143. The History of Tequila

“Save Water. Drink Tequila.”


Tequila! I am excited to welcome tequila expert, Mike Morlales, to the T&T mic! Mike Morales it a Master Catador (taster) and co-managing partner of Tequila Aficionado Media and TequilaAficionado.com. He is an Amazon bestselling author of several books including his latest, The Consumer Catador Course:  A comprehensive course for Tequila Lovers from field-to-glass and so much more. Mike is basically the tequila go-to guy! We talk about the tequila industry, famous brands, tequila history and how true tequila might go extinct!? Mike shares his knowledge on how to read a bottle so you know what you are getting and pro tip: expensive doesn’t = good! We cover a lot, but will certainly have Mike back to further educate us on all this fine nectar of the gods:) This is the podcast you want to listen to if you want to drop tequila knowledge bombs at the bar/family dinner table… Cheers!

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


The history of Tequila! Women in the tequila business. How to read a tequila bottle. Blended vs pure tequila. Where does tequila come from and how is it sourced and produced. The tequila community, events, and enthusiasts! Why real tequila is being ruined for margins via marketing. That special secret ingredient. Magic and passion.

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The History of Tequila with Mike Morales


Facing adversity and building resilience. Not knowing the path, but trusting in it. Breakdown, breakthrough, believing. Marketing, branding, and video. Trail blazing and the hard days. Single mom’s, society, and disrupting stereotypes.

Mike Morales:

Mike Morales is our Master Catador and heads up the Tequila Aficionado Tasting Team (TJs), annual judging of the Tequila Aficionado Brands of Promise Awards, and is the face of Tequila Aficionado on the tasting/review show, Sipping Off the Cuff.

When he’s not filming episodes of Sipping Off the Cuff or consulting for agave spirit brands, Mike is actively mentoring students of the Tequila Aficionado Consumer Catador Course.

Contact Mike at Mike.TequilaAficionado@gmail.com



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