198. Elevate Your Life: The Quest for Peak Performance and Longevity

“To sustain longevity, you have to evolve.”

-Aries Spears

I am excited to welcome my longtime friend, mentor, and personal practitioner, Dr. Sean Burkhardt, to the T&T mic! As a former D1 athlete and mutil-appearance CrossFit Games athlete (mostly past the age of 30), I made it a point to find the best in the biz to help optimize my own sports performance to stay competitive as long as possible. If you have competed at a high level, you know you need every advantage you can get and building your team of practitioners is critical. Sean was referred to me years ago from another competitive CrossFit-er and he has been my go-to ever since. Now it’s more about peak performance in life than it is about being a competitive athlete- which is far more important. The health and wellness industry are multibillion-dollar industries for a reason- health and fitness sell- especially quick fixes! So, you know you have to work to find the good, honest, skilled, ones that you can trust. Dr. Sean has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to help people- especially the hard chargers. Check out his bio below to see all the accolades- beyond impressive. What’s more impressive is that he is on the trend setting tip for the new age techniques and technologies for all thing’s human optimization- from sports performance to brain health to chronic illness. He is the one you go to when everyone else can’t figure it out… and if you’re ahead of the game, you have him in your back pocket right now so you are not only living, but thriving. Check out more here and be sure to drop into Dr. Sean’s beautiful Boulder clinic to see all the optimization possibilities at hand- just for you.

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Human optimization. Heath, wellness, and playing the long game. Alive vs. thrive. Custom approach to longevity coaching. Trust, respect, and servicing something bigger than you. Varity humans sticking together, it takes a village. Questioning a better way and challenging authority. Competitive athletes, special forces, and people who want to feel good as they age. Brain health, mental health, physical health, and how it all works together. 

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Time Stamps:

2:00- Sean’s intro and background

3:45-Making time for education

6:40- Young Sean

8:44- Understanding the why

12:11- Intangibles are key, understanding the patient  

13:38- Boulder F.I.T and brain health

14:11- The brain is the only organ you can’t transplant

16:04- The physical AND mental health

20:13 Brain health baseline testing

22:15- Thriving vs. Surviving

25:57- A snap shot into your brain health

27:56- Neurological training

30:09- Ranger, the documentary

32:11- We can do both- military training, getting in and out

36:49- Recognizing when you don’t need to push

 37:23- Breaking down why the brain is so important

41:28- Medication, there is a time and a place… BUT

43:00- The 5 things you can do right now to level up your brain!

47:52- What is success to you?

197. George Mason Women’s Lacrosse: Building a Legacy in 2024

Dr. Sean Burkhardt:
Dr. Sean Burkhardt holds Board Certifications in Sports Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Functional Neurology, with a special focus on brain health, injury rehabilitation, and concussion management. He is also a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and a triple-certified NSCA Strength and Conditioning Coach. Dr. Burkhardt has simplified the path to achieving optimal health for you. His commitment to post-graduate education has been dedicated to expanding his expertise in clinical neuroscience, concussion management, neurochemistry, nutrition, strength and conditioning, functional medicine, and neurological rehabilitation. This extensive knowledge equips him to conduct precise assessments, diagnoses, and integrative approaches, recognizing the multifaceted systems that impact these conditions. His comprehensive approach ensures thorough rehabilitation and the attainment of your health and performance goals. @Neurostrongcolorado

Boulder F.I.T.:

Bridging the gap between BIOMECHANICS and NEUROSCIENCE to Optimize human performance.

Bringing high-level performers, the latest evidence-based research in neuroscience, strength and conditioning, injury rehabilitation, neuro-biomechanics, and nutrition to help you heal quickly and achieve peak physical and cognitive performance. 



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197. George Mason Women’s Lacrosse: Building a Legacy in 2024


“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.”

— Jim Rohn

I am so excited to welcome the Women’s Lacrosse coaching staff of my alma matter, THE George Mason University! Today is a special convo since it has been 20 years since I competed for the university and it’s such a blessing to reconnect with the coaches to discuss their mission, vision, and values for GMU LAX 2024. Head Coach, Kara Mupo leads the staff and team with an ideal balance of head and heart–not shying away from the green and gold bricks that were laid before her to establish and grow the D1 program. Legacy takes time, character, and grit, so it’s awesome to hear of the enthusiasm and personal/professional work ethic of this 2024 coaching staff. They are here to make some noise and continue to elevate the program as a whole- on and off the field (players & humans). Assistant coaches, Nate Medic and Riley Ewing introduce themselves and share some of their coaching philosophies, responsibilities, goals, and personal experiences that led them to coaching. This is a great opportunity to get to meet the entire staff and hear/see more of their human side, especially for the parents and families of players that aren’t local, that don’t get as much face time (that was my family:). Competing at the top level of anything is such a privilege and life shaping experience that you carry with you in everything you do moving forward. It more than warms my heart to see such intentional, mission driven humans take the reins of the GMU Lacrosse program that is (and will always be) a fundamental piece of my personal foundation and continued influence on my own mission, vision, and values. GO PATRIOTS! 

