173. Serving A Mission Bigger Than Yourself

“It’s okay to love something bigger than yourself without fearing it. Anything worth loving is bigger than we are anyway.”

Percival Everett

I am so excited as always, to welcome #FITFAM to the T&T mic, Tamara Taylor, aka TT! Today we get into all the goods around perspective and answering the call! TT is a longtime athlete and current semi pro full tackle football player- headed to compete internationally. TT has had nothing short of a resilient path thus far, fueled by self-belief and the understanding that she is serving a mission bigger than her. We discuss opportunity, the important of representation, diversity and inclusion… and straight up how incredibly strong she is (on and off the field). This is a great convo for anyone needing encouragement to stay the course and keep the faith- so all of us:) Enjoy this inspiration and tune into TT’s games on the socials!

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Keeping the faith. Showing up in service. Commitment, sacrifice, and self-belief. Questioning the systems and self advocation. Perspective and life skills through sports. Family, friends, and community support. Working to be better a little each day.

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173. Serving A Mission Bigger Than Yourself

Tamara Taylor (TT):

What’s up y’all it’s ya girl TT2STRONG! My name is Tamara Taylor. I’m from Aurora Illinois, but current I live in Denver! I am #39 on the Mile High Blaze, which is a women’s full tackle football team! I am a child of Christ! I am a lover of CrossFit, and love pushing my mind, body, and soul to limits I didn’t know were possible! I hope and pray that my journey through life in trying to find the best me can help inspire someone else to find who they truly are and can be! 


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