123. Online Dating #WTF

“If We Meet Offline and You Look Nothing Like Your Pics, You’re Buying Me Drinks Until You Do.”


This is a fun, necessary one! I am excited to welcome Anjelica Roman, longtime great friend and #FitFam, to the T&T mic! Anjelica is a marketing professional in Colorado, like myself. Unlike me, she is a dating pro- or at least I think so! She speaks the language of the dating apps and has had success (and some fails) navigating the “singles” waters of digital Denver and beyond. I am newer to the game and have called Anjelica to help me read between the lines or straight up translate on several occasions- so I knew we need to podcast about this. In 2021 everything is digital, even love… or relationships on any level. I am one to go with evolution and innovation, but I was a late sell on online dating. After all it was a breakthrough for me to really realize why it just didn’t make sense in my mind… because I quite literally am an expert in creating mutually beneficial relationships for the long term aka strategic partnerships- professionally anyways ha. I should be good at this I guess, but not so. Being intentional about opening up the heart (and mind) is not easy IRL or digitally it turns out. If you are new to online dating or have run many laps, this convo is for you!  Anjelica and I unpack our experiences, truths, thing we have learned and why we BOTH think online dating is something everyone should try. #lifeskills ya’ll. Pack a helmet tho. At the minimum you’ll gain some insight and have some laughs… like we both did.


Online dating. WTF. An open mind, open heart, and a phone charger. Life skills through sport. Just kidding, sort of. Meeting people in 2021 and what we can bring into 2022. Trail, error, success, failure, tequila. Getting to know yourself. Confidence. Practice. We are all here to learn from one another, perhaps we can streamline your dating process.

Podcast Below:


123. Online Dating #WTF with Anjelica Roman

Anjelica Roman:

Denver native, marketing expert, chronically single- navigating menver with a pup in hand. 


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