166. Harry & Meghan, Royal Tea:)

“Like, how did we end up here?”

 – Harry

Ok, I am not really one that keeps up with what is going on over the pond in regards to the Royal Family, but I am one for disruption, even if lacking grace. SO, I had to check out the most recent Royal Netflix doc, Harry & Meghan,  to see what all the hype what about. I wasn’t so much interested in the gossip as I was the history- and the doc did not disappoint in that aspect, in my opinion! I of course had to get T&T pseudo co-host and fellow pop culture enthusiasts, The Ashley Simone Knight, to come on and give her take as well. This is a fun one that breaks down the documentary and English tradition from our perceptive. You do not need to have seen the doc to enjoy this convo, in fact, this might just be the cliff notes to save you some time if you haven’t seen it. Our main question in this convo- when does tradition no longer become the excuse for what is now considered bad behavior? Progress has happened even if hard to see sometimes, but are some holding us back? We don’t have hard answers, but we do have some hot takes. Conversation, awareness, and perspective are always keys to moving this world in a more unified, equal direction- regardless of what side of the fence you are on- so at minimum, it’s nice to hear H&M’s take and gain some history in the meantime… so the rest of us can choose what we do and don’t buy into. One thing is true, the power is in the people… even if it takes time to make it right. Keep faith in the larger audience at hand.


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Harry. Meghan. England and the Commonwealth. Conversation, awareness, and perspective. Racism, tradition, and bad behavior. Progress, evolution, and the ones standing up for change… and the ones holding us back. Applied meaning and realization. Changing the narrative and blazing trail. Agreeing, disagreeing, and the power of the next generation. 

166. Harry & Meghan, Royal Tea:)

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Ashley Knight:

Ashley Simone Knight is an Esthetician, Model, and Colorado native. She started modeling when she was 20 and gained her experience in the growing Colorado market. She has been an Esthetician for the past 6 years and has recently evolved from working at various spas and salons to starting her own business. Ashley loves balance: Caring for others as a Skin Care Therapist, imparting all of the lessons she’s learned to others who are navigating life in her industries, as well as dancing and singing karaoke



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