189. Unraveling Beliefs and Values: A Journey to Self-Discovery

“We all have a responsibility to try and make this world better, whether it’s through our work, the causes we champion, the way that we treat people, or the values we impart to the next generation.”

-Daniel Lubetzky

“Unraveling Beliefs and Values: A Journey to Self-Discovery,” the thought-provoking podcast that takes you on a captivating exploration of the intricate world of beliefs and values. Join us as we discuss a transformative journey to understand the profound impact these core aspects of our identity have on our lives. We’ll unravel the origins of beliefs and values, exploring how they are shaped during childhood, influenced by culture, and molded through personal experiences. By understanding the roots of our beliefs and values, we gain powerful insights into the motivations driving our thoughts and actions.

Discover the remarkable role beliefs play in shaping our perceptions, interpretations, and decision-making processes. we’ll shed light on how certain beliefs can lead to biases and cognitive dissonance, affecting our everyday behavior and relationships. Learn the art of open-mindedness and self-reflection as we navigate the path to embracing new, positive beliefs and values. As we unravel the complexities of beliefs and values, we’ll also explore the delicate balance of harmonizing individual perspectives in a diverse world. Discover ways to respect and celebrate differences while finding common ground and fostering a harmonious environment.

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Belief or value? Learn the difference and set yourself free 


Beliefs vs values.  The importance of knowing our place. What are beliefs? So what are values?The connection between beliefs and values. Making beliefs and values work for us. Embracing your beliefs and values to discover your true self.

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Time Stamps:

:25- Introduction, uniting over values regardless of beliefs

2:50- the most important thing you can do? Determine your own core values

4:12- Beliefs vs values, understanding is essential to personal growth 

6:30- What are beliefs?

9:03- What are values?

12:55- Similarities and differences

15:25- identify your values now!

17:29- Following your heart

20:02- Where to determine your core values and why

20:26- Living in service is mental health

189. Unraveling Beliefs and Values: A Journey to Self-Discovery

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20+ year in marketing and branding in the fitness/lifestyle industry, specializing strategic partnerships, influencers/community building, and creative strategy. Uniting mission driven humans everywhere. 

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