99. The Whole Body Approach

“Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit. Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness.”

— Laurette Gagnon Beaulieu

Love when the #FITFAM comes through on the T&T mic! Today I welcome longtime fit pro, Lin Hill, to join me and share her journey as a human, athlete, wellness practitioner/professional, and her overall whole-body approach to health and happiness. Lin has a verity of certifications, years of experience on all kinds of athletes and competitors (as well as civilians:), and is currently earning her Masters in Oriental Medicine and a Masters in Acupuncture. Anyone that has ever played sports knows how important it is to maintain your body and along the way you learn the importance of the mind and how it really all connects. We have made major strides as far as “wellness” goes in the last 5 years, people are starting to take change of their own wellbeing and are motivated by high health care costs and even more importantly, just general unhappiness, to take the rains and be more conscious consumers when it comes to their own health. Athletes are lucky to be exposed to some of these forward-thinking wellness modalities like fascial stretching, but luckily things are becoming more mainstream and affordable for every person that just wants to feel well. Sports and competing has brought so many great health tips, tricks, and lifestyle hacks to my life, I am so excited to see more and more people questioning a better way and embracing their own journey with health. It’s a jungle out there to figure out what is right for you, so when you come across someone like Lin, trustworthy and knows a variety of wellness approaches, you keep them in your corner. If you are looking to heal an old injury (or a new one), fine tune your athletic ability, further understand how your mind and body connect, or just want to loosen up, hit up Lin and see how her whole-body approach can help you! Mind, body, soul… always working to keep that balance- #TurmericAndTequila baby!

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Mind, body, soul… and spirit! The physical and mental connect. Fascial stretching and all human optimization tricks. Health and wellness, health is wealth. Western and Eastern medicine and medical approaches. Merging of the worlds, humans young and old questing a better way. Starting a business and believing in yourself. Community and asking for help.

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