35. Taking The Leap

Following your dreams are hard (#cardio), and often times those dreams change. As we grow, evolve, and gain experience (usually the hard way), we get clear on what we want AND more specific on what we actually need. Navigating the process from the initial idea of wanting to change/chase the dream to actually taking that first step in the chase is the HARDEST part.

On this cast I sit down with varsity human and all-around go-getter, Janine Shae. Janine is a fitness enthusiast, hailing from the financial world, where she stayed only long enough to realize it wasn’t for her. She dodged the golden handcuffs and she took the leap to chase her young entrepreneurial dreams. She shares her journey from the corporate world to buying a hotel in a hard part of town to the startup world and back again, in search of investors- all while under 35! She is now launching her second biz from pure heart space AND her clear visibility of a gap in the fitness market. Introducing Flex Gym Share. Let’s just say it’s like the Lyft of gym memberships… sharing your gym membership with fellow fitness enthusiasts- benefitting the athlete, gym, and everyone else involved along the way. Check this cast out to hear the full 411… it’s packed full of wise words and noteworthy lessons, particularly if you are an entrepreneur. Like Janine, her team is impressive. If you haven’t heard of Flex gym Share yet, you will (her team members are from Facebook, Uber, etc). Take notes on this one!


Questioning a better way. Entrepreneurs. Trial and error. Full circle learnings, building the foundation. Prioritizing what you really want in life- kids, time, spouses. Taking the leap to a better day and way!

Janine Shae:

Janine is a former investment banker turned serial entrepreneur. For years she’s found strength and sanctuary in the gym. Her motto is, “Through discipline comes joy,” which she finds especially true with a workout regimen. Janine saw a huge opportunity to help more people find joy through fitness by eliminating the factors that compromise discipline. She founded Flex with the goal to remove cost as a barrier for millions to live healthier lives, and to provide easier access to fitness facilities wherever you go. Janine is a champion for gyms and equally dedicated to helping operators build more profitable and engaged communities.