178. The Truth About Witchcraft: Embrace Your Inner Witch

“Witches listen to the secrets of the Earth, work in harmony with the powers of the moon and understand the longings of the human soul.”

― Dacha Avelin

I am so excited today to bring a BRAND-NEW topic to T&T: Witchcraft! I am welcoming life enthusiasts and fellow graceful disruptor, Edie Fenton, to the T&T mic to share her journey in questioning a better way that led her to witchcraft and unpacking her own truths. From an early age Edie knew she needed to find out what made sense to her as far as religion, medicine, and beliefs in general. Society shapes much of our realities, but don’t be afraid (be inspired by Edie!) to start doing some of your own research and seeking to see where we might have been led astray to keep us from knowing the truth- likely for the gain of others. Many current day “rituals” can be traced back to witchcraft including making a wish and blowing out your birthday candles, throwing coins into a wishing well, and even essential oils. It’s all about the branding folks, if you shift your perspective you just might up your understanding. Enjoy this conversation and be ready to widen you lens on this great world and go hunting for your own meaning to make it all make sense!

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Witchcraft, medicinal, herbal remedies and women with solutions. Feminism and business. Truth seeking and value applying. Questioning authority and trusting your gut. Traditions, rituals, and the “witchcraft” we unknowingly do on the daily. Changing the brand, not the product. Perspective, acceptance, and looking out for all voices. Beliefs, practices, and mental health.

178. The Truth About Witchcraft: Embrace Your Inner Witch

Edith Fenton:

Edie left the teaching profession in April to find her joy. She’s an empath who has recently started a journey to find her inner witch. She has 5 cats, 8 chickens and a giant man-child of a husband.

FB: @EdithManyMiraclesFenton

IG: @PantsForPrez

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