191. Denver Pub Crawl: Mission Driven Humans Uniting Us One Social Sip At A Time

“There is beauty and power in unity. We must be united in heart and mind. One world, one people.”

– Lailah Gifty Akita

We are excited to continue to highlight and focus on the local mission driven humans in Colorado making moves while making impact! Today we have the awesome and determined Founders of Denver Pub Crawl, Ty Sondag and Logan Lakos. Denver Pub Crawl is not your average crazy bar crawl, it’s an organized small group (ish) curated experience with safety and unity at the forefront.  Both Ty and Logan have had amazing experiences on international pub crawls while traveling and they teamed up to bring that experience to Denver… and eventually, beyond. Both share their journey’s in life thus far and they’re overall mission of positive impact in this world all while having a good time. If you are local to Colorado, just visiting, or want to see a new side of Denver, sign up for one of their coming crawls- it’s a VIP experience on a budget with fellow fun humans. Community, unity, connection- cheers!

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Uniting the world one sip at a time. National vs. International pub crawls. Putting safety and responsibly at the forefront of a fun business. Entrepreneurship and wearing all the hats. Doing business the right way and taking care of people. Reputation and graceful disruption. Chasing the dream and serving your purpose. The past predicting the preset. 

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Time Stamps:

Time Stamps:

4:30- Ty’s Back Story

5:36- Logan’s Back Story

10:30- Ty and Logan Meet, Launch Denver Pub Crawl… and the pandemic happens

12:06- We’re back after the pandemic, unite the people18:00- The experience after the pandemic- bars love us!

22:13- We bring more than drink specials, we bring an experience 36:00- Everyone is welcome to join- locals, travelers, solos

36:40- American style pub crawls vs international pub crawls46:00- Contributing to something larger than ourselves

56:38- How did you get into this business?

1:04- Overcoming fear and just starting

1:15:00- We are so proud of our reputation, check the reviews!

1:21:50- Our training, staff, and non-profits

1:31:21- Conscious conversation and guidelines

1:43:01- Private events/parties

1:50:00- The craziest story of one of our bar crawls…

1:50:21- What is success to you?

191. Denver Pub Crawl: Mission Driven Humans Uniting Us One Social Sip At A Time

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Ty Sondag is the co-founder and CEO of Denver Pub Crawl. When he’s not crawling, you can find him traveling, running, and lending a hand at beer, wine, and food festivals. 

 Logan Lakos is the Co-Founder and COO of Denver Pub Crawl. He grew up in Austin, TX, and has been taking advantage of the outdoors Boulder and Denver has to offer for almost eight years now. 

What is Denver Pub Crawl?Maybe you’re local and don’t know the best bars in Denver. Maybe you’re on vacation, or new in town, and want to be introduced to Denver nightlife. Denver Pub Crawl is an all-access party pass that grants you exclusive access to drink specials at each of our venues, as we “crawl” from one fun bar to the next. Crawling is a laid-back night time experience where hosts take ticket-holders bar hopping in Downtown Denver’s Ballpark Neighborhood, LoDo.  

Denver Pub Crawl:How does a pub crawl work?Grab a ticket and get ready! First, you meet a Denver Pub Crawl Host at the starting location. They get you checked in, introduce you to the group and make sure you have everything you need for the crawl. You’ll grab a drink and get to know your new friends for the evening. Before you know it, the host will announce that it’s time to close out and head to the next bar. You’ll hit 4 or more bars during your crawl, and the host will let you know once you’ve reached the last. Some of our bars offer food, and there are usually food trucks along the way. Sometimes, your host will initiate games for the group if the vibe is right.  Denver Pub Crawl works directly with our partner bars in LoDo to give you the very best drink specials in Denver every single week.  



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