164. Rekindle The Burn To Learn

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”

-Dwayne Johnson

When you live it and learn it, you can lead it… hence I am so excited to welcome Dr. Lucille Johnson to the T&T mic! Dr. Lucille is an accomplished public health consultant with a wealth of knowledge and experience! She is on a mission to level up public health care, education, and awareness for communities of all socioeconomic statuses as well as being a strong representation on the business side of it all. Dr. Lucille shares her personal and business journey in health and wellness, sharing golden nuggets throughout on how you can stay mindful to stay healthy and tuned-in to what your body (and mind) are telling you. There is no better time than now to advocate for yourself so you can advocate for others- so you can ultimately chase the mission/dream and walk in purpose, whatever that might be.

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Learning. Hard work. Recognizing opportunity, following your heart, and using the resources around you. community, support, and giving back. Embracing imperfect, just starting, and believing. Podfam and Podfest. Family, beer, tequila, and good times. Laughs, you’re welcome.

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164. Rekindle The Burn To Learn

Talk Shit With P:

Welcome Shit-Talkers…I am Paula, owner & host of Talkshitwithp… A Safe Space For People To Talk Their Shit & Feel Heard While Advocating For Mental Health. I am a big mental health advocate as i personally battle with depression… Fast Forward to 2020; when boredom struck and depression hit, who knew a podcast would be the safe space I needed?!? And that’s how Talk Shit With P was born. With this podcast I am constantly highlighting my Journey & Struggles with Mental Health while making it a safe space for people to come on the show and talk shit about whatever shits going on with them… A place we can come together and connect through conversation, laughter, cries & learn through some s***s!!We also celebrate our journeys in life with whatever shit we building from scratch & highlighting our authenticity through advocating for Mental Health. I believe there’s power in owning your story & living your truth as someone out there is listening & glad they ain’t alone in this journey… whether you know it or not, they are grateful that you shared your story. Firm believer of authenticity and surrounding yourself with authentic people & uplifting your community. Positive Vibes & Good Energy is the Motto cause its’ never lied, hence why i do this. Give Me A Chance… 

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