129. Coach’s Corner: KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

“Know where you stand so the rest of the world sees where you are.”

― Kristen M. Olson

New T&T series ALERT: T&T Coach’s Corner! These will be mini-casts addressing specific business or personal (or usually a combo of both) issues, situations, or skill sets. I will unpack the main topic, ideally provide some learnings or perspective, and then end with a mini exercise for you to apply the learning immediately to your own life. I hope these are good hot takes that can help us all expand in all the best ways. Here is T&T CC #1!

Today I will be addressing KPIs, Key Performance Indicators. A performance indicator or key performance indicator is a type of performance measurement. KPIs evaluate the success of an organization or of a particular activity in which it engages (Source: Wikipedia). I will unpack the formal definition and make up of KPIs as they are great to keep the business in order and on mission. The problem with KPIs, like statistics, is that they don’t tell the whole truth. The numbers never lie, but there is not measurement for many key details that keep you on path to success- leadership, hustle, commitment, drive, enthusiasm, transparency, and so many more. We can spend days on this for business application, but I want to focus on personal KPIs today. How do you measure your success? Is it the same way the world does for you, via resume, awards, certificates, weight lifted or lost, degrees, etc? What about all the in between, all the things in life you deem as major accomplishments that the rest of the world might not even know, but prove you have massive skill sets outside of what the resumes show? Maybe you have saved a life, literally. Or have trained in competitive gymnastics since you 6. Maybe you raised all of your siblings since you we 15. You can’t tell me there aren’t more applicable leadership skills there than a 3-day, $2,000 leadership course. I advise my clients to “humanize the brand” all the time. The consumer is savvier than ever and they are intentional about their time and money, seeking truth and wanting to part of the (business) mission. Your personal life should be no different. Let people in, share your whole truth, and highlight all the gold stars that few know about, but truly qualify you for the next big step (personally or professionally). If you don’t share ALL the applicable skills you are undervaluing yourself and likely missing compensation and more importantly, IMPACT.

I will share more of my own examples today in this cast and then leave you with a quick exercise to identify 5-7 of your own personal KPIs and then how to implement them into your own world, right now. In 2022, don’t do more, share more. You are already enough.

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KPIs. Stats. Applied meaning= reality. Disrupting reality by telling your truth. Defining, highlighting, and sharing all of our success points, personally and professionally. How the personal and professional worlds overlap. Humanizing your own brand aka life. Questioning a better way and letting people in. Knowing where you stand so the rest of the world sees where you are.

Coach’s Corner: KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

T&T CC Exercise: Personal KPIs

  1. Identify 5-7 personal (not already on the resume) success points (stories, accomplishments, anything that defines you that you are proud of, but would likely not say in an interview).
  2. Write down 3 avenues you can share your KPIs in a non-traditional way. Ex. On a podcast, a conversation with your boss over lunch, a social media post, etc.
  3. Write down 3 ways you verbally share your KPIs/worth. Have 3 sentences or ideas you know you can bring up and have them ready. Ex. If you know you are going into an interview and you guys will cover leadership, have your formal resume stats ready and then lay in one of our prepared sentences that highlight your personal KPIs= “Yes, I was the VP of X Company and lead a team of 300. Leadership started at an early age however, as I raised my brothers and sisters since I was 15. That experience really deepened my focus and empathy for team members of all ages and backgrounds allowing me to earn their trust and respect quickly.”
  4. Review your resume and everything that is a listed accomplishment. Then think about all the personal KPIs that are not listed and sit in all the known and soon-to-be known success that you have accomplished thus far. Really feel it and remind yourself of this as often as possible. If you feel it you will exude it. Know where you stand so the rest of the world sees where you are.

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