175. Master of Possibility Mindset, Sara R. Vogler

“Now, my disability isn’t a hindrance. It’s a celebration of what I can do.”

-Sara R. Vogler

Art is life. Life is Art. So says Sara’s email signature- heart AND soul. If Sara’s journey thus far was a painting, there would be no painting more beautiful and inspiring than her true story work of art. Sara was born in Krakow, Poland with a severe form of a rare genetic disorder called TARSA syndrome. The condition means she was born without a radius bone in either forearm, causing her mobility in her hands and arms to be severely impaired. Sara and her family eventually moved to the US where she underwent 17 different surgeries, but Sara and her family we mission driven from the start with an underlying motto of “be the best you can be- no matter what”. Sara is an operation professional with over 10 year of success in all spheres of the government, has 2 degrees, is a Reiki Master, artist, poet, and now, a CrossFit competitor. Her family is creative to the core, encouraging Sara and her creative pursuits in art and poetry and even created a documentary sharing Sara’s journey and mission thus far (a must see). This is an incredible story of a champion’s mindset, true resilience, and a no excuse- SUPER humble varsity human, absolutely living as the best version on themselves on the daily. Sara is a leader (and influencer:), inspiring us all to do really hard things. All the fist bumps to Sara- we can’t wait to see what you do next.

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Over coming adversity. Creativity and healing. The importance of community and family support. Fitness, wellness, and fun. Competing on and off the field. Trailblazers in the disability rights movement. CrossFit. Facing challenges and believing in something bigger. Youth programs and impact.

175. Master of Possibility Mindset, Sara R. Vogler

Sara R. Vogler is a strong and energetic program operation professional with a demonstrated history of over 10 years working in all spheres of government.  Vogler has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations/Political Science from California State University, Sacramento as well as graduating from College of the Canyons with an Associate of Arts degree. 

In her personal time, Vogler is an artist, a poet, a Reiki Master, and an avid CrossFit athlete where Vogler competed in the first ever Women’s Upper Extremity division for the 2021 CrossFit Open ranking 35th out of 50th competitors.



You Tube video: https://youtu.be/MpVKWKGVQkU

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