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Building a legacy. How you do something is how you do everything. Coaching. Life skills through sports. Chasing your calling. Leadership and responsibility. Breakdown and breakthrough. The whole human approach. Building on something great and seeing a vision before anyone else does. 

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Time Stamps:


2:00- Kara’s intro

2:59- Nate’s intro

4:14- Riley’s intro

5:57- The human side of the asst. coaches

15:22- Favorite quotes from asst. coaches

18:21- Kara, why she recruited the coaches she did

20:00- Kara the human

24:36- Kara’s injury, breakdown and breakthrough 

27:37- Finding balance, the hard way

30:20- Mental Health at GMU

33:57- Leading by example

35:22- The team and social media 

37:20- Managing the NIL

42:22- Why we are here

44:04- More social media, more alumni relations 

45:41- Thoughts on Title 9

47:57- Kara’s final thoughts, 3 things she want’s Mason lax players to embody

50:11- Players must listen to the end of this podcast:)

51:06- What can the alumni do to further support the program?

197. George Mason Women’s Lacrosse: Building a Legacy in 2024

Kara Mupo, Head Coach:

Two-time NCAA champion Kara Mupo was named the fifth head coach in the history of the George Mason women’s lacrosse program on May 26, 2020. Mupo’s pedigree of excellence within the sport includes a stellar playing career as a collegian at Northwestern and as a professional with both the U.S. National Team and the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League. In addition, Mupo has compiled a diverse and accomplished resume during five seasons as a collegiate assistant coach. Possessing a gifted offensive mind, Mupo helped guide Stony Brook to a No. 1 national ranking in 2018 and Stanford to an NCAA appearance in 2019. “We are thrilled to welcome Kara to our George Mason family,” Edwards said. “She has achieved an elite level of success during every stint of her career while being mentored by some of the top voices in the sport. Kara is a tireless recruiter who possesses the innate ability to develop players. Her high energy style and engaging personality make her a natural leader, and I know our student-athletes will thrive under her direction.” Mupo most recently served as offensive coordinator at Ohio State alongside former George Mason head coach Amy Bokker during the shortened 2020 campaign. Mupo’s championship legacy began as an attack at Northwestern, where she won two national titles (2011, 2012) and led the Wildcats to four consecutive Final Four appearances. While helping to build one of the greatest dynasties in the history of the sport, Mupo scored 186 points (136g, 50a) over her career and served as team captain as a senior.  She began her coaching career as an assistant at William & Mary for two seasons, before moving on to an assistant role at Stony Brook in 2018, where she developed the most potent offense in the nation. Under her guidance, the Seawolves ascended to a No. 1 national ranking while leading the country in points per game (29.28), scoring margin (+10.80), assists per game (11.23) and shot percentage (.547). Mupo joined Bokker – the former Mason head coach – at Stanford in 2019. In Palo Alto, Mupo again orchestrated an outstanding offensive season while transforming the Cardinal into the Pac-12’s top scoring unit. During the 2019 campaign, the Cardinal led the league in shot percentage (.431), assists (125), goals per game (13.89) and points per game (20.47), culminating in an NCAA Tournament appearance. Upon Bokker’s naming as head coach at Ohio State, Mupo joined her in Columbus, where the Buckeyes had amassed wins over Cincinnati and Marquette, among others, before the season ended in March 2020.

A former member of the U.S. Women’s National Team, Mupo also is a decorated player in the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League (WPLL) and has played for the New England Command over the past two seasons. She won the first WPLL Championship as a member of the Command and led the league in scoring for the second time in three seasons. In 2016, she was a member of the Philadelphia Force and earned all-star status after she led the league in goals. A native of Rocky Point, N.Y., Mupo earned a bachelor of science in human development and psychological services from Northwestern in 2014 and also earned her master’s degree in sports administration at Northwestern in 2015.

Nate Medic, Asst. Coach:

Medic joins the Patriots after spending years as the head coach of the Colonial Forge High School girls’ lacrosse program in Stafford. Under his leadership, the Eagles finished runner-up in the 6A 2021 Virginia State tournament and were two-time Virginia State Regional Champions. The Butler, Pa. native, was named Region Coach-of-the-Year three times. In his five-year stint, the program compiled an impressive 60-12 record. Medic has been coaching club lacrosse in Virginia for the past five years, most recently with the Yellow Jackets Mid Atlantic in Lorton. Before that, Medic was the head coach for Fall Line Lacrosse Club in Stafford. Medic played lacrosse collegiately at Bethany College for one season before transferring to Slippery Rock and participating on the men’s hockey team for three seasons. A 2015 graduate of Slippery Rock University, Medic earned a Bachelor of Science in Education. He began a teaching career as a Health and PE teacher at King George High School in 2016 before moving to the same position at Colonial Forge High School in 2018.

