160. The Naked Call

“If you can get the money, you can get the power.”

-Lauren Hill

Well, you’re paying attention now:)… This is an awesome, naked (revealing) conversation about women and money, relationships and money, and all options you have when it comes to your money! If you desire money and/or are currently saving your way rich, you need to hear what moves you can make now to make that path as easy, smart, and calculated as possible. We don’t talk about money enough, but this is a good start and hopefully an inspiration to get a coach (or advisor) to help you though. Financial pros and Founders of The Naked Call Podcast,  Annie Kaiser and Chandler te Velde, join me in this convo and guide us on breaking down old thought processes around money and what the mindset and plan of attack around money can look like today- holler at them if you have more questions…like most of us do!

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Women and money. Questioning a better way and independent thinking. Prenups and planning. Core values and finding a work place/mission that gets it. Creating the path and also letting go as the universe prepares us either way. Purpose, intention, and challenging status quo. Independence, teamwork, and creating the life you want.

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160. The Naked Call

The Naked Call was born poolside at your typical, rather dull, financial industry conference. Our hosts Annie and Chandler were enjoying some much-needed downtime between sessions when their spirited (champagne-fueled) conversation led to the realization that something was lacking. Finance is really anything but dull, yet most energy around it is overbearing and complex – they thought they could change the narrative.

They took the next few months and channeled the collective spunk and fire of their personalities, and of those who inspire them, combined it with the best of finance, and developed TNC.

The podcast is unexpected in the best way. At the core, it is a fresh perspective on what it means to be “rich”, focused on empowering listeners to live their best lives; in whatever way that means for them. There is a fierce lineup of guests that contribute to great conversations that may or may not even mention wealth. We like to say, “we are a podcast about money that doesn’t actually talk about money”. 

Get naked with us – we think you’ll like it.



Annie Kiser

Professionally– As a series 65 licensed Financial Advisor, Annie is on a mission to educate and empower her clients to become savvy and confident stewards of their money. Through goal setting, strategic management, and competent planning, she is able to help people transform their relationships with money. Annie is a fiduciary advisor, meaning that her clients’ best interests come above all, and that process involves getting to know clients by listening deeply to their passions, concerns, goals, and objectives. From that conversation, she is able to co-create a plan with the client that brings structure, clarity, and abundance to their lives.

Personally– Annie has been passionate about living life to the fullest since she was a child. After growing up on the east coast, she has truly embraced the Colorado lifestyle – rock climbing, hiking, skiing, all while enjoying the CO breweries during her adventures.

She is mom to her Frenchie, Oliver, and her very busy toddler. So in a word, yes, she does do it all.

 Chandler te Velde, CFP®

Professionally-Chandler brings a unique perspective to financial planning and wealth management. After achieving the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation early in her career, it propelled her to counsel her clients on making strategic decisions with long-term goals in mind. She is fueled by working with women who want to step up their game both professionally and financially – building financial confidence and knowledge along the way. Her process is centered on the marriage of education and developing effective, sustainable plans suited for her client’s specific needs.

Personally- A permanent transplant from the west coast – Chandler left California, took the best with her, and never looked back. She is an avid traveler and loves hitting the links on the weekends in between her Colorado adventures.

She is mom to one of the most ferocious black cats around and loves an adventure and meeting new people.

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