10. Beauty Biz + Wild Kidz (Journey Of Entrepreneur)

Oooooooh we spill some tea on this one! KO sits down with Ashley Knight, Colorado native, business owner, and all around life advice giver… and more importantly LISTENER! Ashley shares her journey from grade school to  now and they cover the details on intentional steps to be an impacting and “successful” member of society toContinue reading “10. Beauty Biz + Wild Kidz (Journey Of Entrepreneur)”

05. Corporation vs. Liberation

KO and Heidi sit down to solve the world’s problems… AKA sip tequila, share our journeys (thus far), and reaffirm that world change starts with getting to know ourselves and evolving from the inside out.  If you are not #FollowingHeart and out of alignment personally, professionally, athletically-  how is that missed out fulfillment really costingContinue reading “05. Corporation vs. Liberation”