Riley Ewing, Asst. Coach:

Ewing, a two-time graduate of The Ohio State University and five-year member of the women’s lacrosse team, will join the Mason ranks after a year working in Chicago as an ACS Consultant. She also spent the summer months coaching a club lacrosse team out of Marietta, Ga., mentoring players and helping them through the recruiting process.
During her time at Ohio State, Ewing was a three-year starter and a three-time Big Ten Academic Honor Roll honoree. An attacker who also specialized in the draw control, Ewing finished her career ranking seventh all-time in Buckeye history with 119 draw control wins to her name. She also sits at fifth all-time for draw controls in a single season with 71 in 2019, with a career-high 10 draw controls in a single game. Ewing was also named to the inaugural U.S. Women’s Box Training Team in September 2023. The team will participate in three training camps in the Fall of 2023 as it continues preparation for the 2024 World Lacrosse Box Championships in Utica. N.Y. This is the first time that World Lacrosse has hosted a women’s championship in box lacrosse.



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196. From Shadows to Stardom: A Spotlight Survival Guide with Caitlin Spears LIVE


“The cosmic spotlight isn’t pointed at you; it radiates from within you.”

-Marianne Williamson

Let’s face it, with social media and technology we are ALL under the spotlight in some capacity. Some more than others, but the mental health and awareness strategies navigating any spotlight can be used by us all. I am excited to welcome Caitlin Spears to the T&T mic to share her journey from a small-town girl to mainstream modeling to apainful rejection from the hit show ‘America’s Next Top Model’- only to find love with a famous boy band front man! Caitlin shares her journey from the shadows to stardom with a spotlight survival guide managing her mental health, career,  fame, and attention. Caitlin shares how challenges early on led her to her true calling becoming a coach and entrepreneur, intentionally modeling not only apparel, but behaviors and guidance she wishes she had while entering the modeling industry. Caitlin is on a mission with her customized, individual approach to coaching and leadership that clears the smoke, mirrors, and limited beliefs that we all need to navigate on the daily. Cheers to being a more mindful and aware conscious consumer/human being, living our truths.

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Navigating the spotlight: social media, marketing, technology, and beyond. The modeling industry. The entertainment industry. Mental health awareness. Self-care. Mission driven humans. Breakdown and breakthrough. Resilience. Limiting beliefs and self-beliefs. Happiness and mental health strategies. Dating a famous person. Insecurity and security. Trusting the process to find your passion. 

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Time Stamps:

 0:30- Intro to the conversation

1:29- Caitlin Bio/Background

2:54- Feeling like I should have been born somewhere else

3:33- They asked me to be a model

4:44- Social media kicks off

6:24- Hard work and independence

8:14- Living overseas

8:26- Breaking for Mental Health

9:09- Feeling the need to have it all planned out

9:40- I am going to Bali

10:45- Mental Health in a small town- non-existent

 14:00- The human experience, it’s hard

16:20- Always read the contract 

18:58- Messages from the universe

21:59- Focus on what we can control

26:00- Is social media holding you back?

29:54- Customized coaching, positive mindset and loving yourself

35:28- Welcoming clients of all ages

39:45- Price point psychology

40:34- Dating a super star boy bander

41:45- Dating in the spotlight, balancing it all out

45:08- Not all that glitters is gold

46:00- Managing the haters

46:58- I know I am a good person

50:35- having your own identity

53:57- Do it for the right reasons

54:37- Free Gift for all!

56:15- Are you related to Britney

196. From Shadows to Stardom: A Spotlight Survival Guide with Caitlin Spears LIVE

Caitlin Spears:

Caitlin Spears is a certified health and nutrition coach, fitness coach, and founder of Complete by Caitlin. At 18 she experienced a painful rejection from the hit show ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ which affected her relationship with her body and food. She went on to have a successful modeling career and became a certified health and nutrition coach. Caitlin’s mission is to empower individuals to feel strong, healthy, and confident, focusing on both physical well-being and profound self-realization. She holds certifications from the IIN Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Precision Nutrition, and ACE Fitness, and her methods have helped numerous individuals achieve their health goals.

Caitlin has also been a featured panel speaker for organizations like Wilhelmina Models, IIN/Boss Method, and New Miami Girls on subjects including health, entrepreneurship, and her experience in the modeling industry. Growing up on a farm in Oklahoma, Caitlin credits her dedication and strong work ethic to her early life — values she carries into her business today. Her approach to coaching is rooted in authenticity and a genuine desire to make positive changes in people’s lives, positioning her as a respected leader in the health and wellness industry. Caitlin currently resides in Miami, Florida.

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