144. Dear Entrepreneurs, You Can Do It!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

– Peter Drucker

There is no better time than right now to start a business! You don’t need to quit your day job to chase the dream, have a bunch of money to start, or even a hard 5-year plan! I know, this is not what you have heard in the past, but it’s a different ball game these days. You can start at any age, with very little, if you know the right steps. I am excited to welcome Sabina and Casey to the T&T mic! They are the co-founders of Byte Bars and they chose to jump into entrepreneurship right out of the gates of college! Sabina and Casey share their journey thus far- the how, the why, and the end game! This is a great conversation if you are looking to start your own thing, whatever it may be. There is of course a place for funding, a formal plan, and the right marketing, but the main pieces that drive the ship and keep it moving are the passion for the cause and the team along the way (strategic partners are always a plus too)! Start small and use all the things at your immediate fingertips, including social media, friends, and family! Thanks Sabina and Casey, can’t wait to see how the company and the cause grows!!

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Entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurship. Chasing a dream and taking a risk. Advice for startups and the power of relationships. Transparency in business. Competitive on and off the field. Leaning into the authentic brand. Doing what you love and loving what you do. Listening, learning, and evolving.

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144. Dear Entrepreneurs, You Can Do It!

Byte Bars:

Casey and Sabina, the co-founders of Byte Bars, moved to Colorado to build a healthier lifestyle. The cousin duo couldn’t find a satisfying snack that could keep up. So, they made Byte Bars. Fuel small enough to throw in your pocket, powerful enough to get you up the mountains, and raw enough to get you through the powder. Byte Bars were built for badass people just like Casey and Sabina, who approach life with the work-hard-play-hard mentality.

Byte Bars are delicious AF (and Fun!) energy bars made with vegan, RAW, + Non-GMO ingredients like Organic Dates, MCT Oil, and Monk Fruit. Each bar is pre-portioned into two Bytes for shareable, easy snacking. Byte Bars are crafted with purposeful healthy ingredients to power your day. Casey and Sabina, the female superheroes behind the brand, are striving to create a more sustainable world one Byte at a time. Byte Bars fuel a healthy life.

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-Whole Foods Market


-Leevers Locavore

-Marczyk Fine Foods

-Soon to be King Soopers!




-Urban Outfitters

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