teach them that they can be strong, passionate and accomplish anything they want in this world, and do it without stress, struggle or overwhelm!










24. Spiritually Basic

Spiritually basic!? Naa, not at all, BUT all of the animals on my cards DID have blowouts- I can’t make this up:) 

Calling all witches, warlocks, scientists, and believers… this is a good one:). I am a strong believer in accountability, mostly from yourself, and then from the people/communities your respect the most around you. SO, I decided to have my cards read on air by longtime, friend, fellow CrossFitter, entrepreneur, and intuitive, Laura Mahony.  Nothing like hearing what’s in store live on air- SCARY! I wanted to see what is swirling in the universe for me- what is next… I am not sure?! Well, actually I know exactly and so do you as all answer are within. We already have the answers? Yup. That is a lot to actually grasp, hence I love readings, coaches, and anyone or thing else that can help you dial into you and your true wants, desires, and goals. I started this podcast quite simply because it was an easy way to seek, discuss, and share truth. Question a better way one gracefully disruptive convo at a time. This really wasn’t a biz angle or a marketing ploy, it is a platform for varsity humans to share their journey and their truths- thus far. The more casts I do, the more I fall in love with it. Completely unedited, heart and passion filled conversation stemming from love, experience, faith, and fun. It’s just so awesome. 

Many times, over the years I have put energy into some of the wrong things. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change one piece of it as I wouldn’t be where I am without it, but it has created a heavy consciousness around the energy spend now. I want to make sure and make sure again I am spending energy (time, money, and effort) on the right things. Of course I think this cast and many of the current projects are on point, but a little affirmation via cards never hurts… sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else:). The signs and answers really ARE all around us and we need to be continuously reminded of that, hence I keep Laura close! Enjoy this peak into my potential future, this cast, and me doing my fave cardio- following the heart #clichesfordays . If you are seeking a little guidance, I highly suggest you reach out to Laura, she is awesome and greatly gifted! Perspective is priceless, anything and all things are possible. Also, blowouts are imports- literally in all my cards. Even spiritually BASIC AYYE.


My cards, my thoughts, my future. Full card reading around this podcast- and my general professional leaps. Spiritual awareness, signs, and animals with blowouts. Standing out of the crowd. Taking action and believing what is in front of you. Changing story. More blowouts, ponies, and unicorns. Balance, timing, intuition. Leaning into what you already know, faithfully. Break free from the pack and lead. Impact, our youth, and some hilarious jocks in between heavy cometary… aka Turmeric & Tequila. 

Laura Mahony

Laura  is an intuitive that combines different modalities to connect with spirit and to provide guidance and healing. Laura is also a portrait and commercial photographer. Laura uses natural light, studio lights, strobes, small flashes, ginormous lights, itty bitty lights, existing light, no light, and just about any kind of light she can get her hands on. Her style is playful, warm, and comfy, and she focuses on movement and relationships in her photos. Her photographs range from ethereal to dynamic and always portray the genuine and personal. Laura works with schools, political campaigns, famous people, not so famous people, businesses, professionals, people in Colorado, people outside of Colorado, and anyone who wants exceptional photographs. She feels privileged to capture each amazing slice of life. All sessions are held on location, whether natural light or other. All sessions are fun and playful, whether portrait or commercial.  Laura can be reached at www.thejapaneselantern.com or laura@thejapaneselantern.com