30. The Power of Humor

LOL… laugh out loud. Love out loud. Live out loud. All the things, out loud. If you know me, out loud is a comfort zone:), mostly because I naturally have no volume control. Perhaps my creator knew I’d have a podcast one day? (Thank you God, Madonna, glitter, and tequila)… Who knows, but what I do know, after MANY years of uncomfortable biz, sports, personal, and life conversations- humor can save the day. In our current reality, many tough conversations and decisions are coming to the table, thank goodness, and we need find common ground and connection to communicate effectively, with open minds. The range of education, exposure, and tolerance (and so much more) varies greatly person to person. It’s hard to broch tough convos, to want to have them, and then to know how to have them. What about tough convos with kids? There is no rule book for any of this AND communication is the one thing we need the most right now. So, knowing that all things might be imperfect and that there are likely many uncontrolled variables with every tough convo, I offer humor as an entrance point. This is a skill in itself, hence I am SO excited to have Debbie Scheer on the show with me to cover her background and how her gift with humor has been a powerful entrance point to heavy conversations and challenging points in life. Debbie is gracious, smart, experienced, quick, and humble. She has mastered the art of communicating a heavy message with a comforting wave of humor surfing in the larger topic at hand. It’s a vital skill set that we should all embrace. Enjoy a good listen, notes suggested:)


Humor. Communication with adults, kids, and everything in between. Stand up comedy, fundraising, auctions. Sex Education. Life pivot points that are blessing in disguise. Following your heart… out loud. Motherhood and adoption. Positive energy and embracing the universe looking out for you. It takes a village. LOL.

Debbie Scheer is a speaker, emcee, benefit auctioneer, and humor coach/strategist who resides in Denver, CO. with her two children.

As a speaker, Debbie effortlessly uses humor as a way to break through the discomfort that prevents us from talking about the things that we NEED to be talking about. Her motto is, if we can laugh about it then we can surely talk about it, regardless of what the ‘it’ is. 

When Debbie isn’t speaking, emceeing, or raising money for nonprofits, she can be found forcing her children to hike with her in the Colorado mountains. You can’t miss them on the trail because she is the one shouting, “WE LIVE IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STATE IN THE COUNTRY”, while her boys let out deep sighs of annoyance as they eye roll their way along the trail. 

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10. Beauty Biz + Wild Kidz (Journey Of Entrepreneur)

Oooooooh we spill some tea on this one! KO sits down with Ashley Knight, Colorado native, business owner, and all around life advice giver… and more importantly LISTENER! Ashley shares her journey from grade school to  now and they cover the details on intentional steps to be an impacting and “successful” member of society to the things that “just happen” that help pave the way and help us find alignment with what we are supposed to be doing. 

From college student to entrepreneur , Ashley shares the 411 on starting a business, the importance of communication, life hacks, and beauty secrets (male waxing?!)…. and “trash juice”. It’s a long one, with a good amount of tequila, you’re welcome.


Not drinking before your 21, starting a business, knowing your value, career transition, keeping the faith, communication, listening, social media tips, core values, questioning a better way. and making sure New Year’s Eve  is done right!

Ashley Knight 

Ashley Simone Knight  is an Esthetician, Model, and Colorado native. She started modeling when she was 20 and gained her experience in the growing Colorado market. She has been an Esthetician for the past 6 years and has recently evolved from working at various spas and salons to starting her own business. Ashley loves balance: Caring for others as a Skin Care Therapist, imparting all of the lessons she’s learned to others who are navigating life in her industries, as well as dancing and singing karaoke



05. Corporation vs. Liberation

KO and Heidi sit down to solve the world’s problems… AKA sip tequila, share our journeys (thus far), and reaffirm that world change starts with getting to know ourselves and evolving from the inside out.  If you are not #FollowingHeart and out of alignment personally, professionally, athletically-  how is that missed out fulfillment really costing you energetically AND financially? Shift from what you are supposed to do to what your want to do (responsibly) and the world just might evolve alongside you. 

 Thankfully,  over time we have (started to) further develop a sense of self and begin to prioritize  goals, time, hopes, dreams… and tequila/botox budgets. Take notes AND bring an eraser:)


Sustainability, communication, balance, environment… all as global AND personal conversation. Universe vs. plan, money vs. time vs. impact, getting uncomfortable, and building a global network. Recognizing your influencer and taking responsibility for it. If you want to break free, please do-here is how we did it/are constantly in process of doing it.

#InfluencerIRL … earn your tank like Heidi 🙂


Heidi Rose Buckhout 

Heidi is a freelance business owner who specializes in writing and marketing in the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) space. She owns Manifest Ink, LLC, a writing and marketing strategy company. She is one of those rare unicorns who was born in Colorado and still lives here, although she travels enough to know that there are plenty of other magical places to be. She earned her BA in Technical Journalism from Colorado State University and holds an MA in Sustainable Development and Responsible Management from the University for Peace in Costa Rica. She has logged time in corporate and non-profit offices and has lived in worked in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Her mission is to connect people to stories and write words that compel people to make a positive impact on the world.