125. Redefine Your Leadership

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” 

– Peter F. Drucker, author and educator

Happy New Year! Let’s go 2022… even if you are listening to this throughout the year, there is no better time to dial in and redefine your own leadership! I am so excited to once again be aligning with my longtime friend and fellow entrepreneur, Jessica Crow. Jesscia is the Founder of Apogy and an expert in change management! Jessica invited me on to Apogy’ December’s live event, Redefine Your Leadership and I loved it so much, I had to release it as a podcast to kick off the new year.

This year in life and on T&T, I am going to be focusing on personal responsibility, evolution, and leadership- for mission driven humans specifically. The state of the world has fully inspired us to take hold of our own lives and be the change that we want to see everywhere else. We have to cease control in so many areas, because the reality is we have none. So, we will focus on what we CAN control: ourselves and our actions that in turn inspire and lead others. No matter how big or small you might think your impact is, people are watching and are influenced more that you know. Join Jessica and myself in accepting the responsibility in our everyday actions and leadership and shifting the perspective around that responsibility to an exciting one. Know that just by working to be your flawed, authentic self, you can inspire someone else to do the same. Collectively, we just might gain some control on the uncontrollable:). Cheers to a great new year and time spent on a worthy cause, you. XO.

This one is a video, so be sure to check us out on You Tube!


KO being interviewed this go around! Change management, leadership, mission driven humans. Taking control, responsibility, and being excited about it. Influencers IRL. New year, same you, it’s already enough. Recognizing opportunity. Evolution and self-care. Diversity and inclusion. Authenticity and attitude. Knowing that every good thing came from change.Podcast Below:

125. Redefine Your Leadership with Jessica Crow of Apogy

Jessica Crow is the founder of Apogy, a change management training, coaching, and consulting firm based in Denver, Colorado.  Jessica started Apogy in 2019 after 16 years of successfully leading change and transformation for top companies including DaVita, Prologis, and Accuvant (now Optiv). During this time, Jessica started teaching yoga, where she developed a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and how to help people experience positive, lasting change. Apogy is the culmination of this knowledge, combined with best practices and proven strategies for achieving change success. 
Video Details:
The replay for Apogy’ December’s live event, Redefine Your Leadership, is now available on YouTube! This professional development opportunity featured marketing expert, social media influencer, competitive athlete, and host of the Turmeric and Tequila podcast,  Kristen M. Olson. During the interview led by Apogy Founder Jessica Crow, Kristen talked about her experience with leadership on the field as an athlete and in business as a brand ambassador and marketing executive. Highlights from the interview include an overview of the key traits authentic, resilient leaders possess; how to harness the power of influence; and, the importance of attitude and purpose when serving as a leader and agent of organizational change.   
Apogy (www.apogy.biz) is a change leadership activation firm. Our primary focus is upskilling employees in the areas of change management, leadership development, and strategy execution. We offer online training and certification, individualized coaching, and consulting services for organizations that need more hands-on support. Apogy was founded on the premise that employee well-being is key to sustainable high performance. As such, we integrate scientifically proven modalities and tools into our training to help learners decrease stress, increase resilience, and develop a growth-mindset, all of which are necessary for business change and innovation to succeed.

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