128. Tequila Undiscovered

“When life gives you lemons, grab salt & tequila!”

― Everyone

TEQUILA! That’s right, we are on episode 128 and this is our first podcast dedicated to the one and only tequila. I personally apologize for such a delayed highlight on our favorite spirit! So, let’s jump in… Today I welcome Dino Espejo to the T&T Mic! Dino grew up in Brooklyn/Long Island, but has lived in Denver since 1998. Dino is the Founder of Tequila Undiscovered (private tasting events and pop ups), a long time entrepreneur, tequila enthusiasts, and currently works with affective needs students at a local school. Dino is absolutely living that T&T balance with purpose and party in the lifestyle mix. Dino knows the in’s and out’s of the tequila world and is working to further the tequila scene right here in Denver. You have seen celebs dig into the tequila market with big dollars and mass promotion, but today we are going to chat about the small batch brands, the hidden gems, and bit of the history on our favorite plant based liquid fuel. Dino shares some of his adventures in the tequila biz space, some brands we should try, and why we all need to appreciate bats, yes bats. Bats = tequila, we are officially here for bats! This is a fun conversation to break up all the serious ones (more of both to come #balance:). So pour a glass, have a laugh, and get a pen so you can write down all these fun tequila facts, you’ll sounds so cool reverberating them at the bar this weekend when that bartender asks what is your order? Tequila, please! And here’s why…!

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


Tequila. our love for teachers… in school and behind the bar. Marketing, big food, big pharma, and big aspiration. The history of tequila and how we might run out? Life balance and business. Tequila hidden gems, pro tips, and new perspectives on this spirit. Fun. Life is too short to drink bad tequila. 

Podcast Below:


128. Tequila Undiscovered with Dino EspejoDino Espejo


Dino Espejo

Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Dino moved to Denver in 1998. Dino is a Paraprofessional at a Denver school, working with affective needs students. In addition, Dino is the Founder of Tequila Undiscovered, facilitating private events and pop ups around Colorado. 


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