190. Empower & Elevate: The Entrepreneur’s Path to Team and Community Triumph

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

-Winston Churchill

Join us in this episode of Empower & Elevate: The Entrepreneur’s Path to Team and Community Triumph, as we sit down with Andrew Dana, the visionary force behind Call Your Mother Bagel Deli and Timber Pizza Co. Discover Andrew’s journey from food enthusiast to entrepreneurial success story, and how he weaved together a thriving team and a vibrant community to achieve triumph.

Andrew’s story is a testament to the power of unwavering belief and tenacity. Learn how he transformed challenges into opportunities, proving that a clear vision can conquer any obstacle- especially if you love food! Explore Andrew’s strategies for building a strong team culture, emphasizing equal and long-term opportunity, mutual respect, and continuous growth. Discover how nurturing a dedicated team fuels business excellence. Andrew shares his insights into the transformative impact of community engagement, showcasing the remarkable outcomes that arise from socially conscious entrepreneurship. Andrew’s resilience and adaptability offer inspiration for all, highlighting the lessons learned from failures and the path to embracing change. For emerging entrepreneurs, Andrew’s wisdom shines brightly. Uncover the value of mentorship, networking, and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. #teamworkdreamwork

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Entrepreneurship. Chasing the dream. Going through the motions and then pivoting to follow your heart. Finding your purpose. Believe in something bigger. Not having it all figured out. Hard work, but fun. Showing up and trusting the process, no matter what. 

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Time Stamps:

Time Stamps:

2:17- Andrew as a kid, growing through the motions 

5:00- Let’s sell pizza

5:37- I love food, the journey begins 

9:07- I lived, clarity came

9:55- Open Timber Pizza

11:49- We made the list, everything changed

13:50- Working with your spouse 

18:22- Bagels are hard to make, let’s do it

20:00- we are the brand and the recipe

23:20- listen to your body, trust the universe

24:38- my high-end high school ruined my confidence 

30:00- do the hard work, feel the authentic joy

32:12- being involved with the community 

34:33- not talking about all the good we’re doing, now 

35:27- Authenticity 

36:48- Consulting to help

39:18- Coming to Colorado- GFE’s

39:50- We hire for personality

41:00- hire for the long-term

45:16- Things to come!

46:00- Final words of advice

46:23- What is success to you?

190.Empower & Elevate: The Entrepreneur’s Path to Team and Community Triumph

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Andrew Dana, Call Your Mother Bagel DeliOwners chef Daniela Moreira and Chief Doughboi, Andrew Dana, began this wild and wonderful journey at farmer’s markets in DC. After opening our flagship shop in Park View in the Fall of 2018, it was clear that folks in our community needed MORE CARBS! Since then, we’ve assembled a dream team and opened up several new locations throughout DC, Maryland and alllll the way across the country in Denver, Colorado! We’re on a mission to spread #bagellove to everyone with an appetite and our next stop might be your back yard (figuratively speaking)! We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we’re serious about bagels. With a *chef’s kiss* of honey, they’re somewhere between a classic NY-style bagel and the sweeter, Montreal-style bagels from our friends up North. Andrew is Jewish; the nostalgia of family traditions and the eclectic food from their childhoods were the genesis of our menu.  Food is important, but people are the most important ingredient. In addition to being a phenomenal place to eat, we aim to be great neighbors and one of the best places to work!  Some of our longtime partners include: Urban Alliance to offer career training to area youth, AYUDA to help transform the lives of underserved immigrants, Food Rescue and Martha’s Table to do our part to end hunger in DC. We’re committed to making a positive impact in our community and using our platform to raise money and awareness for causes we care deeply about.




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