134. T&T Open Mic: Chris Pratt

“I don’t want to be a supermodel; I want to be a role model.”
Queen Latifah

I am so excited to welcome Chris Pratt to the T&T Mic! Today Chris is going to be sharing his personal and professional experience around diversity and inclusion in the IT world. Chris has a wealth of experience in the IT world, but really was an engineer at a young age. He is a fellow podcaster (2 podcasts) and financial enthusiasts, passionate about teaching all people about financial literacy. Chris talks about the importance of representation and the fact that if you are one of a few that look like you in a particular field, it’s probably a good idea to embrace the opportunity to be the example! Chris shares his successes and challenges and some pro tips on how to navigate a field with a lack of diversity. He has done so much at a young age and is just getting started, to say the least. From IT to entrepreneurship to leadership- keep your eyes out for this human. He is a change maker and goal chaser AND an excellent role model for us all!

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Diversity and inclusion. Representation. Being the role model. Accepting responsibility. Questioning a better way. IT. Growing up. Goals and aspiration.

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Christopher Pratt

Ambitious PM with a demonstrated history of planning and execution in tech. Technical skills in Python, Swift, C, embedded devices, and AR/VR experiences. Strong (and always growing) soft skills in project planning, stakeholder buy-in, and technical execution. Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Penn State University in May 2020.


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134. T&T Open Mic: Chris Pratt

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