127. Year in Review: 2021 AND Year in Preview: 2022

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”

― Winston Churchill

Happy New Year- we are HERE! That means you know what time it is… time to welcome back BFF and fellow business boss, Ashley Knight, to the T&T mic to do our annual “Year In Review” podcast! Ashley and I have been very intentional about personal evolution over that past couple years and I have even leaned specifically into mission driven humans for my business, KO Alliance, LLC and this podcast, of course. SO, I wanted recap 2021 and then really highlight our personal intentions and goals for 2022. Given the current landscape of our world, there is no better time than now to fully embrace personal responsibility and all the things we CAN control.  This is not about religion, politics, or resolutions, it’s about facilitating an attainable, sustainable, intentional, and inspiring vision for ourselves as individuals. If we can all dial ourselves in individually, perhaps collectively we can move the world in the right direction. We hope that the T&T Review + Preview: Intentions/ Goals Work Sheet below offers you an opportunity to pause for your own self-reflection and intentions for this gift we call time, in this new year! Cheers, XO.

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Popping bottles… sort of. Balance, personal responsibility, happiness, growth, evolution, and accountability. 2021, mostly 2022. Current events, hope, aspirations, and choice. Selfcare, pro tips, and community. Good laughs, good friends, good grace:) 

Podcast Below:

127. Year in Review: 2021 AND Year in Preview: 2022 with Ashley Knight

Ashley Knight:

Ashley Simone Knight is an Esthetician, Model, and Colorado native. She started modeling when she was 20 and gained her experience in the growing Colorado market. She has been an Esthetician for the past 6 years and has recently evolved from working at various spas and salons to starting her own business. Ashley loves balance: Caring for others as a Skin Care Therapist, imparting all of the lessons she’s learned to others who are navigating life in her industries, as well as dancing and singing karaoke



T&T 2021 Review, 2022 Preview: Intentions/ Goals Worksheet:

2021: In 2021 I was (one word) 

  • 2 blessings in 2021
  • 2 challenges I overcame
  • 2 points of personal growth
  • 2 points of professional growth
  • 2 things I appreciate about last year
  • 2 ways I was kind to myself/ self-care
  • 2 people I am grateful for

2022: In 2022 I will be (one word)

  • 2 thing I hope for in 2022 and what am I doing to make them happen?
  • 2 points of personal growth I am aiming for and how will I achieve them?
  • 2 points of professional growth for 2022 and how will I achieve them?
  • 2 ways I will be kind to myself this year?
  • 2 goals/intentions for 2022
  • Any tracking tools or points of accountability?


  • I believe:
  • I will achieve:
  • I see myself as:
  • I choose to be (one word):
  • I am worthy of:
  • I am:

2022 Mission Statement:

PDF Version Below!

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