130. The Happiness Mentor

“Deep down in everything we do, we are always in the pursuit of happiness.”

-Karyn Seitz

Today we discuss all things HAPPINESS! What is happiness? Where do we find it or how do we create it? I welcome longtime health and wellness professional, Karyn Steiz, to the T&T mic to share her journey in the pursuit of her own happiness. Karyn is a longtime coach and teacher that has help guide hundreds to reveal their own answers from within, including herself. This is an amazing conversation for anyone seeking happiness, aka the human condition (so yes that’s all of us!). Karyn breaks down her own trials and tribulations that can aid in our process and even provides immediate, FREE steps that you can do right now to find your own alignment with your own happiness path! Karyn and I challenge the idea of being a “badass”- whether branding or forced internal beliefs, and why it’s so important to lean into and appreciate your authentic self, regardless of how you label it. The best things that you can do are to invest in yourself and appreciate exactly who you are, in turn happiness (your truth) will reveal itself. Cheers to 2022 and all things personal responsibility. We must align within before we can fully, positively impact anything outside of ourselves. 

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!

130. The Happiness Mentor

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Karyn Seitz

As a woman, Karyn thought she had to be more than who she was to achieve the things she wanted in life.

She was always seeking answers in therapy, yoga, meditation, and self-help books.  

She didn’t realize this path of seeking was causing her to be unhappy and feel like she wasn’t enough.

This is Karyn’s story:

Karyn graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a degree in Integrative Healthcare. In 2013, she began her practice to help people heal themselves based upon her spiritual journey.

Even though she was helping others, Karyn felt stalled in her own life and work. She knew she needed a new path and direction.

In 2015 Karyn fortuitously met her mentor, who opened her up to a whole new way of experiencing life. She learned how to develop a relationship with herself and find meaning and purpose within.

Karyn is now happy and feels fulfilled within herself and her life. She is passionate about helping other women discover who they are and find happiness within themselves.

Karyn calls herself The Happiness Mentor and teaches an online happiness course for women called Awakened Grace


The Art of Being a Happy Wife (Facebook Group)


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