170. Denver Mayoral Candidate: Ean Thomas Tafoya

“We are all human beings and deserve to be treated as such. No matter who you are or where you come from, we can get on board and help each other rise together.”

-Ean Thomas Tafoya

Denver is moving and shaking in several arenas and the upcoming mayoral election is no exception! We have 17 candidates, the largest field in over 40 years, covering a wide range of issues and missions, thus I am excited to welcome one of the standouts, Ean Thomas Tafoya, to the T&T mic. Tafoya is one of the younger options, but has been in the public service game for over 20 years and is a born and raised Denverite. He has a people-powered campaign, as a Fair Elections Candidate. “I’ve worked for three branches of local government. I’ve worked at all three levels of American government. I brought people together to pass more than a dozen laws that have impacted the people of Denver when our leaders have failed. I believe that we do need to call everyone together.” Tafoya stated at recent debate at Regis University.

Tafoya is an educator, nonprofit leader, and deeply passionate about the environment. In this convo, we get to know Ean the human as he shares his mission and passion points as well as the struggles and challenges with the process as a whole. The transparency is refreshing and so is his personal connection to this earth and the importance he puts on his family and heritage. With the April 4th election nearing- get to know the mayoral candidates, as politicians AND people… our future depends on it!  Best of luck, Ean!

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


The environment. The unhoused. Coming together and reconnecting with this earth. Self-care and personal responsibility. The business, fundraising, and fair election candidates. Community issues and local impact. Following your heart to your true calling. Family, fashion, creativity, and gracefully disrupting traditional systems and expectations. 

170. Denver Mayoral Candidate: Ean Thomas Tafoya

Ean Thomas Tafoya:

Ean Thomas Tafoya, educator, nonprofit leader, and promoter of the arts, is a fourth-generation Denverite who has spent his life in public service. Throughout his career, he has worked for three branches of local government, served on dozens of community boards, and led many successful ballot initiatives. He is a proud civil rights and environmental justice leader and is currently serving as Co-chair of the Colorado Environmental Justice Action Task Force. Tafoya’s career as a public servant honors his heritage of preserving and caring for the land and the people.


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