196. From Shadows to Stardom: A Spotlight Survival Guide with Caitlin Spears LIVE


“The cosmic spotlight isn’t pointed at you; it radiates from within you.”

-Marianne Williamson

Let’s face it, with social media and technology we are ALL under the spotlight in some capacity. Some more than others, but the mental health and awareness strategies navigating any spotlight can be used by us all. I am excited to welcome Caitlin Spears to the T&T mic to share her journey from a small-town girl to mainstream modeling to apainful rejection from the hit show ‘America’s Next Top Model’- only to find love with a famous boy band front man! Caitlin shares her journey from the shadows to stardom with a spotlight survival guide managing her mental health, career,  fame, and attention. Caitlin shares how challenges early on led her to her true calling becoming a coach and entrepreneur, intentionally modeling not only apparel, but behaviors and guidance she wishes she had while entering the modeling industry. Caitlin is on a mission with her customized, individual approach to coaching and leadership that clears the smoke, mirrors, and limited beliefs that we all need to navigate on the daily. Cheers to being a more mindful and aware conscious consumer/human being, living our truths.

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Navigating the spotlight: social media, marketing, technology, and beyond. The modeling industry. The entertainment industry. Mental health awareness. Self-care. Mission driven humans. Breakdown and breakthrough. Resilience. Limiting beliefs and self-beliefs. Happiness and mental health strategies. Dating a famous person. Insecurity and security. Trusting the process to find your passion. 

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Time Stamps:

 0:30- Intro to the conversation

1:29- Caitlin Bio/Background

2:54- Feeling like I should have been born somewhere else

3:33- They asked me to be a model

4:44- Social media kicks off

6:24- Hard work and independence

8:14- Living overseas

8:26- Breaking for Mental Health

9:09- Feeling the need to have it all planned out

9:40- I am going to Bali

10:45- Mental Health in a small town- non-existent

 14:00- The human experience, it’s hard

16:20- Always read the contract 

18:58- Messages from the universe

21:59- Focus on what we can control

26:00- Is social media holding you back?

29:54- Customized coaching, positive mindset and loving yourself

35:28- Welcoming clients of all ages

39:45- Price point psychology

40:34- Dating a super star boy bander

41:45- Dating in the spotlight, balancing it all out

45:08- Not all that glitters is gold

46:00- Managing the haters

46:58- I know I am a good person

50:35- having your own identity

53:57- Do it for the right reasons

54:37- Free Gift for all!

56:15- Are you related to Britney

196. From Shadows to Stardom: A Spotlight Survival Guide with Caitlin Spears LIVE

Caitlin Spears:

Caitlin Spears is a certified health and nutrition coach, fitness coach, and founder of Complete by Caitlin. At 18 she experienced a painful rejection from the hit show ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ which affected her relationship with her body and food. She went on to have a successful modeling career and became a certified health and nutrition coach. Caitlin’s mission is to empower individuals to feel strong, healthy, and confident, focusing on both physical well-being and profound self-realization. She holds certifications from the IIN Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Precision Nutrition, and ACE Fitness, and her methods have helped numerous individuals achieve their health goals.

Caitlin has also been a featured panel speaker for organizations like Wilhelmina Models, IIN/Boss Method, and New Miami Girls on subjects including health, entrepreneurship, and her experience in the modeling industry. Growing up on a farm in Oklahoma, Caitlin credits her dedication and strong work ethic to her early life — values she carries into her business today. Her approach to coaching is rooted in authenticity and a genuine desire to make positive changes in people’s lives, positioning her as a respected leader in the health and wellness industry. Caitlin currently resides in Miami, Florida.

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