63. Varsity Men: Vulnerable & Empathetic

Focusing on the fellas today… finally! We often cover equality on T&T and most of the time it is through the female narrative, because I am a woman after all. Today, we are talking all things men, their emotions, what it means to “be a man” and how that meaning in itself is evolving, thankContinue reading “63. Varsity Men: Vulnerable & Empathetic”

49. Small Town, Big Ambition

Another awesome cast from PodMax Live! This time I welcome computer wiz and super successful entrepreneur, Timothy Dick. Timothy shares his incredible story from high school biz hopeful (making a solid income from his parents’ house) to moving out graduation day following a deeper calling to move some chips on a larger level. The beginning-Continue reading “49. Small Town, Big Ambition”

46. Healing And Mental Wealth: EMDR

I had the pleasure of partaking in the PodMax Live 2020: PodMAX, in its original format, is a one day in-person/live event where entrepreneurs have the chance to record as a guest and be interviewed on top podcast shows in their industry. NOW: it’s time for PodMAX Global: the ONLINE PodMAX experience from On Air Brands! BeContinue reading “46. Healing And Mental Wealth: EMDR”

14. Expanding Your Awareness

Building a business/life from divine intervention… even when you had a plan:) This is an awesome cast where hard work and the larger order merge to put you exactly where you need to be as a person and as a professional. KO sits down with fitness professional (and borderline life coach), Sunny Bayne. Sunny isContinue reading “14. Expanding Your Awareness”

12. Breakdown, Breakthrough

This is the first of the Be Golden Podcast Series… that’s right, had the pleasure of doing 5 casts in 3 days with some incredible speakers, attendees, and hosts of the 2019 Be Golden Conference in Bloomington, Indiana.  On this first one we check back in with Sara McInerney- our first, 2nd time guest:)! TheContinue reading “12. Breakdown, Breakthrough”

11. Life Skills via Sports

HEART FULL! This cast takes us down memory lane…running in sweat pants , holding a Natty Light, late to class and/or practice. Priceless memories, experiences, and relationships that have paved our foundation for “adulthood”.  Yes, this one is about colligate athletics! To be or not to be a student athlete? KO shares convo, laughs, and tequilaContinue reading “11. Life Skills via Sports”

04. Resilience, Dedication, and Trail Blazing, with one leg, two, or 4!

Current Highland Games super star, Spencer Tyler, and future Highland Games (and potential Olympian:) super star, Sebastiana Lopez (and her pup, Bravo), sit down with KO to cover all things resilience, dedication, and trailblazing. They are both currently breaking barriers with a “non-mainstream” sport on the field AND breaking barriers  in the sports medicine and recovery medicalContinue reading “04. Resilience, Dedication, and Trail Blazing, with one leg, two, or 4!”

03. Unapologetically Authentic

KO, Chelsea, and Sarah sit down to dive in about “being the change we want to see in the world”. Chelsea and Sarah share their personal journeys of self discovery AND how/why they established their incredible annual event, Be Golden. From equality to politics to environment, It’s overwhelming to see and know all the workContinue reading “03. Unapologetically Authentic”

02. Big Dreams and The Little Things

Sara McInerney, KO, and Chloe Barnes come together for a much anticipated convo/cast together as 3 female biz hustlers: full time jobs+ side hustle+ school… how do you find balance while chasing the dream?  Highlights include physical AND mental health, prioritizing, labels AND identity, the importance of the pause AND celebrating whenever you can (andContinue reading “02. Big Dreams and The Little Things”