184. No Lasting Love, No Problem: Why we still can’t stop watching reality dating shows!

“I’m trying to build an empire, because after this, I cannot get a normal job.”

-Nicole Polizzi (aka Snookie)

Hi all, KO, your host here- this is a fun one today! We’ll be breaking down the paradoxical nature of our fascination with reality dating shows despite their lack of long-lasting romantic connections. What keeps us hooked, even in the absence of enduring love stories? We’ll unpack some of the most popular reality dating TV shows including; The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Love is Blind, Married At First Sight- and more. What are the stats, who is still together, and why do we watch – all the different series if none of them really work?! These shows are some of my favorite “escapism” indulgences:), but will I keep watching if it’s just about becoming an influencer and not about finding love?… I’m not sure that I will! Will you? Would you go on one seeking love (or fame)?  Listen into the end where I share my own experience being recruited to join one of these shows- a little inside info on the process that provided for some deeper thinking, I actually appreciated. Love or entertainment, you decide!

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Love and reality, dating on tv. Entertainment, escapisms, and seeking fame. Public opinion on private matters. Social consciousness and building a platform. What would you do for love? Is the drama enough or do we want to see the happy ending? Love, relationship experience, and communication. The trials and errors of dating.

Time Stamps:

0:51 – the different reality dating shows

2:31- why do production companies do reality dating shows? Because they make money

4:03- breakdown on the stats on The Bachelor/Bachelorette 

7:14- not only do the shows not work, they are traumatic 

21:00- Farmer Wants A Wife

21:52- Escapism 

27:36- reality tv star to major, monetizable influencer 

29:40- stats on the bachelor/bachelorette success rates fully unpacked

37:05- my experience being recruited to try out for Married At First Sight 

39:03- asking yourself the deeper questions 

42:53- Do I even want to keep watching these shows?

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184. No Lasting Love, No Problem: Why we still can’t stop watching reality dating shows!

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