183. Breaking Down Popular Beverages and Hydration Hacks!

“If there is Magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

-Loren Eiseley

The summer heat will be here soon- what are you drinking? We are talking about more than just summer tequila here- we are unpacking 7 of the most common beverages: water, tea, coffee, alcohol, sugar laden coffee drinks, juice, and diet soda. Which ones are good and which ones can we swap out and why! We talk a lot about food in our society, but we often overlook the calories and sugar that we are taking in via drinks. So, let’s get on the right side of hydration and power the mind, body, and soul one superior beverage at a time, it impacts more than you know. Hydration hacks and tips included!

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Beverages broken down and reviewed for your conscious consumption. The good, bad, and ugly on drinking and why. Hydration and the impacts of dehydration. Suggested amount of water for you. Hydration and longevity, hormones, brain function, and sleep. Take charge of your health, take charge of your life. Some tips to make your tequila drinks just a little bit healthier 🙂

183. Breaking Down Popular Beverages and Hydration Hacks!

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