188. Champion’s Attitude: Leading by Example with UFC Legend Matt Brown

“Attitude reflects leadership… captain.” 

– Julius Campbell 

Join myself and UFC Champion, Matt Brown, as he shares his insights on attitude, leadership, and leading by example in this inspiring conversation. I have had the pleasure of working with Matt in the past and know that he is a man of his word and as good of a human as he is a fighter. Matt shares his journey from a rough beginning including an overdose to a holding the record for the most welterweight knock outs in the UFC. Matt is a lifelong competitor with a champion’s attitude and mindset, but more importantly a father and coach working to shape our young people into responsible leaders. We talk about the diet, training, recovery, leadership, and the business around fighting. Competitor or not, this a great convo for anyone looking to level up and live in service.

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Champion’s Attitude: Leading by Example with UFC Legend Matt Brown. Competing in the UFC. Going from breakdown to breakthrough. Personal responsibility and self-control. Leading by example and living in service. Coaching kids and parents… on how to lead their children. Training, community, and mental health. Diet, recovery, and pro training tips. Success and personal development. mindset. Moments that move the soul besides winning. Diversity, open-mindedness, and inspiration to level up.

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Matt Brown:

UFC legend, “The Immortal” Matt Brown, is currently tied for the most knockouts in UFC history and holds the record for most finishes, knockouts, and fights in UFC Welterweight history.  He was a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter Season 7 and has dedicated his life to the pursuit of martial arts and fitness.  In his early twenties Matt survived a heroin overdose and many other near-death experiences.  All of this along with his fighting reputation led his friends dubbing him with his eventual fighter nickname: “The Immortal.”Before fighting professionally, Matt was a personal trainer and has always had a passion for teaching others.  In 2018 he founded Immortal Martial Arts Center in Lewis Center, OH where he is the head coach.  He continues his martial arts pursuits daily and helps share his knowledge to build better humans. Matt also owns a fitness equipment company, Immortal Combat Equipment.Matt enjoys playing guitar, is an avid metal fan, and is a devoted family man and father.FAVORITE QUOTE: “Stop trying to find yourself and start defining yourself.”@IAMTHEIMMORTAL@THEIMMORTALCOFFEE@IMMORTALMARTIALARTS@ROOTINE_CO

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