168. Become A Better Leader

 “A leader is a dealer in hope.”

 -Napoleon Bonaparte

Excited to announce that Turmeric & Tequila will be focusing on all things leadership- for leaders, by leaders. We have and will continue to bring out the trail blazing graceful disruptors and will be adding as many leadership lessons, tips, tricks, teachings, and more to the mix. Why? Because there is absolutely one thing we need in this new year and moving forward- STRONG LEADERS. Leaderships is about personal responsibility, so let’s level up together! Change yourself, change the world.

Today we will be kicking this focus off with an article by The Harvard Review, “Anyone Can Learn To Be A Better Leader” where we will breakdown new age, practical leadership skills and situations. Then we will close out with “8 Ways To Become A Better Leader” by Ottawa University. Leaderships is not just for the professional world, you can lead your family, friends, church, siblings, and most importantly, yourself. Leadership is power and it requires constant improvement and responsibility. Influencers are a real thing (as you know we talk about this on T&T all the time), so let’s work to understand our own influence (the responsibility part) in this world and how we can level up to better inspire those around us. Young or old, big or small, whatever the case may be, you lead at some point in the day whether you know it or not- let’s get conscious and make positive change… personally and professionally.


This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Leadership. Personal responsibility. Leveling up. New age leadership and taking on a human based approached. Collaboration over coercion. Humans over machines. Listening, feeling, and believing. Team building, buying in, and enjoying the process. Becoming a better leader, becoming a better person. 

168. Become A Better Leader

Kristen M. Olson

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