137. How To Manage Our Evolving Identity

“We know what we are, but not what we may be.”
― William Shakespeare

What happens when we lose our identity aka who we think we are? Identity change can happen over time or in an instant: a marriage, a divorce, an injury, becoming a parent or losing someone close to you, a significant financial gain or loss- anything that changes the way we walk through this world, regardless if we made that choice to change or not. What do we when our self-beliefs are rattled at our core?

It is a fact that our identity will change greatly over the years, so here is your heads up if you haven’t experienced this already:). When something changes us permanently, it’s a radical internal struggle to fully comprehend that our world will not be as it once was. We are not prepared for this as humans and we innately lack the skills to navigate this process. I first experienced the loss of my own identity in college when I tore my ACL my sophomore year and I couldn’t play lacrosse for the time being. I was a lacrosse player- if I didn’t play lacrosse, then who am I? This was no easy process for my 18-year-old self nor when it happened again later on in life, thus I am excited to have this conversation with Emily Coffman. Emily is the author of “Elite to Everyday Athlete: 9 Steps to Getting Off The Sidelines of Life”, a former D-1 athlete, and fellow podcaster. Emily is passionate about living her best life and that includes managing her evolving identity. I love that this conversation is happening with our 20-somethings, you all are way ahead of the game… because as you know, our identity will continue to evolve as life moves forward, so knowing how to manage the process is a valuable, lifelong skill. Enjoy this cast on how to manage those identity changes and really let go of all the boxes we put ourselves into in the first place!

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137. How To Manage Our Evolving Identity


Managing your evolving identity. What to do when life changes? Letting go of control and surrendering to the process. Self-care and personal evolution. Mental and physical health. Living your best life. Marketing and branding. College sports and life post competitive athletics. Knowing the best is yet to come.

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Emily Coffman

Emily Coffman is the fastest growing advocate for athlete wellness in life after sport. She is a former NCAA Division I Athlete in rowing from the University of Oklahoma. She was awarded OU Student Athlete of the Year in her senior year and was on the Big XII All-Academic Team all four years. Emily also served on the NCAA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee where she provided input on rules, regulations and policies that affected student athletes. 

Now, she is the creator of the top health and fitness podcast, Live Your Personal Best which has over a quarter of a million downloads and author of Elite to Everyday Athlete. Her research and focus on the health of athletes after they leave the field, has led her to become one of the leading experts for athletes to learn how to live a healthy life, enjoy working out, and find their life outside of sport.



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