179. Coach’s Corner: 2 MUST KNOW Communication Tips!

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

-James Humes

This is what I like to call a “sprint podcast”… meaning it’s less than 15 minutes and we get right to the point:) As a leader, I am passionate about continuing education and am currently knee deep in leadership and coaching training programs from casual courses to highly accredited “world renowned” universities and these are 2 big communication tips that are coming up all over the place. I would encourage anyone to do any of these full courses, but I also think it’s highly useful to share the gold nuggets I have minded out of the experiences- to streamline the process for all! These are 2 must use communication tips that can change the flow of the conversation and the energy in the room to better create space to effectively communicate and make someone else feel seen and heard. I know the more we model simple skills like these the sooner we will see people exercising them back to us (#influencers) – everyone wins! Personal, professional, team, family- these are tips anyone and everyone can use… and always remember, being a good listener is always the most important skill in communication. Enjoy this one and give these a try- cheers!

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Humanizing leadership! Leveling up your communication! Be seen and heard, seeing and hearing someone else. Building connection, building a team. Meeting people where they are at. Problem resolution and solution. Operating from genuine, authentic space. Practicing what you preach and setting the tone for future generations. 

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179. Coach’s Corner: 2 MUST KNOW Communication Tips!

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