126. Gaining > Losing in 2022!

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”

— Arabian Proverb

It’s a new year and an opportunity to check in, so let’s do so! I am pumped to welcome Steve Nagib, to the T&T mic to dial in an approach and mindset for 2022. Steve is a long-time health and wellness professional working with all levels and arenas from personal training, to collegiate sports, to the pros. Through Steve’s diverse experience and wealth of time spent with all kinds of human beings, he’s formed a very forward-thinking approach to life, health, and wellness. Steve equally emphasizes the focus on the mental and the physical heath, passionate about broadening the perspectives of his clients to truly achieve wellness, the right way. We, as humans, are getting more and more conscious as consumers and are seeing a multitude of new options to questions a better way- especially around our health. That being said, the health and wellness arena can be overwhelming to navigate. If you have a trustworthy guide like Steve to help light the way, you streamline your path to wellness! Don’t be overwhelmed with the idea of immediate, dramatic changes… go one step at a time, keeping the mindset right so the body can follow. Enter into this new year the right way, knowing you are already enough.

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Questioning a better way. Health, wellness, and evolving paths to happiness. Passion, purpose, and the journey. Evolution and evolving missions. Mission driven humans. Adding in vs. taking out. You don’t need to be more. Slow, sustainable change. Mindset over masochism. Your crew, your inspiration. Mental health and physical health and how they work together. Whole human approach. The human condition. Therapy, because that’s how you level up.  

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126. Gaining > Losing in 2022!

Steve Nagib:

A native of Eastern Pennsylvania, Steve earned his undergraduate degree in Athletic Training from the University of Pittsburgh. After completing an internship with the Pittsburgh Pirates, his passion for sports and sports medicine only grew deeper. His love for the outdoors, stemming from his participation in the Boy Scouts, led him across the country to explore, hike, and continue his education at the University of Oregon. There he earned a Master’s Degree in Human Physiology while serving the Duck’s football program. Steve’s diverse work experience has included collegiate athletics at Gonzaga University, professional athletics with the NBA Developmental Academy, and amateur athletics as a personal trainer. Steve likes to combine skills from both his ATC and CSCS credentials, because he truly believes that movement is medicine. When he’s not nerding out on work, you can find Steve reading a good book, cooking a tasty meal, or watching a stand-up comedy.

IG: @SteveNagib , @denversportsrecovery 

FB: Denver Sports Recovery 

Twitter: @DenSportsRecov


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