186.Leading the Way: Representation and the Power of Examples

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”
-Martin Luther King Jr.

Hi all, your host here, Kristen Olson, and I am excited to be with you today as we welcome fitness family to the T&T mic, Ausha Ramirez. Ausha is a longtime health professional and she is only 26 years old, but already has a wealth of experience. She shares her journey, the importance of personal responsibility, representation, and leading by example. Ausha has overcome many things including the loss of a parent, personal significant weight loss and heath elevation, and continues to climb the ladder in the medical (and CrossFit) world- working to bring deeper conversation about the connection of mind, body, and soul, to her patients, family, and friends, one graceful convo at a time.

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The medial, health, and wellness industry. The lack of conversation about personal responsibility and taking back your power. Mind, body, soul, the whole human approach. Meeting people where they are at. Leading by example. Passion for representation. Taking your own journey and letting others do the same. 

Time Stamps:

3:00- Losing a parent inspires a medical journey

4:36- Being mature for your age, due to experience

5:24- Twenty somethings taking over

12:00- Religion and you

18:30- Trusting your gut

21:50- Sharing intel and advice with family, and how that’s hard

27:46- Intro to CrossFit 

30:19- Body awareness

39:37- Dealing with the public and awkward, inappropriate comments

43:32- Ancestors blazing the trail to allow freer speech today

47:28- Change is slow, showing up as yourself 

52:30- The importance of representation, lead by example 

1:03:23- Taking the power back on your health

1:05:52- Trusting the process, lead with the fire 

186. Leading the Way: Representation and the Power of Examples

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Ausha Ramirez:

26 yrs old female, Born and raised in Colorado. The eldest out of 5 girls and have been in health care since 18 yrs old. First a CNA, then LPN and now an RN (associates degree). I currently work as a pediatric home health nurse and bedside nurse (medical surgical/ Telemetry).  

I enjoy CrossFit, learning Spanish and nature…. family is a big part in my life. 


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